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quick tips for easy nlp. If you are trying to memorize patterns and having trouble. This is how to start

first. Eliminate "beta male" words and phrases

The word "just" is evil. Everytime you type that word you must ask yourself, is this necessary for clarity?

"I was just wondering if you would like to go out?" should be
"Would you like to go out?" and that can be changed to a command question.

"Want to go out?" <- note the "nlp command"

Is nlp bullshit? idk I think it's the most powerful tool on the planet. Maybe you think it's bull. I bet we can both agree that "want to go out?" is better than "I was just wondering if you would like to go out?"
Is it hypnosis? or is it effective communication? I say it's both.

The most important thing is to avoid "I just"
"I just think you should give me a chance" <--- yuck
change that to
"Take a chance on love" <---way better.

This is very simple but very effective. It comes up often you will find.
"I just had dinner"
change to
"I finished dinner just now" -> you are keeping the word for clarity but rephrasing to avoid the "I just" combo.

"I just think you should give me a chance " Is so beta minded that it makes me sick looking at it.
"I just...." yuck instead try "I will..." "I am" "we are" so many other possibilities there is no excuse to use "I just".
"I think we..." yuck... instead try "I see us..."
"you should..." yuck... instead try not to imply what she should or shouldn't do. You aren't her father.
"give me a chance" yuck, yuck yuck.

How to recognize "beta talk". It's really easy. There is added filler that implies possible failure. Here is an example...

"Hey, sorry to bother you. I saw you on here and thought maybe I would try giving it a shot. You are beautiful and I think we should chat. Anyway again sorry to bother you. "

none of that is good at all.
"Hey sorry to bother you" assumption of failure
"I saw you on here" this is the creepiest thing a man could say, she knows you saw her profile.
"and I thought maybe I would try giving a shot" you get a gold star for thinking that maybe quite possibly you know someday...
"You are beautiful" I won't diss this pansy statement because I agree she probably is. But keep in mind it is very overused word
"I think we should chat..." at this point the poor fellow is telling the woman that he doesn't want to fuck her or date her, he wants to "chat".
"Anyway again sorry to bother you" again he made her cringe lol

disclaimer: there is more than one way to skin a cat. These techniques go against some field tested theories. Use your judgement. Instead try and understand WHY I am suggesting them.

Instead of saying all that beta bs and having a zero percent chance you could instead try...

Why is this better than before? because at least you are being honest. At least you aren't being beta. At least you aren't being a little bitch who's afraid to admit what he wants.

or how about?
"Wanna be my new gf?"

Why are these better than before? Because DTF makes her imagine fucking you. And wanna be my new gf? Makes her imagine being your gf.

These statements can't possibly be the most effective. They are merely an example of a step in the right direction. They technically are nlp because rather than making her imagine "chatting" with you, you are making her imagine fucking you or being your gf.

statements such as. "If you were my gf I'd make you so happy" then right around that moment. Do something that makes her happy. Simple nlp but so powerful.

Have you even walked up to a woman and said: "Here is a rose and some chocolate. Be my girlfriend and I'll make you smile like this every day"

THAT is nlp. And is WAY more powerful than most patterns unless you are some genius who can memorize these things. I don't memorize anything. I create patterns as I go.

For the most part, talk to women normally. Don't pull out any patterns unless you have report. Instead use language to frame your personality.

Secondly avoid negative statements.
"I do everything for women and it's still not good enough"
NEVER fucking say that to a woman. Or it will become the reality you present to her

Instead how about. "I've had some very rewarding relationships. I imagine us working" <-- this is persuasion. This is how you woo a woman old school style. That is confidence.

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