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PostPosted: Sat Jul 28, 2018 9:30 pm 
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Right so ive been wanting to use the cube for a while now . But i just wanna know how do you guys get into that frame of mind. If i brung it up out the blue to a girl she would sniff it out from a mile away and also where do you go after youve finished your routine . Many thanks

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 31, 2018 10:47 pm 
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Bring it up in passing, just make sure that you know it well enough to make it go smoothly. Now as far as running the routine, i would use something like this.

Location: Hooters

Waitress: greeting you at your table, what would you like to drink?

Me: Im doing great, now before you get my drink. I have to ask you "The Question" so that you can think about while you're getting my drink.

Waitress: Ok, whats the question?

Me: Whats the worst Ice Breaker/Pick-up line you've gotten working here?...

Waitress: stumped and thinking about the list full of lines used on her.

Me: (Interrupts) it's OK, you can think about it and answer when you come back.

Her: Ok, I cant think of anything right now.

Me: Sounds Great and when you come back, I'm going to give you a really bad pick-up line (Bad pick-up line Routine).

Waitress: Gives bad line shes heard/ I can't think of any.
Me: (Bad pick up line Routine) back and forth a few times with waitress.

Waitress: OMG thats horrible, funny but horrible. lol

Transition Ring Routine
Me: Hey.... odd question, why are you wearing that ring on your specific finger?

Waitress: my ring, no specific reason.

Me: Ring routine (add Kino)

Waitress: thats so cool

Me: Bar trick

Waitress: I hate you. lol

Transition The Cube

So if you liked the ring thing we did earlier, i just recently l learned of this game called the "Cube" so im still kinda learning it, would you like to try it out?.

End Script

I dont normally run the cube super early in meeting the girls, you also have to time when to bring it up. exp: busy vs slow, etc.

the flow of the interaction with the girl or girls is a dance, just find the natural rhythm the girl sets and practice slowly overtaking her until she starts syncing with you.

Practice the "crash and burn" method and if you butcher the cube, just work it into the routine as your still learning it.

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