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The Mentalist
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Author:  Bond-007 [ Wed Jul 04, 2012 2:35 pm ]
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I`m an addict to this show.
But like any of these shows on T.V. about solving crimes, Jane`s character is very influenced by Sherlock Holmes`s books.

You have one separate force of the police, a consultant, as they both call themeselves, that have an unusual way of finding the criminal.

Holmes is more of a deduction school of thought, while the mentalist is more of a body lenguage/ people walking kind of consultant.
In many cases the body lenguage reveals a tip to Jane, wich leads him into veryfying some deductions.

I think it`s really hard to find one character like this in real life, same as a House or many others on the T.V.

Main problem here is: we all make mistakes in real life, these guys seem to have the knowledge and the experience to solve their issue.

Best thing you can do in a realistic matter is becoming GOOD at something you love.
This is what these characters do, they are really good at what they are doing.

Author:  PUAvatar [ Sat Aug 04, 2012 1:21 pm ]
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I also find the Mentalist compelling from a PU angle, and try and take away some of his characteristics to model myself on.

As you mention he commands attention, but only because he has a presence when he walks in a room. Mostly that presence comes as a result of him doing something that it is unexpected e.g. walk around inspecting details and clues to cold read murder suspects in their homes. It's not something that translates well to PU.

However here are some rules that I've taken away just from going into the field with the mindset of acting like him:

He is extremely well groomed. His three pieced suit and tailored shirts reek of success and to an extent power.

His posture is perfect and he uses only one hand to gesture, while mainly keeping one hand in his pocket/ albeit for pick pocketing purposes sometimes.

He smiles, he is almost always smiling in fact.

His execution of words is commanding, the delivery is well paced with deliberate pauses (very similar to Ross Jeffries' execution).

He carries himself with the air that noone sets the pace of his actions or life.

As for his cold reading, and witty sharp comebacks and slight of hand/ magic tricks. I guess everyone has moments when they spontaneously come up with that perfect line, but if you do it as consistently as Patrick Jane then that's probably the most unrealistic thing.

Author:  Brainbuster [ Thu Dec 25, 2014 1:13 am ]
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I've been a fan of derren for a while now. All the books that I have seen of his, pretty much just talk about his life and such, nothing of his that I have read talk about doing the stuff that he does (which is amazing!)....
You clearly didn't read past the first couple chapters of his books.

In Pure Effect, Derren Brown explains in exhaustive detail how he does his Smoke effect, which he performed for Stephen Fry on TV....along with many other effects he's done.

In Trick of the Mind, he explains cold-reading possibly better than I've ever seen it explained anywhere else.

In Absolute Magic, he explains how he used to levitate a lady's finger ring....and also describes many more subtleties (when magicians or mentalists use the word "subtlety," it basically means a convincer, a small thing that adds a sense of reality to the illusion, which isn't necessary...it's not the fundamental secret of the trick, but if you add 2 or 3 subtleties to an effect, it makes it WAY better/more memorable/feel more real.
In tradecraft (for spies), they call it "window dressing."
Instead of the spy just sitting on a park bench looking around,
he holds a newspaper and does a crossword puzzle or something.

I'm trying to think of an analogous "subtlety" in game.
Probably a good analogy would be:
instead of just delivering a spoken FTC,
adding body-rocking or opening over your shoulder to the FTC.
You can still deliver an FTC without those added subtleties

There are also tons of verbal subtleties.
For example, in storytelling, you could tell the same story in 2 ways:
1. I said to him, "Dude! Your car's on fire! And he just flipped me off and drove away."
2. I said to him, "Dude! Your car's on fire! He looked at me... He heard me... And then he flipped me off (gesture to girl) and drove off in his burning car."

The 2nd story has the verbal window dressing.

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