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PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2015 8:20 pm 
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I used to have a free course called the "PUA Starter Course" that you could sign up for on my website, That course is no longer available through my site because the mailing system I used for it turned out to be terrible and I shut it down. However, I still want to make some of the content of this course freely available, so I'm going to post the missions from it right here in this thread! It might not seem like that many, but it'll keep you busy, trust me.


PUA Mission #1: You're never too good for the Newbie Mission

Mission 1 was the Newbie Mission.

PUA Mission #2: Approaching Made Easy With Social Momentum


By now, you've done the Newbie Mission and
(hopefully) written about the experience in a
journal somewhere. That was your first mission.

I gave you nearly a week to do the Newbie
Mission, so you've got no excuse to not have
done it by now! If you still haven't done it yet,
do it within a couple days from now before
moving on to anything else. Otherwise, please
unsubscribe from my mailing list. This list is
only for people who are serious about getting
better with women.

From here on out, the missions are going to
come at you at a faster pace. Be ready to meet
a lot more women than you're used to meeting!
Be prepared to put in the effort to do so.

If you had a lot of trouble with the Newbie
Mission for one reason or another, keep trying
it until you get the hang of it. Like I said before,
it's a basic prerequisite to pickup.

Before I send you off on your next mission,
allow me to explain two concepts:
Micro-avoidance and Social Momentum.

These are concepts I learned from my buddy
Chris (known by the name of "60 Years of
Challenge" by PUAs) that make approaching
super easy!

Micro-avoidance is any time you avoid a small
thing that you want to do out of fear or laziness.
It's when you let a negative thought stop you
from doing something you initially want to do.
Each time this happens, your self-esteem decreases.

For example, if you overhear some people talking
about a topic that you're interested in, your first
reaction would be to engage yourself in that
conversation. "But that would mean introducing
yourself. But that would mean approaching them.
But that would mean potentially bothering them.
But that would mean potentially getting rejected."
All those "buts" are the immediate negative
thoughts that might stop you from doing what
it takes to engage yourself in that conversation.

Social Momentum, on the other hand, is the
opposite of Micro-avoidance. When you choose
not to listen to the negative thoughts trying to
keep you "safe" from any inconveniences, all
you're left with is your initial motivation to act...
and act you will! Acting on your social and
constructive impulses will increase your self-esteem
and confidence to act on bigger social impulses.

Feel like shaving even though you might not
even meet anyone today, so it might not even
be worth the effort? Do it and build the momentum
to do something even bigger.

Feel like making that phone call to your friend
to check how he or she is doing these days
even though you're usually a little phone-shy?
Do it and build the momentum to do something
even bigger.

Feel like talking to that random stranger who's
buying the same thing as you at the store even
though you're afraid they might want to be left
alone? Do it and you build the momentum to
do something even bigger.

Once you've got social momentum going, all of
a sudden you're freely acting on your social
impulses and approaching women just became
100 times easier!

Now that you know about Social Momentum,
here's your next mission:

+++Easy Approaching Mission+++

Go out to a large public place where people gather, such as a shopping mall, a grocery store, a bar*, etc.

Before you even get to the public place, start building momentum! Don't do any micro-avoidance. Do everything that you feel like doing that comes to mind!

(If nothing you feel like doing comes to mind at this point, don't stress out. It's not too important right now.)

If possible, take some form of public transportation so you get the chance to interact with people while you're on your way there.

See a homeless guy begging on the street? Give him some spare change and have a casual chat. On a bus or a subway? Make some light conversation with that old lady you're sitting next to. Do as many small social things as you can to build momentum.

Once you've arrived at your destination, it's time to continue building social momentum! Remember the Newbie Mission? Use that again if you need to. Use your social momentum to turn some of those "hi"s into conversations about things you feel like asking/commenting on/chatting about.

Don't limit yourself to store customers and bar patrons. Take your chance to chat with employees if you feel the impulse to do so. Ask them how they like working there. Ask them how their day is going. Don't limit yourself to ANYTHING.

Build enough social momentum until you're comfortable with approaching random women and "sets" of women and men. Don't stop there, though. See how far you can take this until you get tired out.

In summary:

1. Go to a public place with lots of people.
2. Build social momentum - start before you even arrive!
3. When you get there, use the Newbie Mission if you feel like it will add to your social momentum.
4. Keep building momentum until you are comfortable with approaching many beautiful women!
5. Write about this experience in your journal if you have one.

