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Lifestyle suggestion list (add yours!)
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Author:  sinsitive [ Tue Dec 15, 2009 3:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Lifestyle suggestion list (add yours!)

Okay I see lot's of topic with idea's what to do to improve your lifestyle. Let's make a simple list with suggestions.

They have to (and/or):
  • :arrow: Generate DHV stories
    :arrow: Be a positive influence to your body shape
    :arrow: Be a good base to social interaction

:idea::idea::idea::::THE LIST::::idea::idea::idea:

:arrow: Join a sportsclub, be part of a team. (soccer/football, hockey, basketball, baseball etc)
:arrow: Go to the Gym
:arrow: Get a bicycle/recumbent bike and do tours. You could if you have the time do a 2-4 day tour and sleep at strangers (couchsurfing.org to find people willing to host you)
:arrow: Running, you will get to know your neighbourhood a bit better since you're more on the streets (talk to ppl, sai HI etc) so when u're going home with a girl odds are lots of people will say HI in a very friendly way. Looks good if they like you.
:arrow: MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) - Will generate DHV, get you in shape, boost self-confidence (esp. among AMOGs)
:arrow: Freerunning, it's a bit a risky one but it get's you in a good shape and is fun.
:arrow: Racing - If there's an engine, burning rubber and a track, there will be pitbabes. Could be quite an expensive hobby though.
:arrow: Yoga - It's fun and a great place to weet woman and build connection.
:arrow: Surfing - It will force you to maintain a flat stomach, it's cool and where's a beach are bikini wearing girls.
:arrow: Waterskiing - Just like surfing, lot's of girls and it's great!

:arrow: Creating models etc isn't really a DHV. However if you create them for a local orphanage it shows you care.
:arrow: Collecting stamps is very 1964. However, collecting stuff that includes an active life can help. I collect small flags of countries I've been for example. They all have stories (huge DHV) attached.
:arrow: Get into NLP.
:arrow: Get into palm/hand reading. There's a lot of books(eBooks) out there with the basics, when you know how to sound serious you can make the rest up lol.
:arrow: Get into colors. Sounds weird but I got a book about the meaning of colors. It can explain a color choice of some-one (clothes, make-up or even jewelery) and girls LOVE this stuff.
:arrow: Wine tasting! Know what is a good wine and what not can be a huge DHV at lot's of times!
:arrow: Know what to mix, get books or read online what drinks are nice.
:arrow: DJ-ing. Who doesn't love a good DJ?
:arrow: Get a *cute*dog. This will attract positive attention, show you are a caring person and it is a GREAT reason to walk at least 30 min a day and see people in the neighborhood. People with a cool/friendly dog are often seen as friendly, active and positive.

:arrow: Read various books on various subjects. Expand your knowledge on various topics. This will increase your arsenal of interesting/funny facts too. You will convey yourself as clever/smart.
Interesting subjects
:arrow: Any book that will aid you to learn any of the suggestions named in this whole lifestyle list.
:arrow: Pick-up, seduction, social behaviour. *duh*.
:arrow: Magic, fortune telling, cold reading, meaning of colors, spirituality books. (awesome to create personality-reading-routines!)
:arrow: Religious, self conscience books (Tantra, budism etc).

