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Advice on improvement on my game?
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Author:  DangerousDavee [ Tue Sep 24, 2019 6:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Advice on improvement on my game?

Girl Ive been fucking for 8 months, and HB9, Russian model. She's been pressing a relationship but I held back.

Meet her once a week max. And not every week.

She cold with me and so am I. Never but her anything except a few drinks.

Gave her multiple penetration orgasms every single time we have sex so best sex she ever had (her words) and I know. I last for hours, big dick.

I didnt meet her one weekend, she presume I fucked around, met her after weekend, she was on her phone for 10 min and was late for the date. I got up and left, she texted me sorry immediately. I texted back saying dont waste my time.

She thought was a break up, send me a long text complaining about me and said she wants a real bf, and said this isn't for me.

I think I lost her, my gut tells me I can play this for longer. What better things I could have done.

Thanks guys

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