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Reconnecting with girl after 4 years
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Author:  Water.nixie [ Wed Feb 02, 2022 10:07 am ]
Post subject:  Reconnecting with girl after 4 years

So, here goes the story...

4 years ago I met this girl online on a fitness forum. We hit it off immediately. Chatted for a month and then met in person. We were both young and insecure and went on what I would call the most akward dates ever...but the chemistry was palpable. We had two dates and few accidental meetings in discoclubs. Then we just stopped talking. Its a bit of my fault because friend of mine told me some rumors that he heard about her which were completely false, but unfortunately I found that this rumors were untrue months later.
So one night I went out, drank few beers, and sent her a message saying that she is a drug addict and that her ex is a psychopath...based on the rumors that I heard about her. A classic mistake. I was a complete idiot, I know! :?

Fast forward and here comes the present time. A month ago I was surfing through that same forum and noticed one cool profile that stood out. I messaged her and we exchanged few lines. Nothing special. Then I sent her I wish you a happy new year message but 7 days after ny and she left me on seen. Yeah, a bit lame but during this ny period I was in a pretty stressful situation... moving out to a new place and starting a new job.
Here we go...yesterday evening I accidentally clicked on that same cool profile and realized its her. She updated the profile pic, occupation and some other things that were missing. Its definitely her.

To be honest Im completely clueless about what should I do next. Should I just send her an apology message out of the blue? But after 4 years? Would it be creepy and stalkerish... or extremely desperate?
What would you guys do?
And yes, that forum is the only way I can contact her since I have deleted her number in the past.

I was extremely inexperienced, I havent even slept with anyone back then. During this 4 years I have lived my life, had other girlfriends, I even have one with no strings attached now... but from time to time I found myself revisiting memory of this girl beacuse I never had such a strong intellectual connection with anyone else.

We are both 27.

Any advice is welcomed! Feel free to roast me :wink:

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