:arrow: Learn to play an instrument (guitar works great, nice at parties)
:arrow: Paint and put anything nice in your living room for people to ask about.
:arrow: Watch lot's of movies so when movies are discussed you have your opinion about it.
:arrow: Keep track of the local/national TOP40/50 so you have an opinion about songs people talk about.
:arrow: Take dacinglessons (but I have 2 left foot.. so? You're there to LEARN not to PERFORM.)
:arrow: Photography (An old DSLR is cheap, look for an EOS 300D/350D (Rebel or Rebel XT) And do some shoots (DHV, tell models what to do, you're in authority)
:arrow: Make small movies. From small stories for on youtube to travel-video-logs. They demonstrate DHV.
:arrow: Take drama/improv classes. You will meet people, interact, get nice stories, use things you learn in the field and invite people to your shows. It's also nice DHV if you tell you have to perform.
:arrow: Photography2 - Get a small camera and collect certain shots. (smiling babies, certain animals, certain buildings, special moments etc). Look up Lomography.
:arrow: When listning to popular tunes, get the lyrics. Being able to sing along cool songs is cool.
:arrow: Know about arts. Lot's of artists created paintings with deep stories/emotions behind it. When talking about it you can always include DHV spikes or build a connection. For example, (bla bla painted this because he loved this girl but she was going to die and he wanted her to live on in his memories forever... damn... wouldn't you have found that romantic? What if I take a pic of you so I will never forget about you. Would you call me a perv or feel flattered??)
:arrow: Play an instrument they will not expect. This makes you more mysterious (I'm learning clarinet now)

:arrow: Have a job that you can be proud of. One that generates interesting stories that can show DHV in any way.
:arrow: Jobs can also be seen as social events if you work close with others. Pick one that has colleages who add to your skills, life etc etc.
:arrow: Try to get into show business, it's one of those DHV jobs and people will know you.
:arrow: Get a job that or makes you talk to lot's of people to train social skills, or that makes you work hard and thus get you into shape.
:arrow: Be sure not to get a job where you will smell bad or that will damage your reputation/person in any way.
:arrow: BARTENDING! Ever heard of a bartender in a nice club that didn't get laid often?
:arrow: A job where you have to wear a suit, get an access card, mobile phone and laptop always looks ace.
:arrow: Often jobs offer first class travel cards. Major DHV if you're in first class and the job pays. (I can tell)
:arrow: Have business-cards. Looks sexy! Don't give them, tell you keep them for business but if they give their nr, you might call.

Social meetings
:arrow: Join couchsurfing.org and make your house available for 1or more people to stay for a night. Have a good fun night and have lot's of talks and some drinks. They also have town/region/city meetings so you can meet other couchsurfers in the area. It's also nice to meet other people from your city and tell them "if I get a request but cant host, can I recommend you?" MEET people.
:arrow: Throw "movie nights" where you invite 3-10 people, make one HUGE pizza, let them bring drinks etc. (been doing this for 2 years, the strangest things happend haha)
:arrow: Throw an oldskool monopoly night with 3-4 friends, drinks, music etc.
:arrow: Organize a WII-evening/night where you compete and once more drink and have fun.
:arrow: Go to a coffeeshop, and say hi to people in a very friendly way.
:arrow: Restaurants are very nice to eat and have fun. KNOW good restaurants that cook various couisines!! *looking for a nice place is lame*
:arrow: Go to a wine/drink testing event all together. It's fun.
:arrow: Any meetings with a subject you know a lot about: you're there.
:arrow: Get into social groups that share a common interest, join meetings. (From pick-up to photography to vehicles to sports).
:arrow: Use public transport. Great way to start convo's ESPECIALLY when there are delays!

:arrow: Be aware of things, politics, events around you, follow the news. If people talk about stuff you can have your opinion and be alpha.
:arrow: Get in the media (tv, radio, newspapers.. or even front page of major internet sites) to get DHV stories.
:arrow: Eat extremely healthy. Women love foods and health. You could even use it as an opener in a supermarket if she looks at a product and analyzes it.
:arrow: Added to the previous: learn how to cook really good. Cooking toghether is fun and def a nice reason to invite a girl over. (Im going to make something nice, shall we eat it toghether? Dont wanna spend lots of time cooking just for myself.) Worked for me brilliantly.
:arrow: Learn a forgeign language. Especially French and Spanish is nice and romantic.
:arrow: Travel. Go some-where. Doesn't have to be far but you're bound to see things, meet people and tell stories from it.
:arrow: Becoming expert (or at least above average) in something lot's of people need. People will come to you for guidance. You will lead them, tell them what to do. If you are a hotshot on social aspects people will tell them their situation and trust your judgement. Big aid in getting rapport.

