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Critique my game
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Author:  Colyno [ Tue Nov 12, 2019 4:55 am ]
Post subject:  Critique my game

Been actively gaming since September and am averaging 11 numbers per month ( yes am counting) was on 3 dates in September and 1 second date but was not feeling the chick even when she was into me. 4 day 2s in October and 2 second dates in October I have a planned third date with a cool gal but the problem is she's a church girl so am stuck with her don't know how to move things forward with this one😂.
Just had my first same day pull on Friday but did not even kiss close but I gamed her quite well. We had a meeting lined up at my place on Sunday but she flaked, only sending me a text yesterday apologising that she knows she treated me badly but she doesn't want to waste my time and boys are liars blah blah blah.havent replied yet . Is this a shit test?

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