*For these missions, don't drink any alcohol. Do not use any confidence crutches until you develop some real confidence!

You will receive your next mission in 3 days, so try to get this one done before then.

If it seems a bit intimidating to do, don't worry.
You'll find that doing this might be a lot easier
than it sounds.

Keep in mind that this mission is mostly about
approaching, so don't feel any pressure to get
phone numbers or any sort of "closes" just yet.
This is just the socializing part; we'll get to the
seduction part next time!

Try to have as much fun with this mission as
possible. This one is all about letting your
impulsive side loose, so it should be fun! Go out
and do this mission as soon as you can. I'll be
delivering your next mission straight to your
email inbox after three days.

If you have any questions or comments,
please don't hesitate to hit the "reply"
button to send me an email. I'd love to
hear from you and hopefully give you a
push in the right direction.

Until next time,

Michael Chief

P.S. If you're still a bit confused about micro-avoidance and social momentum, Chris can explain it a lot better than I can. I highly recommend checking out his system.

"Interdependence is and ought to be as much the ideal of man as self-sufficiency. Man is a social being." - Mahatma Gandhi

PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2015 8:24 pm 
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PUA Mission #3: Starting Sexualization

Chief here.

In your last mission, you used social momentum to
make approaching easy. Perhaps you've noticed a
lot of people talking about this thing called "approach
anxiety," but hopefully you realized that approach
anxiety just comes from a lack of social momentum.

Your third mission is about sexualization, which is a
skill-set about creating sexual tension.

Building (and not killing) sexual tension is one of the
most basic and fundamental skills that a pickup artist
needs to have. Unfortunately, many PUA methods
put too much emphasis in other, far less important
attraction techniques!

The majority of guys in the PUA community don't even
know the first thing about sexual tension, and that's
because the wrong methods have been sensationalized
in the media. I'm here to right this wrong and you're
here to join a minority group of guys who are actually
good at this stuff.

There are many ways to build sexual tension, and
today we're going to start you off with the simplest
and most basic technique to do it, and it's called
Sexual State Projection.

It's a well-known fact that emotions are contagious.
Even if your friend is pretending to be happy when
he is actually sad, you can probably feel that he's
sad. When you're hanging out with really happy people,
you've probably noticed yourself feeling happier just
by being around them.

Well, any emotion is contagious.
This includes sexual emotions.

Also, women are far superior to men in terms of
empathy. This means they catch on to emotional
shifts and become a lot more affected by them than
men do. They're better at you at sensing when their
friends are only pretending to be happy when they're
actually sad because they themselves feel the same
emotions of others around them. This also means
you have an advantage because, if you learn how
to project the right emotions very strongly, you can
make women feel those emotions very strongly!

I'm going to teach you how to project your sexual
emotions in a way that turns women on and builds
sexual tension.

+++Starting Sexualization Mission+++

As you're sitting in front of your computer right now, stare at this email and try to imagine something that makes you feel horny. Don't look at porn, don't look at pictures of bikini models, just imagine something that turns you on and GET TURNED ON purely from within.

Feeling horny yet? No? Keep trying. You don't have to physically get hard (though it's great if you do!); you just need to feel emotionally sexually aroused.

Oh, you're feeling turned on now from imagining that girl you liked in college stripping naked and sucking your cock? OK, good. Now, calm down.

In Part 3 of The Most Important Lessons Taught by Master Pickup Artists, I told you to flirt with every attractive girl you can. Well, here's your first lesson in the actual flirting part.

Like your last mission, go out and do some approaches. This time, however, get into sexual state. Here's how:

Talk about one or more of the following topics:

1. The time of day
2. The weather
3. Something she is wearing
4. Something she is doing
5. Her favorite movie

(Later on, I'm going to give you different missions to have better, more interesting conversations, but stick to these boring topics for now.)

-OR- just talk about whatever comes naturally if you've already gotten the hang of social momentum from the last mission.

As soon as you start talking, do whatever you can to get into a state of sexual arousal. If you're a very visual person, imagine how sexy she would look while you're penetrating her mouth. If you're more of an auditory learner like me, try imagining what her voice would sound like if you were making her physically tremble with pleasure. Kinesthetic learner? Try to imagine how wonderful the soft parts of her body will feel in your hands.

