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Netflix & Sex [a video on sexual escalation]
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Author:  PUA Kenny [ Sat Apr 30, 2016 12:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Netflix & Sex [a video on sexual escalation]

Hey guys, in the latest video of mines, I finally touched on a topic that lots of guys have been wanting me to tackle: getting sexual on the netflix and chill date.
When most guys do netflix and chill; they either just netflix and chill without sex being in the cards. Or, they either fall into 2 failing categories:

1.) The overly desperate guy who escalates too fast towards sex and creeps the girl out to then have her leave early.

2.) The guy who moves too slowly or doesn't move at all, to then have the girl bored out of her mind...and leave early...or fall asleep.
This method of mines will teach you how to strike that medium where you escalate gradually, step-by-step, turning the girl on bit by bit instead of freaking her out with grand-sexual gestures.

Accompanying the video is a complimentary (free) guide that I put together yesterday, 17 pages on how to escalate romantically towards sex while netflix and chillin'. Direct download link below.

http://kennyspuathoughts.files.wordpres ... nd-sex.pdf


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