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PostPosted: Sun Jul 31, 2011 6:22 pm 
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Unfortunately "One night stands" has been easy for me cause almost every weekend or on weekdays especially when it's the ladies night (Free entrance fee and free drinks for the ladies) i am always present,I became really good cause the more i made mistakes the more i improve, I learned the hard way and learned a lot from my mistakes back then, Well practice makes perfect just don't look or be seem as desperate and you'll get what you want sooner or later ;) ..

Let's proceed!

When you meet a HB on a club/bar or a set just walk up to her/them and do your opener and it is also important that when you approach her you are confident and also give her a smile (Always dress at your best) Take time to prepare yourself before going out make sure you look good, Fail to prepare? prepare to fail..

More Tips before going out style-evolution-chart-vt97398.html

Pro Tip: Never EVER approach a HB that just got into the club/bar give her time to be comfortable with the surroundings and then that's the time you make the approach,If you approached her when she just arrived chances are that you might get shutdown early.. (Slow down cowboy there's no need to rush)..Good things happens for those who wait!

E.G. TheNaturalPlayboy: Hey Gorgeous!, you look pretty by the bar so i had to come and talk to you then wait for her reply and then it will give you leads as to what she would like to talk about..
what ever her answer is that will lead you to your next conversation with her, Focus your attention on listening if you ran out of things to say, Just observe and listen..
Then i would say Great evening isn't it?
HB: Yes i am having a lot of fun blah blah blah etc,
Oh by the way i am TheNaturalPlayboy
(Shake her hands while introducing yourself then give her a kiss on both cheeks)

Usually the club is so noisy so i just whisper on her ears and also maintain great eye contact it is important when you are talking to your target..
this is just for an example you can also try different bunch of stuff try something more creative and i use a lot of different openers, I use direct and situational opener on the club/bar..

Make sure you build rapport, The reason that rapport is so important is that you have to establish a true connection with the HB to ensure that there is a foundation in place to build the rest of your game both physical escalation and future dates
(Tell her that both of you will have a date soon even if you don't want to, that will make her think that you are not only looking for one night stand and also is looking forward to see her again, it's your option if ever you want to see her again).
If it's not in place, you'll encounter a lot of future problems with last-minute resistance and flaking, cause she will think of you as more of a stranger than someone that she shares a emotional bond with..

If rejected just put your head up high and who cares what she thinks,perhaps you probably won't ever see her again anyway and smile at her and walk away and never ever look at the ground and have that disappointed look on your face! just walk away like nothing happened then chill for a while and then proceed to your next target..

After me and the HB had great conversations then i would ask her to dance with me on the dance floor, Usually i grab her hands and then lead our way to the dance floor.. Actually i am not a great dancer to be honest and if you are then good for you, I usually just put both hands on her waist or one hand then just bounce my head slowly while following the beat and just enjoying the music and then raise my hands up in the air most importantly that both of you is having a lot of fun..
A lot of times they would actually grind their ass to my dick and then gives me a naughty look and smile at me then i just smiled back..
(Thoughts running through my mind when that usually happens is me and her having sex already lol)

After an hour or so i would hint (Telling her alibis) her for an after party at the motel/hotel or tell her that me and her should go take a rest at the motel/hotel and i usually tell them that "I will not touch her" ETC. As soon as you get to the hotel/motel open the lights then turn on the television then turn off the lights so it will be just "Dim" so when the both of you have sex you can actually see her body "Your reward" after that i would go for the kiss (Make Outs) and then foreplay (When LMR "Last Minute Resistance" happens you already know what to do) then proceed to sex..

Took a lot of time for me to master one night stands almost took me 2 years to develop my skills through my adventure and i got 80% of success!.
I had a lot of fun and enjoyed a lot and actually met a lot of cool people such as Maxim & FHM models, Random Cute Girls that hang out in the clubs/bar, club owners, dj's and also bouncers "Sometimes when the owner is not around they let me pass through the door for free!" ..

I hope you guys learned from my thread and here are also some examples of my adventures on my one night stands..

Click the link below





Sometimes when i'm with my chick on the low, I'm a flirt.

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