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PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 8:14 pm 
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Hello all, I would like to do you a favor, by giving you a warning about Coaching. I will show what coaching involves and how it's a waste of time and money.

There are many scammers out there. Recently I worked with a scam artist from this forum, Eddie Fags.

Below is a description of what you will receive if you make the mistake of taking up his "coaching" offer.

I put "coaching" in quotes because it resembles nothing like coaching or learning, it is simply sewage.

Eddie Fag's MO is Bait and Switch.

At the very start, you will receive good, useful and impactful information. For the sample session. This is the "bait" phase. It is designed to leave people thinking that a whole new world of learning awaits them. But once you commit and give up your money (which will be impossible for you to get back), then comes the "switch" phase. During which you will throw your $1,000 (or however much it is) down the drain.

1. You will receive a mental invalid's level of knowledge. If you ask for more articles, more knowledge, Ed will only point you toward Roosh's cretinous website for further reading. He says it's of the best sites.

2. You will spend an hour receiving "instructions" on internet dating which are comprised of common sense. Things that even newbies already know, or can learn in 5 minutes of searching online for tips. Also, Ed believes that newbies should learn internet dating first - an absolutely cretinous suggestion. Not to mention that conventional internet dating is worthless, as no girl above a 7 can be found and many are validation-seeking time wasters.

3. You will have to reschedule multiple times to cater to his needs which are soooo sensitive. Then he will get on your case when one day you are 5 minutes late. He expects you to pamper him. You don't even have pre-arranged time slots for your sessions, they are set up at random times, in an unorganized fashion.

4. You will no longer receive any impactful information, you will spend hours listening to him lethargically drone about dust.

5. Eddie Fags is a buster. After he sent me some cretinous Roosh articles to read, I sent him an article by a guy named Chris Bale so we could discuss it. But, instead of reading it, Eddie Fag immeadiatly began to hate on the man. Saying he was no good. And calling him out for having an advertisement for coaching at the bottom of his article - meaning, he's focused only on sales. But, Eddie Fags himself has advertisements for his coaching at the bottom of all his articles on his Gay of the Gayer site. From this conversation, I concluded that Eddie is a greasy salesman himself, and also a buster who hates on another man for doing the same things he himself does.

6. Eddie Fags will be hard-headed, ignorant of your desires, and disrespect your hard earned money. Say for example, if you don't agree with internet bullshit, Ed will tell you to "stop complaining" and he will refuse to teach you anything that you want to be taught. It's HIS lesson plan, HIS strategies..etc. You cannot ask to learn about certain subjects or areas of dating - it's only the subjects that he personally wants to cover.

So from the above, it should be clear to you that Ed doesn't give a fuck about anyone, nor is he an effective teacher. He doesn't treat you like a client he treats you like a punk. Your interaction will be a one-way street. You are expected to cater to him, and he gives you doo-doo in return. Your relationship with him will be not of a teacher and student, but that of a sneaky stripper and a naive customer. Ed himself, is lazy and sloth-like to the max. Instead of getting a job, he takes newbies for suckers to pay his rent. He lies, pretending to be their big brother, but really just stuck a big middle finger at them.

My advice to you all, is watch out for coaches. Ed is not the only fraud. The best thing you can do, and many veterans of this forum will agree, is to have faith in yourself - seek information on your own, using the internet. There are thousands of videos on youtube. I learned more from a certain couple videos than I did with Eddie Fags' entire coaching. Fuck these pussy-ass theives, you can do it on your own. Don't be careless and throw your money away. Don't be weak, don't succumb to becoming a coach's victim.

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