27 years old Approaching non stop getting Rejected

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2018 2:02 am 
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allright hi guys im hope ur doing well im a Guy from switzerland im 27 years Old im doing pickup for alot of years im probaly startet when i was 16 but i feel like im still a beginner even tough i got alot of exprience Welll someimes i do actually get lucky ive had some lucky days where ive actually managed to kiss a girl in a club or in a party also getting phone Numbers and stuff but i feel like im pretty noob atm and my bigest problem is i dont know what im doing wrong you know when it comes to video games i can allways learn what to do better and stuff but when it comes to talking and meeting girs i feel like im still a beginner even tough i have done it for alot of times if talked with alot of girls but so far its really hard i get rejctedted like alot of time and i have no idea what i actually have to chance i wanna improve but i dont rly know my mistakes usaually when i see a girl in club that im interstet i just go and say hi you look cuete whatrs ur name? sometimes ir works and i can get atleast in a set but somehow im still mesing things up like im couruges specialy when i drink like some whine i can can appaorach no big deal its ok but i stil would like to know what im doing wrong i mean im 1.80 CM and 98 KG i m8 be a little bit overweight thats for sure yea im trying to lose weight and for me losing its atually quite easy im pretty sure in some weeks im going to be like 95 kg and thats cool i really dont know what im doing wrong when i talk to so some girls like im approaching im trying to be funny but there is like 60% % or 70& chance of rejection even if im rly nice to them like im trying to interduce myself and ask her where shes from and bla bla but i rly think i have to change something on my looks even if im prety ok with how i look like.

I would love to improve because im really looking for a relationship like im trying to find a girl to have some future and longtime relationship but i feel like im doing something wrong and i got no idea what it is i got courage thats not the problem but im actually either saying the wrong things or i habe to change my look because alot of girls just dont like me

mostly im just trying to be diret to a girl when i see a girl i just tell her i find her attractive sometimes it works well but not all times its like 80 % chance of failure thats what i think i would love know where are my mistakes and where i can actuually improve to get better and if i should lose some more weight or what ever

PS. im going out 3 days in the week curretntly not working living with my mum cheers

PostPosted: Tue Dec 04, 2018 3:28 am 
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I believe that you will definitely resolve the mistake! view more novel updates

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