Approached girl in the gym. She said she doesnt give her nº

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 18, 2018 5:48 pm 
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Hi everyone! My first post here.

So there is this cute girl that is ALWAYS staring at me in the gym. Btw I am pretty ok with talking to women and I am not really intimidated to approach.

She always comes with some dude, but I just assumed fk him, I'll approach anyway. 2 days ago I just passed next to her and said hi, she replied and that was it, just to build a little connection there... Today she was on some machines away from me, but then she came to a machine right next to me when she saw me there. Well for me that was the green light.

I said I love her hair and she ended up being a hair dresser. So we had a 3-4 min talk then I went back to workout. Then a few minutes later I was leaving, I approached her gain and said we should meet for a coffee. She said she didn't give her number to random guys, so I said something like I get her cause girls are asking my number all the time so I know the feeling, well I was trying to go round her defense, but with no success. She said she's not giving it, and she needs more time to get to know someone before she goes on a date with the guy. Well I went to my car and I saw her staring at me from the gym window (the walls are glass) so guys...

two questions:

one: how to approach a girl in a situation when..... it's kinda difficult to talk to her for like 10-15 min? It's the gym people are working out so the conversation gets interrupted all the time. Or should I just stay there next to her talking as nothing was happening and fk her workout, just be "annoying"? What about a waitress for example? How would you go round the fact that you can't talk for long?

two: What should I do now? Just talk to her next time we see each other, stay there for few mins to build rapport and then ask her out again? I just feel she is more in control now because I approached her but then couldn't pass her defenses, so I am not in a chaser position, but I don't feel on top.


PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2018 12:52 pm 
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I said something like I get her cause girls are asking my number all the time so I know the feeling,
"I get her"

You lost her permanently with those three words.
"girls are asking my number all the time so I know the feeling,"
Now you really lost her. She knew this was unadulterated bullshit.

Don't have so much on the line, play it easy, play it like it's no big deal but persist for the #

Many many times i have obtained the # after they give a token statement like that. They want to see what you're made of. You just need to persist intelligently and smoothly.
She says "I don't give my # to strangers." You: "I'll get ur # and we'll text a little and see how it goes." Done and done.

Are you a chill dude who can roll with it or not. That's what they want to find out.

You don't need 10-15 mins to talk to a girl and get her very interested in meeting up later. 2 to 5 minutes max.

Just forget this girl and play it non arrogantly and non butthurtly like you don't care with her. Play it with her like you have many other situations lined up and hopefully you will.

Surely there are more girls in your vicinity.

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