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PostPosted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 4:41 pm 
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I feel like this post is going to be all over the place but it's basically my lifestyle now and I'm looking for suggestions on improving it. I should start off with the fact that I'm 27 and still live with my parents, which has it's glaring downsides but they live just three minutes from my workplace and it allows me to save (and spend) money with relative ease. To this day I have slightly over 25,000 grand in the bank, which is substantial but it's less impressive when you consider the fact my car is worth 1,500< and that I have no credit. Like I said in my introduction post I'm starting to view getting an enjoyable career as more important than finding a girl. My current job is labor intensive, 15 twelve hour shifts a month every other weekend, and although it pays decent it is generally unrewarding work. The price of college is so outrageous, I feel like I should go unless there is something that REALLY appeals to me and is lucrative. There's just nothing I feel this way about. And with my work schedule to attend campus I'd have to quit my job, same way with a tech school. I could go on but I think I'll wrap it up here. Advice?

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There is a lot of research that points towards how fucked up current western society ideals are from the perspective of human history but I digress...

I think having a career you enjoy and value is so much more important than any woman because chances are it takes up so much time and energy in your life and your life will not have much color or pleasure until you find fulfilling work. Not only that I have experienced the effects of what a solid career can do when it comes to women and let me tell you if you make an above average income you can have sex with nearly any girl you desire... The thing is it takes time to figure out what your passions are, I only realized those things when I am 30, and it also might change later.

I would only go to school for something scientific/technical like Medicine or IT. Otherwise it's not worth it. My sister has a BA in English Literature and she's buried in debt years after graduation. The people that work the hardest are usually not the highest paid. And of course if you are under someone else, you are making a fraction of what you are really worth.

There are enough high paying jobs, but you really need to fine what you actually like, otherwise you are setting yourself up for misery and failure. Without finding that first, it's difficult to see a way forward. The best way to work IMO is as an entrepreneur. Which you can reach in nearly any field - whether it's application development, starting your own practice as a doctor or creating the next biggest entertainment network online.

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