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PostPosted: Fri Oct 18, 2013 8:59 pm 
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I know a lot of people won't like this video, because it's not like the butterfly unicorny pick-up marketing stuff a-la "get the girl to suck your balls by telling her THIS". And you know what- maybe they're right to be butthurt- this ain't for everyone!

This video presents a break down of different methods and situations on the open. It's by Todd (i've got so much value from him... and i continue to do so. Maybe one day I'll meet him in real life, but for now, he's in the us only).

So why exactly THIS video? If you can't open... you're in a BAAAD position. I've watched many vids on the subject, but this one is RAW, it's not marketing bs. There is so much CRAP out there, if you start searching for good vids on how to open (and not only), and it's really rare to find a good one.

In these 20 minutes Todd gives all the basics a PUA would need:

I always take notes, when I want to learn from a good PU vid. This way I know exactly what I should focus on, when I'm out. Here's what I personally took from this vid:

> how to open in different scenarious
> open by having more fun than the girl.
> or open by being completely authoritative and dominant
> how to open on a loud dancefloor
> the absolute utmost important requirement for a successful open (GET THEIR ATTENTION)
> how to turn unsuccessful opens into successful ones
> what's maybe the best way to convey entitlement on the open (PERSISTANCE)
> the right way to escalate physically (2 steps forward, one step back)
> make her girl chase you through kissing her
> different styles of opening and of gaming
> how NOT talking on a date actually helps you
> a key piece on how to set up your date in the right direction right from the start of it
> how to calibrate your storytelling based on the situation at hand
> 2 default openers and when to use them

Again, this is not for a mental MASTERBATION. This is stuff you can GET, go out there and test it.

Share your experiences below guys!

"Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience"
Paulho Coelho- who?

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