Need help ! Approaching women in the club

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 26, 2019 6:35 pm 
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Hey All !

I hope all is well !

Im from Australia and currently I am in Argentina.

I need advice on how to approach women for a dance in the club.

Im a good looking dude - I bodybuild and you can tell I lift ! small waist, Broad shoulders and round muscle bellies and im a size large ( no fat ). I also got laid 2 weeks back from tinder as well.

My last 2 night club outings has been horrible !

I think there is a way I act in the club or the way I approach.

1 I am an absolute begineer when it comes to dancing but im learning.

Does anyone have good club dance videos ? Is this something you learn over time ?

2 - I only have 1 drink and I am NOT drunk ! I also like drinking and grooving by myself to the music.

3 - I have a fresh cut and I have good clothes ( people have commented on my club clothes ) So I groom well.

4 - I consider myself a confident person as you cant be a confident person if you cant do alot of approaches in a night and still keep changing and going despite the rejections.

5 - I actually go up to them and say wanna dance - I also sometimes tap them and come close to their ear as the music is too loud

I see guys just forcefully grab girls and dancing.

or when a girl shakes her ass goes from the back.

I see ugly dudes get dances in the club from girls and they approac just as much as I do !

How the heck are you suppose to approach ? This is south america by the way ! So women are very slutty and I also I do not speak the language ! I also got no Wing man as the guy I went with quit because he was a sissy and couldnt take rejections.

Am I screwed ? I mean I get a 10 percent chances of a Yes when i have apporoached over 112 women for a dance.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 26, 2019 9:06 pm 
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I’m a newbie myself, but I do have some suggestions.
You can always take a dance class or teach yourself how to dance~ imo this is better than not knowing how to dance especially if you’re trying to dance with girls

Stick out your hand and if or when she accepts it twirl her around in a way where it’s not akward( it’s kinda hard to explain but imagine spinning a girl in a way that physically makes sense where your not hurting her). More tips for this, if You stick out your right hand, and she gives you her right hand twirl her right and vice versa.
Hopefully this helps, good luck man!

PostPosted: Sat Jan 26, 2019 9:28 pm 
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I done 112 approaches and gotten 11 dances

which is like 10 percent yes for a dance

it used to be high as a 17 percent yes rate but the last 2 times were horrible

is this bad ? Am i hopeless ?!?!?

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