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My GF is a stripper, how to deal with jealousy?
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Author:  ACM [ Thu Dec 11, 2008 7:15 am ]
Post subject:  My GF is a stripper, how to deal with jealousy?

So guys, looks I got myself into a good one. Long story short.....Not too long ago, ran into this amazing unique HB9, that came with the awesome personality in the package. A few months later we fall madly in love with eachother, and things have been great since then. She told me what she did 2 weeks after meeting her, so I knew what I've gotten myself into.

Why the hell did I make a stripper my GF u ask???

In actuality, I'm really cool with her job. She's not just some dirty cheap stripper willing to do anything for quick $. She works at a topless bar, so theres not even much physical contact with other guys. All the lapdances are basically air-lapdances lol, no touching, no nudity. The place she works at is really classy, and She makes HUNDREDS every night, and spoils the HELL out of me!

But herein lies the problem....once in awhile the little Jealous AFC in me triggers off every now and then...and it KILLS ME! The fact that every night shes surrounded by BALLERS, high value men, and shes flirting with them every night. Granted, I'm only 20 years old, poor ass college student, shes 21, the men shes surrounded with could fly her across the world and back at any moment. And shes with me. So this is NOT even a question about trust.

It's just a matter of learning to deal with this. So guys....any tips or suggest, advice??

It would be really nice to hear from someone who has actually had a stripper for a GF, not just gamed. How did you guys deal with it? The jealousy factor? the job factor?

Please help me out here, I'm only 20 years old, I've only had two gf's before, so this is a pretty difficult task for me.

Author:  Ezo [ Thu Dec 11, 2008 4:55 pm ]
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Hey! I havent had any stripper gfs but I guess this will make you feel better...
Strippers are the hardest ones to PU. She probably just turns it all off when working, not in the flirty mood and just doing her stripper routines. That a normal "AFC" or high value as you say man gets involved romantically with a stripper does not happen very often. (To PUAs ok, it could happen.) Only case I have heard of was pretty woman and that was fake...

Author:  SiNfUl [ Fri Dec 12, 2008 2:51 pm ]
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She probably just turns it all off when working, not in the flirty mood and just doing her stripper routines.

Great point.

Keep in mind that she may be surrounded by ballers and guys that can fly her around the world, but that means NOTHING if she has no 'interest' in them (unless she's a gold digger, but that doesn't seem to be the case).

In the end, it all boils down to attraction and IL. The guys in the club are not keeping her IL up, you are. If anything, they are probably annoying her.

Keep cool, don't let those jealous emotions get a hold of you, and be confident. She will start to loose interest if her job becomes an issue with your relationship. Show her that what she does for a living is no big deal and doesn't impress you (it really shouldn't).

It's not an easy thing for a guy to handle (having a stripper as a GF), but if you continue to show your maturity and confidence, she'll stick around and continue to spoil you.

Note: You may want to keep yourself busy with an activity the nights she works so you are not sitting around thinking about it.

Author:  SX [ Fri Dec 12, 2008 3:03 pm ]
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HELL YA Stripper gf?!?!? haha nice one! cant say ive accomplished that.... yet. but im 19. anyways i just wanna agree with sinful... i used to be really jealous kinda person (bad past kinda the reasoning for it) but just stay busy when shes working. the worst thing u can do is sit around by yourself thinking about what shes doing. and as they said, shes just playing those guys at work man, think of it like this, those high class men, are playing right into your girls games, and in turn are the ones paying for all these extras your girl spoils you with. and for a confidence booster, your going to college and (no offence )im guessing broek as a joke, but shes with you broziff. you know you are some major shit for that haha

Author:  ACM [ Mon Dec 15, 2008 10:03 am ]
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Thx for every1s input.

