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Convisation Topic Freeze *Read*
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Author:  Fred Dane [ Mon Sep 16, 2013 1:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Convisation Topic Freeze *Read*

Hay lads, i was wondering if you guys could tell me abit of wich topics you use in the convisation your are having with the girls.
I ask this question cus lately i haveing a hard time with comming up with somthing to say doing the pick up, like i have some kind of freeze...

Author:  GamesSN [ Mon Sep 16, 2013 4:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Convisation Topic Freeze *Read*

Wrong place to post this buddy!

Topics? Who uses topics? Let the conversation flow naturally. Approaching is the first wall you'll hit then it's transitioning from opening to mid game. The last wall you'll hit is seduction but you should let the seducing come naturally! There are tips for seduction and cues you can take but I feel that's a bit advanced for you if you're freezing in conversations.

Remember the three phases in PU:

Sociable(Approach -> Opener)
Comfortable(Hook -> Mid Game)
Seduction(N-close, K-close, F-close)

Split it up, think of the attributes for each phase and let it all just slot into your mind.

Sociable(Confidence): Approach as the fun, interesting guy. Start with "Hey" then "I want to get your opinion on something..." as your opener. You may have to DHV and it's always good to neg a girl on first interaction, although a lot of people will say there's no need but it depends where you're from. Where i'm from women are generally harder to approach unless they're falling all over themselves drunk.

If you already have higher value and it's obvious you won't need to neg them(Say you're best buds with Brad Pitt or you're the clubs owner).

Comfort(Intelligence/Interest): Hook them in( http://www.pualingo.com/pua-definitions/hook-point-hp/ ), change your tone and be more of a comfortable, conversationalist around them. Talk about anything but most importantly talk about them without interviewing them. Ask simple questions and pay close attention. Don't be thinking about what you want to say next but get involved in the conversation. When she says her name is Cara, lives in X and is from Y you have three points to talk about! Her name(Is it unusual? Do plenty of women have the same name? Does it sound funny? Is it cute? What does her name say about her?), her place of birth(What's it like there do you remember? I've heard great things about that place!) and her current area. You can branch out from there. If you know about her area and know of interesting activities it's known for you can ask her if she does that activity. If she doesn't then you can keep stacking and go to a new thread to talk about hobbies.

Just let conversation come naturally. There's also a few games you can play to make you more talkative and able to think on the spot. There's word association, the "One word story game." where you say a word, your friend says another word and together you make up a story. It's great! You can have fun with it in clubs or pubs and be as loud as you want to be, before long the girls at the other table are wondering why you're laughing so much -- There's your opener and they can join YOU!

Seduction(Sexual energy/Dominance): Slow your conversation down, talk about intimate and deep things and refer to sex. If you know a bit about psychology and it comes up you can talk shit about how a lot of human behaviour is triggered and you can start talking about how one of the most obvious triggers are the sexual triggers. Either she'll ask about this or you'll elaborate and give an example of one of your sexual triggers and how crazy and sexual it makes you. When you're saying this point to the trigger and make sure she pays attention then go into detail about why it turns you on. She'll be imagining this and this will pre-trigger her receptiveness to seductive advances. For example, I have a trigger that drives me nuts... It's biting, specifically on the neck. It's an easy and accessible trigger and you know what? A lot of women have the same trigger. Play with it and have fun, gauge womens reactions to this.

A lot of peoples issues is knowing when and how to move from phase to phase. If you need help I suggest buying Mystery Method by Mystery or The Natural by Richard La Ruina. La Ruina/Gambler gives good detail on how to transition and doesn't leave out a step. A lot of people leave out how to transition or don't give good enough advice on how to transition from each phase... If you can't transition you're like a fish out of water, you'll choke!!

Author:  Fred Dane [ Tue Sep 24, 2013 6:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Convisation Topic Freeze *Read*

Thanks Buddy, this helped me alot, all though my post wassn´t ment that way =)

Author:  Janleex0 [ Thu Jan 30, 2014 10:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Convisation Topic Freeze *Read*

Perhaps ed norton could play this well and may be attracted if a script could help build in the dichotomy of Niel Strauss/Style.

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