Is "Master of your own Time" an Attractive Lifestyle?

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 26, 2014 12:25 am 
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Hello players. I recently finished a book on how to obtain a legit income working from home. It's not some get rich quick system, but a means to an end of mastering your own time, and living a happier life.

I have a degree in computer networking. I once held a job where all I did was fix people's computers from home on a commission basis. It was awesome, but the company went out of business due to the other technicians acting like shady mechanics and creating more problems for the customers in order to rack up those dollars. A person who's computer is running slowly does not always have a freaking virus!

Bastards :lol:

My typical work day went like this. I would wake up stretch, eat some breakfast, walk to the starbucks up the road, and approach anything that caught my eye. Next, I would Go home and open an application my company had me download. I would sign in and switch my status from idle to available.

My phone would then ring in about 5-10 minutes (some slow days the phone could take up to an hour to ring). While waiting I would dick around on the internet, call friends, or talk to the family members I allowed to live with me during that period of my life.

I'd then answer the phone listen to the customer and fill out a form in the application describing the customer's problem. Then I'd pick the problem from a list and send the customer an agreement notice. If they weren't a subscribed member they would be charged a higher rate so I could always up-sell them and collect that commission as well. I finally would remotely connect to their computer and fix what ever the problem was. Each customer roughly took between 10-90 minutes to deal with depending on what they wanted done and how many problems they wanted fixed.

I would finish up and then end the call, and the problems would be added to my list of resolved issues for the month. 20 bucks for the easy stuff and 50-60 dollars for things like virus removals. They paid us once a month for everything we fixed.

At any time during the call I could transfer the customer to someone else and sign out of the system. I didn't have a schedule so I could work whenever I felt like in a 24 hour period. Any day of the week, and realistically make over $100.00 in under an hour. I often did...

I had no boss, no schedule, and no work to take with me or think about after I closed the application. Nearly complete freedom. Would you consider this an attractive lifestyle?

As a PUA or chump aspiring to become a PUA you may want to consider freeing yourself from the office. If not to have more time to practice your skills, but just to be happier in general. I wrote a book that is a step by step system for obtaining a lifestyle just like that.

Not all of the jobs in the book pay as well as the job I described earlier, and some of them are really office jobs that you simply work from home. With a set schedule, and a boss, but you still have more time in the day without the commutes. More money in your pocket because the company doesn't pay office expenses, and you don't have to deal with office politics so you get to live a far happier life.

Anyone who has worked in an office knows what I'm talking about. There are many jobs that pay more, and are far easier than spending an hour fixing a computer virus. But yes, I even show you how to find and get technician jobs like the one I described earlier.

It was crazy, but many of my peers didn't even have a degree like me. They simply graduated highschool and knew how to search google for solutions to computer problems, so the company hired them. In the book I also go over 3 home based businesses that anyone can learn. I also offer a free Marketing eBook in my eCommerce store to help the people who decide they want to do their own thing instead of working for a company.

-Special thanks to Versalis for helping pick out my eBook cover.

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