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Using NLP in chatting?
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Author:  kalata23 [ Wed Jan 14, 2015 3:46 am ]
Post subject:  Using NLP in chatting?

Well, today i decided to not go on lectures, i wanted to stay at home, so i was kind of bored and decided to chat some women in omegle. I wanted to improve my online game. My whole game was: Using the who lies more opener, then number guess routine, +/- the strawberry field routine and then when i see they have fun with me i ask them question.... All i did for starting the NLP was, to use Ross Jeffries seduction with the inlove feeling... The two of 5 successful cases were:
first one was not on omegle, but on fb with a girl that i met on a site and who wasn't that much interested in the beggining. Even she understood what i did (of course i rejected her words) she at the end were more close to me. The kiss things were sign that she likes me more or less.
The second case, the girl let me go deeper, as it was more like having online sex, then normal talk. in the end of session she told me she felt everything i said and then we started talking normally and we exchanged some pics, seems she is interested in "me" (well, as it's only in internet it can't be serious thing untill we meet).
My question is did you try using NLP techniques in online approaches and what's your expirience with that. As I said the first girl i had some success discovered what was standing behind my words, but she still goes nice with me and laughs.

Author:  Papagiorgio [ Mon Jan 19, 2015 10:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Using NLP in chatting?

NLP in chatting? yes

Author:  kalata23 [ Tue Mar 17, 2015 7:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Using NLP in chatting?

I found that, when i talk to girls in more descriptive way with "...." pauses, girls can imagine that feel the emotion and respond well. Lots of times just by words females got horny and even went masturbating.. I think it's a good thing, because if girl has nothing against me in her mind that talk opens her to assume me as sex partner, rather than someone who is just chatting with her.
Once i met nice girl nearly 2-3 years older than me online.. after time spent in chatting we started to cam-talk in SPAM.. That time i had no microphone, so we just watched each other and chatted.
At some part of the conversation i talked about "doing it" like a "Imagine that you and me are in .... "
What i realized was that when i said "Your breath is going deeper... you heart beats faster...like it's hard to...take breath... " and so on. The girl was acting as i was projecting it in that imaginary situation. In the end of the conversation she said something like "Ok, now i really have to masturbate". I used it many times with different girls from different countries.

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