Is there such thing as too much confidence?

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 2:23 pm 
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Ok guys, I got into this(the game) in late high school. I'm now almost 30. I used to run "game" or "the game" on everyone I was attracted to as I came from pretty much being the weird guy. Without going into too much detail, I am now a pretty attractive guy and I have a boat load of confidence. Approaching girls is literally no problem for me. In fact, (guy) friends of mine say things like, " I bet you won't talk to her," and I get the girl's number or more. I'm not trying to brag, but at this point in my life I'm really good at approaching, pretty good at running some kind of game, and usually closing in some way. I'm not saying I'm batting 1000, but f*ck man, I've done a lot of crazy stuff....

My problem is, when I find that one girl that even I say, "holy sh*t this one is going to be tuff," I tend to be over confident. And I can't tell if I'm actually being an asshole, or if I have such a strong personality that the girl just can't handle it.

Maybe this is a weird question, but a perfect example is what happened tonight. There was a super hot chick in the bar. After kind of watching her for a little bit, she was surrounded by 2 other girls ( both unattractive to me). Guys would come and go, but none would stick around, so I knew none where her boyfriend. Anyway, I went outside for a bit and I came back inside heading toward my seat, one of the girls said, " that's him, that's the guy I was talking about."

Now let me get this straight, she could have been talking about anyone. I have no proof of if this was about me, or not about me, but i FEEL like she looked right at me when she said it. Maybe it ACTUALLY wasn't me, but I will turn any situation into a scenario where it can be about me, or at least an easy opener where I can so i followed through with it...

Anyway I walked up to one of the bigger chicks in the group and said, " whoa, whoa, whoa, what about me where y'all saying?" Immediately the hot one (the target) kind of backed out and and said "Oh my god" (blushing). When she tried to back away and I said, " now wait a minute, you were part of this conversation. Now what were y'all saying about me?" She immediately grabbed a guy she just met on the shoulder (someone she just met through a friend, and started a conversation with him). At this point I kind of bailed out with " ok, well when y'all remember what y'all were talking about come tell me" bc I had NO interest in the other two girls.

So I sat back down, and had one final beer and closed out my tab. On the way out I thought to myself, " you know what, f*ck it! I want to find out a little bit of psychology behind what happened here. Maybe she'll answer a few questions for me." So I approached her directly, and before i could say anything, she said, " omg here comes this guy again," and walked behind a dude (one of the friends of the guy from eariler). The guy grabs my arm and says, "hey I'm her brother, leave her alone". Needless to say, I said, " ok man, no problem." And left the bar,... which leads to my next point...

I am not leaving any details out here. I didn't like stalk this girl, or keep approaching, or anything weird.... she just took it upon herself to make the actions she made. Do you guys know any reason why I would find myself in this situation that I'm not seeeing? I mean am I being weird, or just too confident? I feel like situations LIKE this one are very often as opposed to not often. But I also feel like I didn't "over do it" or be weird about.

Just for the record, to give the best possible answer, these are LITTERALY all the facts about what happend.

Thanks for any help!

PostPosted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 3:17 pm 
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It sounds like a girl that just wasn't interested. She was so not interested at the point that she backed away both times you approached.

To answer your question...there is no such thing as too confident. However, confidence doesn't replace weird, creepy, unattractive, oblivious, etc...


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