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The seduction of Wildfire
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Author:  Ezo [ Thu Sep 25, 2008 1:20 pm ]
Post subject:  The seduction of Wildfire

Ok guys, I have been keeping you from this for some time now... My lifes most difficult sarge. Warning! Im going to show my AFC side here!

I dont know if this is a FR, a LR or what the hell it is but I post it here in relationships.

Ok, I have been a PUA for quite some time now and I would say that I am pretty good. However every once in a while you meet a girl who just turns you into the worst type of AFC. The one that falls in love.

I met this girl some time ago. Several months ago in fact. I recently got a new social circle connected to my workingplace so I had the opportunity to see this girl every day. I was establishing my status as alpha and generally ignoring all the girls (who were HB6s at best) and then: Enter Wildfire!
This is the kind of girl you see in your dreams, a HB9 who mixes the petite innocent girl with the smarts and the social savvy!

I must say that the choice of this target was probably the most stupid and/or challenging thing in my life. She was a highly religious catholic with a BF and a lot of friends who all love to gossip. Everything was doomed from the beginning and it would all end in tears.

Slowly, by DHVing indirectly and establishing a meeting pattern and a our-world conspiracy together with a breaking out of the LJBF zone strategy I finally got some kino. After some time it led to our first kiss. I have kissed girls before many many times but this was something special, this was love at its highest.
After some LMR stuff we ended up in bed and the first time was wild but not so great. I was seriously afraid my willy would break from her enthusiasm. The second time I was prepared and it was the most wonderful night in my life, so far.
From that time we spent almost all of our time together and we were having the best sex ever, every time she showed me fantasies I did not know I had and I showed her things she did not know she wass into. Every night got a bit closer to heaven. We lived this dream for 4 months or something like that. It was enough love for a lifetime.

The problem was her BF. When she was with me she completely forgot about him and she was all mine. Sometimes she remembered him and we did not meet for some days. Every time I had to seduce her all over again. Normally I just did S-phase material and it worked.

At one time she told me that she was ready to call her BF and break up with him from my bed. Curse my stupid pride, I should have let her!

Anyway, after her vacation with her BF she decided that she did not want to be in love with me anymore. So she started to draw away from me and I started doing some push-pull and false takeaways. It worked for some time, the attraction was still alive but she did not want to admit it. Just in some moments. I thought false takeaways was the way to go so I started sarging other people but their phonenumbers stopped meaning anything and their IOIs seemed weak and faint.
After some time when she did not dare to see me because of fear of her feelings I got the worst message ever.

She had made up her mind and she was not in love with me anymore. This is where I am now. And it sucks!

I know that I am evil for trying to break up a couple. I know I have One-itis. I know that I am the worst PUA ever for letting a girl get the upper hand. I know I should sarge other girls to get over it... But... and this is the weakness of my post and the time you will lose all respect for me.

I miss my Wildfire.

Please, PUAs, friends, guys. Help.


Author:  Locke [ Thu Sep 25, 2008 5:32 pm ]
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many times in PickUp, you see a man or woman that you want, and you complete the techniques that need to take place in order to make that desire of yours come to you.

At certain times though in the community, world...well...just life, you will run into a match. Someone that you don't even need to use strategy on, someone you don't have to game to get. A woman that is wonderful, perfect, and wonderfully perfect for you.

When you find that, the rest of your PUA interactions are going to seem faint and unimportant. It is because that is a produced situation, where as the current one you were in was natural and unforced.

There is nothing you can do to unmiss someone you love. Miss them, accept that is how you feel, and do what you can to try to take your mind off of that. You're not AFC. We all have emotions - the teaching is to know when to use them. I would have to say, if you just broke up with a girl you loved, now is about the right time to stray from apathy.

I am honored you seek help from us. But honestly, none of us really can. Accept your emotion, feed it for a little while, then cut it off. That is all you can do.

Over time, once you choose to emotionally separate yourself from the thought of her, your desire to participate in PickUp will return and your mind won't be throbbing her name every time you talk to another girl
I will say, that once you have experienced what this relationship brought to you, no "PUA" interaction will ever feel as good. Things will always seem a little dulled and the sparks not truly there; until, one day, you find another good match. You have to go through many to find those few....but it is all worth it; that feeling is what keeps many of us who were in your position, continuing on.

Author:  Mr.Boombastic [ Thu Sep 25, 2008 8:37 pm ]
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wow. that is fucking sweet man. too bad it is bit of a mess right now, but i think Locke is very right here. ok i myself would go even more AFC i guess and try to win her back, sending her at least one single text message saying "i love you" and keep silent from then on, but i guess that is not the way. if it is meant to be it is meant to be and johnny walker can be a good friend for the time you dwell in that sad feeling until you can let go. been there, life goes on, there are still things to come that are not just close to perfect. gl.

PS: not that i advocate alcoholism, in this case it is just kind of a medicine
PPS: there is no shame in caring for someone. fuck PUA, this is life and sometimes it hurts but at least you haven't forgot that you are a human being.

Author:  Locke [ Thu Sep 25, 2008 8:43 pm ]
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the existence of chemistry and the creation of chemistry will lead to two completely different feelings. Both good, but one much stronger than the other.

Me? I will take the existence over the creation any-day!

Author:  Mr.Boombastic [ Thu Sep 25, 2008 9:52 pm ]
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Author:  Ezo [ Fri Sep 26, 2008 7:51 am ]
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Thanks Locke! That actually helped! Believe it or not!
Over time, once you choose to emotionally separate yourself from the thought of her, your desire to participate in PickUp will return and your mind won't be throbbing her name every time you talk to another girl
Wow that is so on the spot! I guess you have been there as well!

At least I got some very interesting DHV stories out of it... And they are true...

Love you guys!


Author:  BlakMagik [ Sat Sep 27, 2008 2:18 pm ]
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