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Relaxation & New Choices Hypnosis Script
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Author:  BlackFrank [ Tue May 26, 2015 11:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Relaxation & New Choices Hypnosis Script

Here’s a little something for you to read… take your time… read it slowly… linger on the words for a while..

As you find yourself reading this page… your eyes soft dancing from word to word… you can begin to notice the rate of your breathing slowing… and the intonation of your heart rate calming … I wonder how long it will be before your inquisitive imagination has taken over? now I don’t know if you’ll use the warm creative side of your mind or the side that likes to just let go and have fun? whichever you decide, you know which is best… just allow this process to continue all by itself… deep down inside…

Just allow that part of your mind to drift… letting go… of any unnecessary nervous tension… breathing in… comfort and ease… deep relaxation… there’s only one thing for you to remain focused on… and that’s the words on this page… every part of you, every bone, muscle, nerve and every fiber relaxing and letting go …. now somewhere inside of you… you can imagine a warm relaxing place, perhaps a color comes to mind… turn that color up and make it brighter … start to notice how that color expands naturally throughout your body… growing pulsing warming your body… with each and every breath… immerse yourself in that picture as if you are there now… hearing all those good sounds, turning the volume up… seeing all those amazing sites, bright and beautiful… feeling oh so good, relaxed and comfortable… those feelings growing… flowing throughout your body now…

Now the more you relax… while you read this email… the better you feel… and the better you feel… the more you relax… over and over again… in your mind this process continues all by itself… can you imagine what it would be like if those two parts of your mind could come together… and generate maybe ten, one hundred or even thousands of new ways of behaving that will be more useful to you in these and other situations? imagine them coming together now in your mind… meeting, greeting, getting to know each other intimately… age old friends starting a new campaign to give you new options in life… new healthy choices, new and better ways of thinking, new positive ways of feeling …

And every time your heartbeats… or every time you breathe… or every time your eyelids blink… just allow your mind to imagine… that they have created a new option for you… that they have created a new way of being… and they will continue to create new choices… and new options continually until you’re living and leading a happy creative fun new life

Relaxed, feeling great, feeling more positive than you have felt in a long long time, wake yourself, go grab some water and allow your mind to linger on that warm relaxing place

Thank you, FrankBlack

Author:  awixas [ Sat Aug 25, 2018 2:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Relaxation & New Choices Hypnosis Script

Just wanted to add here:

this is the best hypnosis script I've ever found: http://subliminalseductions.com/archive ... l-aroused/

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