How To Decide To Use Warm Moist Heat Or Cold Therapy

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The treatment

There are many treatments available for neck and back pains .Joint Flx Non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs can be taken for instant pain relief, regular exercise can be done and surgery is needed for extreme cases. There is however, a cheaper and much easier solution for neck and back ache problems. Traction is one of the most popular and beneficial non-surgical treatments for stretching and relaxing stiff muscles. Using a cervical traction pillow can reduce the pressure build-up on the neck and back area thus, reducing the discomfort in that region. This is an effective traction device since it stretches and stabilizes your neck to reduce the pain and tension experienced by the muscles and nerves.

The cervical traction pillow has gained popularity over the years since a lot of people now realize how it can help them get a more comfortable and peaceful sleep. These pillows have a Y-shaped section to give the neck a gentle stretch when sleeping. Manufacturing companies always keep ergonomics in mind since the key to the pillow's effectiveness on reducing neck pain lies in its orientation and structure. Not everyone has the proper posture and in using a cervical traction pillow when sleeping, a lot of users experienced a noticeable relief within the first few uses. Snoring problems and difficulty in breathing are also reduced due to the improved sleeping posture of the users. In addition to that, the blood circulation in the neck region is also less restricted.

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