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Every heterosexual man on this earth wants to get laid, a lot. There is nothing wrong with that. As men, we are programmed to spread our seed, it’s an evolutionary thing. Go Google it if you don’t believe me.

However, one of the things I noticed with guys who go out and start to approach women is that because they have had so much failure with women in the past is that don’t even notice the sign of when a woman likes them, let alone wants to have sex with them.

I’m going to keep it simple and give you a mental checklist that I have noticed from my 10 years of experience infield of signs that women give when they are open to having sex.

Strong Eye Contact

When a woman is giving you strong and direct eye contact with widen eyes that means that she is very much attracted to you and wants you. Last night my student got that from a chick he approached and he ended up taking her home.

She Openly Talks About Sex With You

Talking about sex will rapidly escalate your interaction with a woman to the next level. If a woman is interested in having sex with you she will be comfortable and probably even get more turned on.

If you talk about sex with her and she freak out or starts to act prudish you either brought it up too soon or she isn’t interested in you in that way.

Almost every woman I have had sex with from cold approach I have talked about or mentioned sex in our interaction and not one of them got offended or freaked out on me.

She Touches You

When a woman touches you that is her way of showing interest. Women are much more touchy feely then men are and it’s a big part of how they communicate.

When communicate more subtly then men so they use touch as a woman to say, “I like you.” You can and should use that to your advantage. Use her touching you as a way to physically escalate on her.

Close Proximity

When a woman is in your personal space or allows you to get into her personal space then that is a good sign that she wants you. A lot times when close proximity happens a make out session will occur. A lot of the women I have had sex with from cold approach close proximity was definitely involved.

Moves Around The Venue With You

When a woman moves around the venue with you with very little to no resistance then she is definitely down. She gets separated from her friends with a guy she just met, for sure she is open to having sex with you.

Of course, nothing guarantee’s, you will have sex but her moving around the venue with you is an indicator that she will leave the bar or club with you which has been my experience.

When a woman leaves the bar or club with you then your chances of getting laid raise because you are getting an opportunity to build more comfort, escalate, etc.

All of these are signs that you will learn to recognize so that you can capitalize on women who are actually interested in you.

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