How i'm going to do it.

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 Post subject: How i'm going to do it.
PostPosted: Sun Jul 13, 2014 2:15 pm 
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How i will be building an attractive life style.

Getting a job is probably the first step.
i will be trying to acquire a bartender job with in my city

a few months down the road i will move out of my parents house. and into an apartment with in the city(i dont live in attractive place SPAM) this one might actually be tough , it all depends on how much im making with my job.

while living in my new apartment i will buy any necessary house hold things. furniture, tv, kitchen appliances etc.

once that is complete i will look into my wardrobe and one by one i will exchange my old shirts and jeans with newer more expensive ones. any old clothes i will most likely donate to charity.

once that is done i will look into buying other non necessary things like a ps4 and some games and getting a new cell phone, maybe the iphone 6 when it comes out .

after that i will get off my parents cell phone plan. (probably around the same time i get a new phone)

i think i would then need to and decide about getting a car for myself, although this isnt really a big deal financially (my family is actually somewhat financially stable and my grandmother has bought cars for all my cousins, im talking about 15k...) the major thing would be being able to pay for the issuance/gas/monthly payment of the car if i decide to get something more then 15k.

The main thing would actually be acquiring that job... but i have confidence in my ability to get it.

I may take more time to think about it, maybe ill do the wardrobe thing before moving out, but i feel like its more logical for me to get a place asap due to possible loss of care with my job. (having a responsibility will make me feel more inclined to keep my job is things "go south")

this is obviously a step process and might take longer then what I've imagined, but this is my ideal attractive lifestyle that i will be working towards.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, 2014 10:29 am 
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If you guys have any goals or plans on how to achieve 'your' perfect
Attractive life style, feel free to reply on this topic

PostPosted: Wed Nov 19, 2014 9:02 pm 
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If you guys have any goals or plans on how to achieve 'your' perfect
Attractive life style, feel free to reply on this topic
it's a too open-ended question. what might be an attractive lifestyle for one person, might not be right for you.

also, what kind of woman do you want to attract into your life? what kind of lifestyle do you admire? what would your perfect day, week, month, year look like? i think those are good questions to get you started. then figure out how other people are doing it, and copy what they are doing and slowly but surely you should be getting the same results.


PostPosted: Wed Nov 19, 2014 9:42 pm 
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Check out thrift stores and stuff for deals on clothing if you are super tight on budget. In the past I've got very nice leather wingtips for next to nothing where as I could have gone out and got a 200 dollar pair of shoes if new, and stuff like that. They can actually have perfectly fine clothes in them that people threw out just cause they didn't fit anymore. Just make sure that anything you spend money on fits well and is versatile.

As for everything else, keep your options open on jobs. Get out there and hustle that shit. Get to know other bar tenders and get in good with them, study up on drinks, when you go in to see if there are openings, dress sharp. And don't pass up other options in the mean time. You could get a job in sales somewhere where you could make good money if you hustle.

How old are you?

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