You can try any or all of the methods above, or you can do what I do and focus on one thing about her that I find sexy and arousing. This may be anything such as the way that she looks at me or the smooth look of her hair or the shape of her collarbone. Doing this lets me stay in the moment since I'm focusing on something right in front of me instead of retreating into my head.

This in-the-moment method of getting into sexual state may be too advanced for you right now, though. If so, just stick to whatever proves to be the simplest way for now.

For this mission, be sure to keep the conversation topics nonsexual. If you can, try to keep the verbal stuff BORING so you can really notice how much of a difference sexual state can make.

So, to put it into simple steps:

1. Go out and approach women (you choose the locations).
2. Make light conversation while you're in Sexual State.
3. Take note of how differently women respond to you.
4. Write about your experience in your journal (if you have one).

You will receive your next mission in 3 days, so try to get this one done before then.

Simple enough, right?

Sexual State Projection is one of the basic fundamental
skills that every PUA needs to be able to do. Practice
it as much as you can! Later on I'll be telling you about
several different ways to create sexual tension, but
honestly this is probably all you'll ever need.

Stick to these basics for now.

Remember: Mastering your own emotions and mastering
seduction are one in the same.

If you have any questions or comments,
please don't hesitate to hit the "reply"
button to send me an email. I'd love to
hear from you and hopefully give you a
push in the right direction.

Michael Chief

"The next time you try to seduce anyone, don't do it with talk, with words. Women know more about words than men ever will. And they know how little they can ever possibly mean." - William Faulkner

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2015 8:27 pm 
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PUA Mission #4: Rewiring Your Brain with Meditation


Chief here again.

Remember when I said "Mastering your own emotions
and mastering seduction are one in the same?"

That was at the end of the last PUA Mission email
I sent you three days ago.

When I told you about sexualization, I also let you
in on a very powerful principle that the very best
seducers all capitalize on...emotions are contagious.

Your emotions are very contagious to everyone around
you, whether you like it or not. If you're talking to a
girl, she's going to pick up on whatever you're feeling;
she will automatically feel some of what you feel.

Mastering your own emotions involves centering yourself.
It's complete emotional self-control. It means being
cool, calm, collected, and confident.

It's an Inner Game matter that has an immediate and
direct effect on your Outer Game.

Let's cut to the chase. The best way to center
yourself and master your own emotions is to meditate
on a regular basis.

Scientific research has shown that meditation has a
real, profound effect on our brains.

Wikipedia: "Zazen - Dr. James Austin, a neurophysiologist
at the University of Colorado, reported that meditation
in Zen 'rewires the circuitry' of the brain in his book
Zen and the Brain (Austin, 1999). This has been confirmed
using functional MRI imaging, a brain scanning technique
that measures blood flow in the brain."

Your next mission will be to meditate (Zazen meditation)
on a daily basis, for just five to ten minutes a day.
In the long run, I promise that it will make you more

It will also make you less reactive. An attractive "alpha
male" doesn't get all his panties up in a bunch if someone
tries to insult him. He is truly unaffected while less
attractive beta males get angry and butthurt.

It will also make you more calm under pressure. Are
you having any problems dealing with social and sexual
tension? It's easier to man up if you've been meditating

I could go on and on about the benefits of meditation,
but you can look that shit up on Google if you want
to learn more about them. Here's your next mission.

+++Meditation: Brain Medication+++

Set aside 5 to 10 minutes every day to meditate from now until the rest of your life. Pick a time so that you would never have an excuse to skip a day, like right when you wake up or right before you go to bed.

It really doesn't matter how you sit or how you hold your hands as long as you are in a comfortable position. If you want to formalize this practice, sit cross-legged while keeping your back straight. As for your hands, Google "cosmic mudra." In this hand position, your thumbs should not be touching. Instead, the space between them should be as thin as a sheet of paper.

In the cosmic mudra hand position, your thumbs will most likely touch every now and then, but that's OK. Forgive yourself and just position them correctly.

Close your eyes and breathe normally. Don't try to control your breathing - just notice it. Count your breaths from one to ten every time you exhale.

Breathe in. Breathe out. One. Breathe in. Breathe out. Two. Breathe in. Breathe out. Three... After ten, start over at one. Do this for at least five minutes. Set a timer if you wish.

Sometimes you might forget which number you're on. Sometimes you might count too high. Everything is OK - just start back at one.

