Conquer Your Campus - Mark Redamn *must read for College*

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 23, 2013 3:39 am 
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Hey guys, just wanted to share my review on "Conquer Your Campus" by Mark Redamn.

Rough Summary:
A 130ish page book that shares techniques and self improvement items to not only improving your "game", but your overall well being. Mark goes into details of what makes a college campus tick and what it takes to excel and stand out among the rest. He also talks about some ways to help understand the various situations and how to handle some common issues seen in the field at this level.

Personal Review:
I actually am a college student in the midwest so I was able to relate to this book a lot. I have been pretty involved in studying PUA game lately and from what I read, Mark took aspects of it, but tailored it to a college environment. I'm more than willing to bet this is applicable to outside the United States also with how the book was written. As a member of the greek community, he managed to reach out to us and provide information that is applicable in almost any college situation for me or any of student from parties, to class, to sitting at the coffee shop studying, which I do often. He really preached on finding social circle game which you will read about. I can attest completely though with the numerous situations I've been in to a claim stating, spitting lines and routines just comes off creepy to people at our age and you will most likely run into that person again unlike a big city (he's right, in 95% of situations) Mark talks more in depth of why this is and it is completely true. I hope all college level PUA's read this. The results that come from from this book are far superior to just getting laid. Girls die for and would eat up the tactics Mark dishes out in his book and I look forward to trying it out after break. Girls will love that they won't run into conversations merely entailing "what's your major?" blah blah blah :roll: .

Final Thoughts:
Mark wrote the book for people to realistically get the most out of college rather you be a freshman, a 9th year senior, or still in high school. I literally was able to knock out the book in a couple hours. The potential results from this book are not only being a top dog and a boat load of women wanting to be around/with you, but a solid group of friends and memories that last a life time, better physical shape (go to the gym), and a way to get and learn the most out of college while achieving your goals he has you set from the begging chapter of the book both academically and socially. Best of both world right? 8)

Rating:Flyable (5/5)



PostPosted: Sat Jul 12, 2014 12:08 am 
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Where can I get this book and how much is it?

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