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Author:  xxIcexx [ Sat Feb 23, 2008 9:47 pm ]
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I want to see someone throw out there own variation of this. Because its like I am reading messages from clones and its hilarious.

Author:  nuked [ Tue Feb 26, 2008 8:24 am ]
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Yeah, all you who are using this Method; use the Method not the exact words. Use different negs/routines. You could use the Maury Povich. Negs are easy just find something about her pics that you can comment on.

Like: Nice sunglasses......where'd you steal them from?

Personalize it, don't clone it.

Author:  the_man [ Wed Mar 05, 2008 6:35 am ]
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"My favorite animal is... dum dum dummmm... the lion. (ironically its also a kind of cat haha) I know it's a common choice, but I really think lions live sweet lives. They're the king of the jungle, they're really strong and ferocious, and they just chill all day being lazy. I think they're great. Plus they can do that crazy roar which is VERY loud. I'm intimidated whenever I watch a movie produced by MGM, because of the lion. "

this whole routine right here is very good, i used it myself.i would like to point out just one part thatg i changed and i think made it a lot better---and hopefully u guys think so as well....
the part where u say u r intimidated by the lion-that sounds pretty AFC-ish,right? so i just changed it to this-" I know girls who get chills whenever we watch a movie produced by MGM, because of the lion. "

Author:  jonah [ Wed Mar 05, 2008 6:06 pm ]
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Good shit! This thread is actually making me want to get into myspace dating. My wing always brags that he and his friend have dated a ton of hotties off myspace and facebook using some messaging system called Matchbook Method. Has anyone heard of this or used it?


Author:  Whoopie [ Fri Mar 07, 2008 4:23 am ]
Post subject:  Myspace it up! My Routine!

I have actually pulled alot of chicks off myspace. I don't think its that hard at all. Just be funny or interesting. Also I love challenging the girl.

One simple little message that I use is.

"Hey I was just wondering. Is there even a personality behind that good looking face of yours. Judging by your profile I would say there probably ISN'T! Because people without personality are just boring! *Yawning* :D Or Judging by your pictures I would say there isn't because anyone can take a good looking picture. Because people without personality are just boring! *Yawning* :D"

Boom right there I hit them with a neg and a positive. I also tell them that they have no personality. Which in there mind triggers he really doesn't care what I look like. He wants to get to know the real me. I also call her boring. No chicks want to hear that they are boring. I usually get response that vary from them wanting to hang out with me so they can show me how fun they are. So if they don't have a very colorful profile or is original. You can also use that approach. If there pictures look all modelish. Use the picturing line. It all depends on profile and pictures. Like I said. No girl wants to hear that they are boring and will usually do almost anything to prove you wrong.

Now after they reply. Blah Blah Blah I am fun Blah Blah Blah.

Talk a little game play with her feedback a little bit. Every girl is different. Sometime you can just ignore whatever they said and say "Prove it! If you were to take me out on a date What would we do?"

Fuck me planning the date. Now after this I have 3 different type of replies I usually do. Now depending on your style and personality you can hit them with another negative. "Wow, Thats really boring. I thought you were a little more adventurous then that" Then if she replies with a what would you like to do instead. Tell her what you want. Be straight forward. It could be from you want to do this this and this with her. Or I was thinking more along the lines of this and this with sexual talk. If she says No hey there are thousands of girls on Myspace! Its the place for FRIENDS!

Or you can be very smooth. Its one of my favorite replies for this one.

"Really? How about this weekend? You can take me on that date. Heres my number #"

I would say 90% of the time the girl says Deal. And you my friend just got a free date. Everytime I have had a girl take me on a date she has paided for me. I always tell them over phone because they will call because there curious! You know since your TAKING me on a date you know your paying! Girls are shocked by that. I don't know why. If they say No then it wasn't worth your time.

Ohh yeah when she calls. Of course your not going to recognize the number. Even if she has given you her name you really don't need to remember it for the phone because I am sure your running this game with a couple of chicks at the same time. Just be like "Ohhh your the boring girl from myspace!(Let her respond and she will usually tell you her name so you can go back to myspace to see which one it is) So tell me when you want to have what you call a "FUN" date with me?" So she tells you when and where. After that end the conversation because your "busy" doing something. I always end up with "I am really looking forward to having "FUN"(emphaise this word as if your drawing it out. What i mean by that is say it like you don't believe your going to have fun which in reality you will!) with you on whatever day she said"

Now say if the girl says "I dunno" for her answer about the date. Reply with "I knew you were boring!" You can also cut your lost their. If a girl can't even think of a date its probably not worth your time to spend with her.