Clear your mind of all thoughts and simply be aware of your breathing. You may notice some thoughts naturally popping up in your mind, but that's OK. Don't resist them - just let them pass by like drifting clouds in the sky and keep breathing.

Try this for a few minutes right now and notice how mentally refreshed it makes you feel.

You will receive your next mission tomorrow, so meditate now and set up a time to meditate daily.

After a while of habitual meditation, you may notice
that everything in life just becomes so much easier.
It's an essential tool to tune up your Inner Game,
so don't neglect it.

If you have any questions or comments,
please don't hesitate to hit the "reply"
button to send me an email. I'd love to
hear from you and hopefully give you a
push in the right direction.

See you tomorrow,

Michael Chief

"At the end of the day, I can end up just totally wacky, because I've made mountains out of molehills. With meditation, I can keep them as molehills." - Ringo Starr

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2015 8:57 pm 
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PUA Mission #5: Command and Compliance

Here's the crux of what I teach.

It's my greatest strength.

It's the Compliance Ladder.

Remember that "Compliance Ladder" thing I told you
about in Part 1 of The Most Important Lessons
Taught by Master PUAs?

It's based on a tried and true psychological
phenomenon called the "foot-in-the-door" phenomenon:

It's easier to get people to do things for you if
they've already done smaller things for you.

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin was a notorious
ladies' man?

He got people to like him simply by getting them to
do things for him.

You see, if you do a favor for someone, your brain
rationalizes your behavior. "Why am I doing this for
Ben? Hmm... It must be because I like him!"

The Compliance Ladder capitalizes on this creating
a type of compliance momentum that leads to a
successful seduction.

For Mission number five, you're going to start getting
people to do things for you. Time for some compliance

+++Command and Compliance+++

Time to go out and approach again!

This time, I want you to bring an object with you - something you're not afraid of losing. Perhaps a cardboard gift box with nothing it in, an old backpack you never use anymore, a reasonably-sized toy like a teddy bear, an old instrument case, a book, anything!

Go out to any public place where there are plenty of women like a mall or a bar, and do everything you've done so far: Build social momentum, smile, say hello, talk about something boring, project your sexual state...

This time, however, I want you to introduce yourself to these women and shake their hands as soon as you start having a friendly conversation with them.

If you immediately try to shake their hand from the very beginning of the approach, that might not work out too well. Do it after you've exchanged a few friendly words.

A handshake is a very simple compliance test and, generally, the very first step of the Compliance Ladder. You offer your hand, and she "passes" the test if she accepts it to shake.

After any woman passes a compliance test, it is best reinforce the compliance with a compliment. So, after she shakes your hand, give her any sincere compliment. Once.

Just one. Don't overdo it.

Now, this is where the object you brought with you will come into play.

After talking for a little while (play around with the timing however you wish), ask her if she could watch your stuff while you go to the bathroom. She may not comply if she's a little pressed for time for one reason or another, but that's OK. Let her know that it was a pleasure talking to her and move on.

After you return from the bathroom, give her another compliment if she's been standing/sitting there watching or holding your stuff.

If you're actually attracted to her, keep talking to her while using sexual state.

Find other opportunities to compliance test her, but you don't have to give compliments every single time. It is useful, however, to give some words of encouragement like "That's really cool of you."

For example, another thing you could practice is to ask her, "I know I just met you, but I just feel like you're an honest and trustworthy person. Can you keep a secret?"

If she says "Yes," lean in and whisper something in her ear.

As for the "secret," try these two:

"I think that store clerk/bartender over there is having an affair because of his body language"

"I know this might sound a little weird but I find your eyes/nose/figure/personality trait/interest very attractive/sexy."

If you can manage to give a few more compliance tests that you figure out on your own, get her phone number!


Having trouble with any of these missions? Go back
to the missions preceding any of the missions you're
having trouble with and practice, practice, practice!

Before I send you another email, I'm going to give
you approximately one week to practice all of the
basic yet powerful concepts from the five missions
I've sent you so far.

In the meantime, I would love to get some feedback
from you, especially if you've been keeping a journal.

If you have any questions or comments,
please don't hesitate to hit the "reply"
button to send me an email. I'd love to
hear from you and hopefully give you a
push in the right direction.


Michael Chief

P.S. This is the LAST and FINAL free mission in your PUA Starter Course. If you're looking for something more thorough and comprehensive, l've got just the thing for you. My Seductive Introvert program has 12 entire months worth of missions. Click here to check it out.


Find out more at

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