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Mode One - let the women know what you're really thinking
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Author:  AdamThomas [ Sat Oct 09, 2010 10:41 am ]
Post subject:  Mode One - let the women know what you're really thinking

Mode One is a book written by Alan Roger Currie about being totally straightforward, upfront and honest about your intentions. It goes against most of what is taught in the community in that it isn't about trying to manipulate a girl's attraction for you, and is more about being bold, straightforward and unapologetic about your intentions. He talks about four modes of behaviour which most guys use, with Mode One being the most effective. The modes are:

- Mode One - completely honest and straightforward, expressing your intentions right away (hardly anybody ever does this)

- Mode Two - starting with entertaining small talk and waiting until you get an indication of interest from the girl before expressing your interest in her (most things in the community teach this)

- Mode Three - this is either where you are either too shy to speak to any girls, or when you do you pretend you just want a platonic friendship because you're afraid of showing any romantic interest

- Mode Four - where guys who use Mode Two or Mode Three behaviour get bitter, pissed off, misogynistic after not getting anywhere with the women after putting effort in trying to win them over.

The Mode One method is all about getting rid of any manipulative tactics and just being completely honest. It's not just about removing your own manipulative behaviours, but also if you use Mode One behaviour you won't have to waste hours entertaining manipulative women and trying to get them interested because they will reject you straight away. They'll know they can't manipulate you.

If you're tired of wasting time on sets that go nowhere, you have lots of flakes, you get used for money, dinners, dates, or you just get used for entertainment and act like a dancing monkey, you should get this book. It's awesome.

Check some of his posts out:

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