I really like the idea of making sure I keep myself busy at night while shes away at work.....and ur right, I already been doin that without noticing lol. Im a competitive dancer and performer, so whenever shes away at work, I'm either dancing with other friends, rehersing, or performing at a club somehwere. Now that I notice it more, I'll have to utilize that even better from now on...

and SX your right, she's even got a customer to buy me a 45$ Hat from the strip club....told him it was for her boyfriend. LOLOL. Yea she's toolin all these guys ...who are buying me my new fone, hi def camera, and many dinners to come.....

Id like to hear from any1 whos been in a LTR with a stripper before though....how long did it last? did she strip the entire time...and wat kinda obstacles did u run into with her job...things like that. Just wana make sure EXACTLY what im gettin myself into lol...

Author:  HomeWrecker [ Fri Dec 19, 2008 12:34 am ]
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Hey man,
Ive never had a stripper girl friend but ive had to deal with a lot jealousy.

This I sort of stole from a buddist philosophical perspective and cognitive behavioural therapy and its helped me, it might not help you. But here it goes.

I look at it this way (I will try keep it brief but can go into more detail if needed):
You create your own reality, the truth is you can interpret your senses anyway you want to. So you have full control over your mind/reality.

By becoming jealous, you are attaching yourself to the situation and letting it harm you. Why let something like that upset you? It will only reflect badly on you in the end, which the guys above I think did mention. At the end of the day you can only control others so much you need to accept that.

When these thoughts occur, acknowledge they are a problem, accept the problem, acknowledge you have the control and then dismiss them from your mind (imagine pushing them out of your mind). This does sound like absoulute shit, it isn't easy at first, but after a while you learn to do it without realising it.

I hope that helps man.

Author:  Ripped [ Fri Dec 19, 2008 3:44 am ]
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I seen a few guys that hooked up with strippers. Things never worked out for any of them. Not a good sitch

Only you can tell how strong your relationship is.

I wish you luck.

Author:  dark one [ Fri Dec 19, 2008 5:01 am ]
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I dont think ther is any thing you can do man....Im not sure if I could be with a striper my self because I would hate the idea of her being naked in front of other guys. If you realy like her you could alway ask her to stop dancing?

Author:  practice [ Sat Jan 03, 2009 5:22 am ]
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I know this is almost resurrecting an old thread but I thought my 2 cents might be usefull:

I've had a few stripper g/fs and I gotta say you treat their job as their job. They here all sorts of shit from all sorts of guys, but every girl I've dated thought the guys they worked for were the biggest AFCs in the world and had no respect for them.

I have never been one to be jealous, I had an open relationship with one girl, and she did sleep with other dudes and I with some of her friends. She was the one to get jealous, and I ended up breaking it off with her when she was mad I wanted to do her and her sister.

Remember, you are in control, if you are feeling uncomfortable, it may be time to let go and find someone else, it's not fair to you or her to not be honest about your feelings.

Trust me when I say this, if you are having jealousy issues, this can lead to resentment, either end it, or suck it up and realize she has a job to do.

Author:  JamieP [ Sat Jan 03, 2009 7:48 am ]
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Honestly dude, get out while you can because the jelousy will never go away. Im telling you this because Ive been in your situation not once, not twice but three times! In every situation it took the girls a while to actually tell me about their jobs. One girl I actually found out from seeing her as the poster girl for a club she worked at. The problem with woman who take their clothes off for money is all of them have major issues. I dont care what anybody says, all these girls have issues. No female who genuinly respects herself and respects the man she is with will take their clothes off for money. And the jelousy is just going to get worse and worse. Another thing you have to remember is people become products of their environments as well which means the longer she does this job, the more desensatised she will become. you say she doesnt get completely nude yet, wait another 6 months and Im sure she will be. It wont seem like such a big deal for her by then. Strippers are fun, but you cant take them seriously.