:arrow: Join some forums (if possible about local stuff so you can meet up easily, btw nice to see you here. ^_^)
:arrow: Join social networking sites and say hi to people based on some interests (oh hi, I saw your doing arts.. been doing it for long now? NOT just the general "hi how are ya?")
:arrow: If you have an actife life, post video's of it online. Show how much fun you are. Your likely to get comments from people with the same interests.
:arrow: Have a blog with lot's of pictures and one liners. People won't read large ammounts of text if its about your life.. but they see a picture in an instance. Once again show them how much fun you are.
:arrow: On social networking sites just add random people. If they accept, fine. If they send something, you can start talking. On FB/MS I saw about 60-70 percent accepted!
:arrow: If "internet friends" live close, meet quickly. But don't mention it the first week. Also don't ask to meet up, but just say you're doing something with friends and ask if she wants to come along.
:arrow: Become influential. Have a vlog (video log) about a niche. Make people follow to your ideals.
:arrow: If you work out, there are several websites where you can keep track of consumption and sporting-achievements.

:arrow: What brands are HOT?
:arrow: What are the latest styles? (HAVE YOUR OPINION READY!!)
:arrow: Know everything about sizes, how it works and KNOW YOUR OWN!. (mens kids womans shirts pants etc.)
:arrow: What other brands are out there except the trendy ones? You can say BLA is hot but you prefer BLA-X over BLA.
:arrow: Learn about suits. White skin black hair? Contrasty shirt/suit.
:arrow: Accessories!!!! - A nice watch is never too expensive. Don't buy cheap rings that leave green marks on your skin. A nice bracelet does it too. And whatever you buy: Make sure there is a story connected to all of your accessories!!! If you're in a special mood, or something (nice) happend.. just buy a ring, bracelet or necklace!

Your Home
:arrow: Determine your style/design. Stick to it mostly. (Trendy, chique, tidy, playful, alternative, an organized mess etc)
:arrow: Always have some drinks around.
:arrow: Always have items that show your lifestyle and show DHV. (Trophies, fruits, pictures of you and friends etc)
:arrow: Have some stuff to do. (Music tower, game console, tv with lot's of dvd's etc)
:arrow: NEVER leave dirty clothes in eyesight!
:arrow: Have a desk with an agenda, notepad and pencil/pen. ALWAYS handy.
:arrow: If there's a main pc, keep it 100% clean. No DLV stuff. No porn, no url's to places you want to hide. You will get nervous how good you'll ever hide your stuff. For this stuff, have a second (cheap) laptop!!!
:arrow: Have some interesting items in your house. From cool/weird books to art to a weird piece of furniture. Something exclusive, weird, shocking, cool. Something to talk about, something with a story.
:arrow: A pool table. You walk, you pass, you compete, it's cool and fun. Can become quite sensual when teaching certain positions haha.
:arrow: Have an instrument around. You prolly won't play it but it looks cool. (bass guitar or something)
:arrow: A sleepingbank is ideal if you have multiple people over.

If you have additions, please post them here and I will put them in the list. Also category suggestions are welcome.

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Author:  Antithesis [ Tue Dec 15, 2009 7:07 pm ]
Post subject: 

For Hobby/Arts I would recommend photography. Women (and many men) love having their picture taken. It's a great conversation starter at parties and social gatherings. It's also a natural DHV position of authority because you're telling people what to do: "move this way, scoot in closer to her, now smile", and it gives you a reason to interact with the entire room of people.

I would also recommend at least being conscious of current events and politics in your country. Now by current events I don't mean which celebrity is dating who, or who got kicked off of what reality show. I mean news politics. You should have at least some opinion on the major issues that are being discussed in the news.


Author:  sinsitive [ Tue Dec 15, 2009 9:32 pm ]
Post subject: 

Updated. If people contribute Im not gonna add the names to the lines... it will be way too messy. But I still made a small credits list. Fair is fair. :)

Thanks mate!

