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Anchors Eliminate Bad Habits, based on Richard Bandlers fast phobia cure, follow these simple steps. Start by reading through the entire article first then by performing Step One & Step Two until the desired
result is achieved

It is recommend that you perform a trial run on something of lower importance, this will ensure the desired run is focused and positive. Calibrate and adjust to either you or your clients needs as required

Identifying the Bad Habits, for this example I have chosen fast / junk foods. You may have cravings, nail biting, smoking or phobias that you would prefer to work on


Bring to mind, write down an example of, think of, imagine and list examples of Bad Habits you want to clear. While performing this step you’ll notice your senses rise to a peak and you’ll become more aware of your thoughts and feelings toward the Bad Habits, this facilitates a quick sense association and more affective anchor

Step One

Create an anchor (association) by pressing your thumb and small finger together while you bring to mind, read over your examples, think of, imagine or look over the Bad Habit while repeatedly pressing your thumb and small finger together to secure the anchor / association. e.g. Imagine walking into a Fast Food restaurant and purchasing a meal from your old choice and eating the meal

There are several alternative positions for anchors, I would recommend choosing an action that is easily performed or used in public, knuckles, fingers, clenching a fist, squeezing an earlobe etc. are all easy
examples. Contact me for direction if required.

Step Two

Repeat Step one while creating a negative anchor (association) to the Bad Habits, in this example we use something that would normally repel or be quite repulsive. Paul McKenna uses a negative anchor example of
eating a plate of human hair. Interviews with your client prior to this will assist with determining an appropriate negative anchor, alternatively calibrate and integrate this during the session

This can be quite effective an d repulsive enough and where necessary tailor the anchor to your needs. Associate the repulsive anchor with the Bad Habit by repeatedly applying the Step One anchor position e.g. by pressing your thumb and small finger together.

Test the Anchor

Now that you have created an anchor the next step is to test the anchor. If the anchor is not effective, repeat Steps One & Two until you find that you are repulsed by the Bad Habit you now know the anchor is successful.


If you would like assistance eliminating Bad Habits contact me directly

Regards, BlackFrank


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