International student, had an interesting weekend with her

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 19, 2013 8:16 pm 
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To give context to this girl I know, she is a student at my old University in Philly. She is a chinese student from Daqing originally and is working to finish her degree in May 2014 in psych. She is my age, 24. Actually one week older. No car, so i go see her at her apt. She has a boyfriend and is seeing me.

After a couple of visits and several skype talks I had been doing good at deflecting any shit test she usually has. She unknowingly has some good girl game herself. I was fascinated by the fact that her game involved her crafted consistent shit-tests, negs, and body language techniques. The great thing about reading up on game theory is seeing it in others when they don't even realize it, especially in women.

We hung out for a third time just this past Sunday night until I came home just a few hours ago. We were both lying in her bed about to go to sleep together as i usually do when im visiting her. She's very liberal considering how she describes her cultural upbringing, but game has no boundaries when it comes to proximity. We talked till very late in the morning in her bed and we both confessed details about our personal lives that we don't necessarily admit to everyone, or anyone at all. I confessed that I slept with a girl who was a prostitute when I was young, she confessed that she slept with a guy a few days prior with some one she had talked about to me as "just trying to get in her pants." I said, "it's okay, it's natural to have these urges in life and you probably feel bad as a girlfriend to your boyfriend. If it makes you feel any better, I also cheated on my old girlfriend, and it eventually led to our breakup." We finally slept at 3:30 am when she had to be up for work and class at ~8in the am. (remember for later)

After I hung around her place running some errands, she texts me that she's gonna skip her last class at 3:30pm. We go get some produce at the market and go back to eat. Then we eventually go to the movies since she wanted me to come see her initially to see Thor, her claim was that she never went to an American movie theater (my opportunity). We see it, awesome movie btw, and we go back to her place to get ready for sleep.

When we get there, i start thinking too much about the guy she admitted earlier to sleeping with and feeling horrible about, and i feel a weird bit of bad comfort. She sees my body language when she's in bed with me and asks what's on my mind. I made the mistake and told the truth. and didn't get too much cuddling time last night. I regret telling her that.

We got up and it seemed to phase her what i said. She still wants to see me and talk to me, fearing that she won't see me again.

I do plan on visiting her again in a week or so for thanksgiving break for her time off. I want to know what you guys think i should do to with this one at this point in the game? Advice on talk game and possibly skype-game since that is big for both of us. Routines? Negs? Any canned lines you can stream-of consciously think of?

Thanks dudes!

PostPosted: Fri Nov 22, 2013 5:53 am 
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bump just becauze i wanna update, and opinions

So i talked to her again on skype, and it seems pretty cool now. Nothing sounds like a chnge so i'm feeling pretty safe that I won't psyche myself out. Just wanna know....

I'm gonna visit her again during her thanksgiving break and we'll hangout during that time. Any ideas or approaches that might help for a situation like this that I described in my Original posting above?

The reason I ask is because I know at the end of our last visit, I could tell that she was not feeling it after seeing her body language, and was wondering if you guys could give me possible tips on a "wash rinse repeat" if that's what you would want to call it, by that I mean rebuild that trust with her to make her comfortable. I'm sure taking it slow is the option. Date ideas are welcome as well. t

PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 8:05 am 
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Seems like you had a very good evening with her, I have heard about this ... dallas-tx/ and they might help you as well with gaining all the best information on how you can help that international student.

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