Author:  MHFenix [ Thu Dec 17, 2009 2:01 am ]
Post subject: 

get onto some sort of media, preferably TV or Movies. Will give you a lot of DHV material, you need to (usually) be in good shape and some women will recognise you straight off the bat. :P

Author:  sinsitive [ Thu Dec 17, 2009 5:07 pm ]
Post subject: 

Good one, I've been on the radio, in a newspaper and even got interviewed at TV.. Hmmm I might put that TV interview on my hyves (sort of myspace but Dutch)

Thanks for the reminder! Or even have a "publicity category" on it... NICE. :)

Author:  Antithesis [ Thu Dec 17, 2009 9:38 pm ]
Post subject: 

To expand on the food/cooking idea, having knowledge of good restaurants in your area is always a plus. You'll never know what type of taste your date might have, so knowing a lot of places to eat works to your advantage.


Author:  ALPHA LiON [ Fri Dec 18, 2009 12:08 pm ]
Post subject: 

You missed an important one:


You basically want a job you are proud of and possibly gives you some awesome stories to tell or sets you up to meet more people.

E.g I work in a fashion retail in a shopping centre just now so I get to interact with loads of girls and guys my age.

Author:  sinsitive [ Fri Dec 18, 2009 12:30 pm ]
Post subject: 

Good point, added to the list. If you have more examples... please add them :) I think this might work out just fine to inspire some people! :D

It actually did inspire me a bit since I looked up some recipes on the internet, will look out for good restaurants and am reading more news headlines... awesome. =)

Author:  Adonis Spyridon [ Sat Dec 19, 2009 9:18 am ]
Post subject: 

alright, i got one.

for sports, or even career possibly, MMA. Mixed Martial Arts, now I'm a little biased since I'm a fighter and I love it; but, when you walk around with that fighter's swag girls notice, and you wanna talk DHV stories? you got those out the wazoo; all you have to do when you meet a girl and she asks what you do, "oh, well, I'm a professional fighter..." - nuff said.

Physically it'll put you in great shape, mentally also. Just knowing that you could kick any guy who tries to amog you's ass is a good boost and it faze you, just give him that "you really want to do this, dick?" look and he'll back off. There's lots more but I think you get the idea.

Join a MMA gym.

- TD out

Author:  MHFenix [ Mon Dec 21, 2009 10:34 am ]
Post subject: 

I notice 'Hobbies' is empty. I guess the only thing to go in here is 'Have a hobby, but use the outcome in a non-boring-and-non-creepy way.'

You like building models? That's boring. You like building models for the local orphenage? That's legendary. :wink:

Author:  sinsitive [ Mon Dec 21, 2009 11:32 am ]
Post subject: 

MHFenix, good one. It shows you care which a lot of girls like. Will add it.

Keep them coming! :) I'm also adding myself...

Author:  MHFenix [ Mon Dec 21, 2009 11:34 am ]
Post subject: 

Thanks man. :) Hey, you mind if I steal this for my blog?

Author:  sinsitive [ Mon Dec 21, 2009 11:42 am ]
Post subject: 

Thanks man. :) Hey, you mind if I steal this for my blog?
No go ahead!

I'm thinking *which I do too often* if we have a very complete list.. I could actually eBook it.

Per item add lot's of URL's and more background information...

Could be a very useful guide for an active life. =)

Author:  MHFenix [ Mon Dec 21, 2009 11:47 am ]
Post subject: 

lol. that's an eventuality for me too. My blog is gonna get fleshed out as I go along then I'll be able to compile a full book. :P


Also, YAY! I got two mentions in the post! Double thanks for me! lol


Another idea: Travel. Doesn't matter where, doesn't need to be far from home, but just start going to new places...

Author:  MHFenix [ Mon Dec 21, 2009 12:59 pm ]
Post subject: 

ok, posted on blog and have started to take a few of the suggestions on board... :)

The link isn't showing up on the post though, so just check out the blog with the button below...

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