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PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2015 11:51 pm 
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Lets face it, keeping a woman in 2015 is now harder than ever before. Now a days woman have so many guys hitting them up in so many different ways:

- Their social circle
- At their work
- Facebook
- Instragram
- Tinder
- Twitter
- Texting
- Snapchat

Women are getting loads and loads of male attention all hours of the day! How can you be expected to keep a loyal girlfriend or wife when shes getting hit on by tons of guys every single day, many of those guys better looking and more successful than you? Its not your fault if you have ever had a girl leave you for someone else.

I don't know about you but when I went to school they taught me advanced math equations that I have never used, not how to keep a girl around and make her want to be loyal. Our parents? Most of them grew up in a different time, a time before women was bombarded with attention from other males all hours of the day. Their advice "treat her right" just doesn't cut it anymore. Yes, treating your woman right is important but when shes got guys with bigger muscles, bigger cocks, and bigger bank accounts hitting her up, that advice simply doesn't cut it!

Have you ever been scared of losing your girl? I know I have! It can be a lot of work to find a girl that's just right for us and make her ours. Approaching, getting them out on a date, getting them back to our place, then getting her to be with us... thats a lot of work to put into a woman only to have her leave for another guy. Then you have to go through and redo all of that work with someone else...

How many times have you worried about who your girlfriend or wife is texting? Or how about who shes chatting with on facebook? How about who shes sending pictures too on snapchat? Have you considered who may be sending her pictures on snapchat?

Lets face it, you cant be around her and watching her all hours of the day to make sure she stays loyal or to make sure know no one steals her away and who wants to always have to worry about that anyways? There has to be a better way...

Did you know that there are over 13 psychological switches every woman has that when flipped will make her obsessed? Men have switches too but not near as many as women. This is why cult leaders and con artist often target women the most!

You may not have the biggest muscles, the longest cock, or the richest bank account but if you have these switches flipped in your girl shes not going to care about those things. Stop worrying about who your girl is talking too, who shes out with, or what other guys are trying to steal her away. Learn these 13+ addiction switches and your woman will become addicted to you. Psychology is a powerful force and its time that you use that force to level the playing field and put the odds back in your favor.

The PUA Community is now bigger than ever. Lots of guys are out there hitting on woman after woman after woman and using the tactics, techniques, and advice that the PUA community has taught them. Not every guy hitting on your girl is some frustrated chump anymore. Its time to stay one step ahead and make sure that once you get the girl that you can keep her too.

These Addiction Switches require no money or substantial effort to switch. You don't need big muscles, you don't need a fast car, you simply need a girl to use these psychological addiction triggers on.

Here is the deal, because I have been a member of this forum sense 2008 I've decided to give the men of this community an exclusive deal. For the low investment of $297.00 you will get online personal training for 30 straight days! You will learn every single one of the Addiction Switches and be taught the best way to flip them in your girl. This training is customized to you! You will work with your coach and explain with him your situation and tell him about your girlfriend/wife and your relationship. From there he will take you by the hand and guide you through the exact step by step method of flipping the switches in your woman and making her addicted to you. Never again will you have to worry about losing your girl to some other guy or her getting bored with you.

For 30 entire days you will be able to email your coach and ask him any follow up questions and get any help that you need.

Free Bonus #1: I was serious when I said I wanted to give back to you guys. As the first free bonus you will get my complete guide on giving your girl mind blowing orgasmic sex. Seriously, this isn't the cookie cutter sex advice that you will find on the internet. This is hard hitting super effective techniques and advice you will use to blow your woman's mind.

Free Bonus #2: You will receive a free copy of my book: While The Sun Shines: How to meet and seduce women during the day! This is a complete book on day game from opening to close. If you don't yet have a woman you can use the advice here to find one... or two ;)

Because you are getting 30 days of coaching with an actual coach space really is limited. For the time being I can only accept the first 10 people. To reserve you spot send me PM and we will get started. Again, I can only accept 10 people at this time.

Don't wait! Every day you wait is another chance for some other guy to steal your woman away or another day that your woman grows more and more bored. Take action now and send me a PM to get started.


Never get broken up with again: the-addiction-formula-never-get-broken- ... 88794.html

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