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Hey guys
This is my first post, only just really discovered that this online community exists, incredibly happy to have found it. So i am without a doubt still an AFC but im enthusiastic to learn and also have the bonus of workinh at a bar. So anyway my first question is...regarding NEGs and compliments, im seeing lot of posts that are all about the NEGs and also alot that are all about compliments, is itallabout mixing them to your personal choice or choosing to eith go for NEGs or compliments with the HB?

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It's about mixing, one without the other won't work very well, but, you gotta know the timing for each of both to reach it's full effect.

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Ah right okay :) Thank you

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You only neg if a woman you're gaming(Or part of the group of your target) is too high on her horse, as in she thinks she's better than everyone else. That's all you should use negs for.

Now being c/f is basically teasing, it's different to negging. Know the difference between teasing someone playfully and negging.

Neg: Intention is to bring the woman down to a level where you can actually talk to her. She seeks to validate herself to you.

Cocky/Funny / Teasing: Joking around, being a bit mean but flirty and not putting the woman down(Not pointing out something she may be insecure about or would make her doubt herself). You just generally flirt with her.

Women will neg you as well if they feel they're lower on your scale than you are on theirs. They might say something like "You look younger, it must be because of your baby face." or "You look quite old, you must smoke a lot." It's not an insult, more a passive aggressive comment.

There is a difference between the above and just teasing. You can turn the same comments into something completely different with body language and tonality. Laugh, use kino, and joke about it in a non-serious manner. Whereas if it were to be simply a neg you would just passively say "You look younger/older..." and leave it at that then move on.

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