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New show: The Master Pickup Artist!
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Author:  Mayhem&Anarchy [ Wed Dec 30, 2009 5:17 am ]
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They are all so good it wouldn't even be a challenge for them. How could you pick a winner if they all ace the test?

Author:  ManBearPig73 [ Thu Jan 07, 2010 11:39 am ]
Post subject:  Will never happenrosss

This idea of competing to see who is the best, will never fly. In reality all the mentioned contestants learnt to Pickup as a way to get girls but most (if not all of them) have teaching empires. They sell book, DVD’s, private couching, seminars and much more. People like Mystery and Ross Jeffries travel the world giving seminars and talks. They reek in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. They are surely not doing to jeopardize that to prove a point. The fact that they have successful businesses proves the point that they will never get involved with such an idea.

In the end the problem is that there can be only one winner. Only the one person can claim that his method is best. In reality you can be successful with a variety of methods. But it would harm the businesses of all the losers. If they offered a $10 million first price, it would be a different story.

Author:  Marc [ Fri Jan 15, 2010 3:49 am ]
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.....I have seen european versions of big brother and that british sex counceling show, they actually show them having sex on tv, just no close up details
Really !! :D Do you have a link to it. I haven't watched Porn in a Long time now :lol: :lol:

Author:  techprotools [ Mon Mar 01, 2010 4:16 pm ]
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at end there can be only one winner

Author:  lolaskate [ Sun Jul 17, 2011 9:08 am ]
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No mPUA or PUG would enter because it's way too risky for the business they created. If you had 12 of the mPUAs or PUGs, then 11 mPUA/PUG's would have no business after. And the winner would have the only business left.

Author:  Kupid [ Sun Jul 17, 2011 12:59 pm ]
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It would be very good, to see how different styles work in different enviroments and under different conditions, very educational.

But they would never get enough view rate, since probably 80% of the guys watching would be community guys (who know the terminology), everybody else would be put to sleep after the first episode.

That's why there is no The Pick-up Artist season 3, cause season 2 had a low view rate.

Author:  RitualSlave [ Thu Dec 01, 2011 10:51 pm ]
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Coming from a person who's studied this material for three years and have aligned with a fresher purpose (I recognize the others here, too, who have done so as well), I feel that this'd be a cool idea. It'd be for fun and experimentation more than anything.

This would open up to the world the freer idea of opening ourselves up to sex and sexual relationships.

This would eventually turn down the knob a bit on how important this is vs. other more elevated purposes (not saying this isn't fun and possibly important!).

There would be an absolute demonstration of the best material of course, but there would also be a valuable lesson to all (some of you, as David DeAngelo might say, won't even SEE this part...this won't even register in your mind because you're conscious mind'll just delete it and not keep it in) that it's NOT the material itself, but the REALITY AND IDENTITY OF THE PERSON FILLING THAT METHOD OR MATERIAL. That's a crucial point there, and I predict (especially since all or most of these master pickup artists work together and agree with this) that this would arise as the key and central them.

This show'd be great because it would show us the TRUE lesson in pick up! Make it a part of your life. Become a better person. Restructure your reality, identity and beliefs!

To understand what I'm saying may take a quick lookup on "Logical Levels" which David DeAngelo emphasizes heavily in his seminar on Mastery.

This is a great idea, guys! Looking forward to this show.

Author:  Capoeira [ Tue Dec 13, 2011 4:00 am ]
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This thread got me thinking and actually made me register to this forum (love it).

I see the concept of a contest (like in Keys to the VIP or The PUA) as a very good way to really exhaust the best out of a player, and thus, learn how he would do it at his best, with risks on the line.

However, I also found problems with the idea. MPUA's would never risk their reputation and business. All of them are good at what they do, and all of them could have a few failed sets occasionally. All kudos to them for their commitment.

My idea:
I study psychology at a university here in Sweden. What I've understood through the years is that perfection is something that I want in everything, including my game (who would ever want to fail with a girl). I think that all the different MPUA's have achieved perfection in one way or the other, but may lack in some details. I also understand that pride wouldn't let them compete either.

The technique that I always use, I repeat: ALWAYS USE, to acquire new skills, is to observe the masters in their best and worst cases, and compaire them to the best/worst cases of mediocre subjects. The purpose of this is to distill the details that make the difference in a short time-span period (i.e testing a subjects skill continually to find and explain positive and negative spikes in the use of the persons skill).

My proposition to a tv-show:
The masters mentioned before me all get together as a team that doesn't compete. Instead they compete with themselves. They all make a series of pick-ups, and solely pick the five best and worst pick-ups, to later discuss the pros and cons with the other gurus in an all good manner (hopefully). In that way, the program would be really teaching, yet humble (is that still a word?), and furthermore irradicate the fear of the PUA's to take part. They would in the end all feel like one of the elite, still feel that they've taught us something, and even got help scrutinizing their own skills.

The language would have to be explained in pure english (not that hard, eh?). The PUA terminology could be taught (even I learned it), but only if the AFC's consistently followed the series. The series that hit the top viewing rates are the ones you could just hop in to.

Please help make TV nicer! I'm tired of the evilness in today's TV agenda. Roasting, American Idol, Keys to the VIP, etc. are all so negging and dissing, preventing the best to even show themselves. I understand that there is an effective evil that is necessary to climb the ladder of status and value in every aspect of life. But please, for our cause of the game, pay the idea forward.

Author:  tripsteady [ Tue Aug 28, 2012 12:23 am ]
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when is this coming out?

Author:  Brainbuster [ Thu Dec 25, 2014 12:39 am ]
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when is this coming out?
Haha, this isn't a real show coming out. We're just spitballing here in the forum.

Author:  Brainbuster [ Thu Dec 25, 2014 12:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re:

The question is, who do you guys think would end up being king? IMO, the battle would be between Mystery, Style, and Adam Lyons.
Style wouldn't even come close to being king.
He's famous for being a best-selling author of 7 best-sellers...not for being an amazing PUA.
Not only is his body language shit, and he talks way too fast, sounding nervous,
but add to that that he's,
1. one foot shorter than Mystery,
2., infinitely balder than Mystery,
3., uglier than Mystery.

Those are some serious handicaps...

Especially if your competition is Mystery himself.

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