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You can only advance through offering value to others
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Author:  SGC_Dame [ Tue Jun 27, 2017 12:19 pm ]
Post subject:  You can only advance through offering value to others

I chose to put the thread in this category because its partially about business and partially about how to form an idea in your head about what you should do to become truly attractive not just to females but also to your potential customers and people in general.

This forum is literally filled with threads titled "New Facebook Page" or "New YouTube Channel" and then guys/coaches who make these wonder why they get no response or why their threads have little views. The answer is simple: you are not offering anything of value. You are not adding value to my time on the internet. On the world wide web, a users time has become a very valuable commodity. Just research how much money large corporations like Google and Facebook invest into finding out how they can turn their consumers time into revenue. Just a simple click on a link, which you are expecting to get for free by creating a thread like the example above, can cost companies hundreds of dollars in marketing.

If you are trying to build a following by using a "build it and they will come" principle, be sure that you will not be doing very good long-term. Research the platforms where your potential clients hang out at and see the popular topics and questions people ask and what issues they have. Offer then an article, video, podcast or whatever means of communication with them you have for free in order to fill a void that you might have identified during your market research. It is here that you start to offer value and people become interested in what you have to say.

Its not before you have created a curiosity about who you are and what you stand for that people will genuinely be motivated to click through to your page or product. Its now that you have organic traffic. Everything else, even if they like your page, is low quality traffic because you are "forcing" people to see you instead of making them want to. This translates directly to your everyday life. Be in service of others without expectations of return in favor. Gather people around you who you have helped grow and advance and they will want to make you larger than life because their success will be your success and vice versa.

All the best!

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