Author:  Beden4288 [ Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:32 am ]
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hey guys, so i came across this ur blog posting on google because i myself am a stripper. 2 days from now marks the 1 year anniversary of my relationship. He is a amazing man, the best thing thats ever happened to me, he treats me like gold. The only downside to us is.....he works out of town on the oil rigs and I'm a stripper, and I'm not talking titty bar stripper. i take it all off guys i bare it all for rooms full of men every night. i do private dances but men r allowed to touch everything except my pussy. heres the issue im a beautiful women, blond, blue eyes, 125 pounds, slim and fit and iv been told by hundreds of men i have the nicest ass they ever seen. now obviously my bf knows this as well. sometimes i think hes crazy for putting up with my job and i wonder y he's with me. but then again i wonder y i spend my time waiting for a man i only see for 7 days every month when i could probably have whoever i wanted( just to be clear im not usually this cocky or frank im just trying to lay down the info as honestly as possible). but i know y i do, its because hes amazing and dose so much romantic fun things for me, when we do get time together. i just cant imagine how difficulty it must be for him to know im talking to men every night, them buying me things and giving me hundreds of dollars just to touch me its insane, but i do enjoy my job. so heres the issues ur going to run into and its pretty straight forward ur going to be jealous and ur going to ask questions just trust ur gut! if u feel shes cheating then she probably is those feelings dont come from nowhere. but heres how i make it work. i never ever lie I'm as honest as possible and i make sure i tell him all the time how much i love him and want him. i make sure he knows that he's MINE! if ur girl dose this and makes sure to reassure u constantly then ur relationship will flourish and last as long as u both r happy. but u also have to be a very strong and confident man u cannot constantly be asking her questions unless they r things u should know, like when r u coming home, have u been drinking, how was work, when do u work, who where u with. those are okay. those r things u should know as her partner. she should answer honestly and thats that don't push deeper into her answers. shel just think u don't trust her and shit will hit the fan, the only exception to that is if u know she's lying or if u have strong feelings of deception. also as said earlier keep busy buddy dont spend your night sitting around waiting for her people forget to be independent when they get into relationships, but its one of the most important things u can do. that goes for all relationships not just ones with strippers. its a turn on when ur man dosnt need u for entertainment and has plans that do not involve u. thats prob one of the reasons im still with my man, he loves me more then any girl hes ever been with but when hes home for those 7 days he still makes plans with his buddies and goes out without me. at the time i miss him and sometimes it bothers me but i know it makes me want him more and i appreciate the freedom we give each other and so dose he. so i hope that helped a little if u have any questions please feel free to ask little buddy I'm here to help. and i would love to be of service to anyones relationship or journey to find one or keep one.

Author:  dark one [ Tue Sep 11, 2012 1:09 pm ]
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I dated a stripper a few years ago, met her in my college class, gamed her, things were great! found out she was a stripper and still tired to make things work, she was great for about a month and then I found out how fucked up she was! lots of daddy issues, she was really messed of emotionally! when I first met her I thought "man what a cool chick" but like I said after a month she went crazy lol

I don't care what anyone say's there is no such thing as a "good stripper" lol No women with self respect becomes a stripper.

Author:  barrybigtime [ Sat Sep 29, 2012 3:23 pm ]
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I moved into a shared house about a year ago only to find out it was a house full of strippers. No one could believe how lucky I was and they were genuinely hot girls as well not like some of those trailer trash girls who seem to be common place these days.

Anyway I ended up seeing one for about a year. When it was good it was loving and beautiful and tender and at times perfect. But when it was bad it was downright painful, violent and damaging.

I broke up with her when I took a job in London but I realised one thing from my stripper house experience. Every girl is messed up. Something happened when they were in their formative years to make them the way they are. My gf was insanely intelligent...studying for a PhD and used stripping as a way of making money but still I agree with dark one...there was definite daddy issues with all of them (violent Dad or Dad not there etc).

I would say try and hold back. Enjoy them for their company and fun but don't fall for them, not until they stop becoming a stripper.

Author:  meetkaur142 [ Fri Oct 05, 2012 7:53 am ]
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I don't know.

Author:  Mack 2.0 [ Sat Oct 06, 2012 11:41 pm ]
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i dated a stripper

i was the bartender

used to watch her give dudes lap dances all night long

didn't really bother me, lol

i knew who was fucking her later

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