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Doing the work & need assistance leveing-up
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Author:  Nirodha [ Fri Jun 14, 2019 2:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Doing the work & need assistance leveing-up

Hello all, I was exposed to the game material and oua world back in 2009. Because I never fully evolved with it, it became a double-edged sword.

In 2012, after a bad 6-year marriage, I got a divorce... and since then, whenever I utilize the novice skills which I have acquired, I get a GF, but with knowledge of the game (and having now been with more than a few women who were cheating on their BF’s or Husbands with me) I have trust issues and usually fuck it up. So basically I went like 40% of the way to evolving from clueless nice-guy to what i would consider an actual pua.

I’ll get a hot chick with cockyness and being a more stylish, physically fit, man... but trust issues and resultant insecurities eventually bring out the needyness... and then I generally break up with the woman as I then feel that I have wrecked the image she had of me that brought forth the attraction.

I don’t ever accuse the women of cheating, I just get clingy and giving... then succumb to my own opinion of how women see a man being clingy and giving.

So I just fucked up a possible good relationship 2mo ago... returned to jiu jitsu training and my proper diet, and now need to go out and approach. Scared as fuck and could use some help/advice.

Appreciate the read man

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