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PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 8:09 pm 
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Hey dudes,

A little while back I felt my routines and stories going a bit grey, a little bit boring and barely above average. So... I set out to acquire some interesting skills to help me along the way. Don't get me wrong, I'm far from being a master at any of them, but my goal was to be good enough to impress someone.

1) Sign Language
This took me about a week to learn enough phrases to pass as adequate from an app on my phone. I find this useful for 2 reasons. The fact that you can K-close any deaf person (you do get deaf HB's!), and that it leaves you a good routine for mid-game. If you can sway the conversation to languages, which is easy with latino,asian, etc., you can show them how to say their name, swear (people like this for some reason), or trick them into telling you that your cute and telling them what they did.

2) Play a Piano
I'm no Mozart, and I can't even read music. I took me about 2 weeks to learn enough to play a decent enough tune to impress someone from nothing but YouTube videos and a piano app on my iPad. I probably know about 5 songs, but this is more then enough for people to think you're better then you are. When I've been in a bar or a home with a piano (there's more occasions than you'd think.) it's easy enough to get comments when you play and it's a really good routine to teach a HB to play a simple tune. It involves lots of kino adjusting their hands when sitting next to them.

3) Become Good at a Sport
Anyone can be good at some kind of sport. Whether is Darts or Football, Bowling or Athletics. Not only does this give you obvious health benefits, but it opens up new social circles and gives you something new to talk about. When people ask what you're doing on a certain day and you reply 'training' they will always say 'oh what for?'. Also depending on what your chosen sport is you can devote as little or as much time as you want to it. I give 3 evenings a week towards training.

All 3 of these skills have benefited my game tremendously. I'm not saying to go out and learn these 3 skills but go out and learn something that will make you different to the AFC. I'm sure other people will have ideas on what would class as something that makes you a little bit more interesting.
It may just give you the extra ammo that you need.

Party on dudes 8)


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