This routine usually works for me. I call it the "Myspace Bore can turn her into a Whore!"

Always follow up the next day because trust me you don't want a girl who is crazy going through your friends list and mailing your female friends and shit. I have heard of it happening before.

Author:  Vap0r [ Fri Mar 07, 2008 10:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Myspace it up! My Routine!

Now say if the girl says "I dunno" for her answer about the date. Reply with "I knew you were boring!" You can also cut your lost their. If a girl can't even think of a date its probably not worth your time to spend with her.
The "I dunno" answer doesn't usually mean she's boring, it means her attraction temperature isn't high enough to motivate a thoughtful response and qualify herself to you. The same girl who says "I dunno" one message can do a complete 180 and write 3 paragraphs the next message. I only know this because it's happened to me a lot. So I wouldnt give up on the girl the first time. An attraction story/future projection will usually do the trick and reel her back in.

Author:  Whoopie [ Fri Mar 07, 2008 11:14 am ]
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Vapor your absoultely right. I never said to cut her loose. I said you can cut her loose. I have had a couple of girls turn around and shock me when I have said "I knew you were boring!" but the % of that happening for me its below the standard of 50%.

If I wanted to I could try to pry the fun out of them, but most of the time your running this game on a couple of girls. Its better to take the interested girls on it first. Then to come back to the ones who need a little work. Sometimes you just forget about them because your actually really busy with work and other girls.

Author:  Vap0r [ Fri Mar 07, 2008 5:30 pm ]
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Yeah, good point. Pick your battles. If you have a bunch of girls going at the same time then it's up to you if you want to keep talkiing to the ones who don't hook right away.

Action Jackson would probably fire me from MbM if he knew I posted this, but here's a field-tested message that we use for girls who reply with answers like "I dunno."

Well if you can’t picture yourself having an absofuckinglutely kickass time, or even tell me what you have going for you beyond your looks... what makes you certain that I'm gonna stick around... as of right now your just a face in the crowd missy.

Author:  diggidoyo [ Sun Mar 09, 2008 8:38 pm ]
Post subject:  ouch

she caught me off guard with this reply haha. Kind of killed the second half of the question.


wow really? what do I win for the having the most odd question ever? =D

Actually since I have your attention I need a female's perspective on something...... pretend this guy is dating this girl. She goes out with her friends, has a few drinks and ends of making out with a random guy at the bar..... Would you consider this cheating??'

no. the girl always wins.

Author:  diggidoyo [ Mon Mar 10, 2008 11:57 am ]
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any ideas? This girl has bible quotes on her page and mentions her faith in Jesus a couple times in her bio. I'm not sure where to take it with a response like that.

Author:  Whoopie [ Mon Mar 10, 2008 12:10 pm ]
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Tell her that God is not real and that Jesus had a brother named Craig


Author:  BlackCloud [ Mon Mar 10, 2008 6:58 pm ]
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For everyone who's skeptical, do what I did. Do a test:

Literally copy and paste the lines to use from those instructions to any girl on myspace without adding anything of your own.

It works a fuckin treat.
I had a girl ready to meet without even lifting a finger. Copy and pasted everything and it worked a treat!

Once your confident it works, adapt it. But do the copy and paste trial run.

Author:  diggidoyo [ Thu Mar 13, 2008 6:13 am ]
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She gave me a defiant reply so I had to steer off course a little. By answering "no. the girl always wins" it made it pointless to ask the second half of the question becuase the answer was already apparent and there would be no way to bust her balls for a "double-standard" lol. So that's where I was stuck.

I went ahead and gave her a false disqualifer for her negative reply.

"heh. You remind me of my sister. We'd never get along. :p"

Unfortunatly, either she took it the wrong way or took it to heart, and chose not to reply (yet). Guess we really don't get along lol. I'll post if she ever pipes up again but as of now looks like this hottie is defunct. And the game continues!

Author:  Vap0r [ Thu Mar 13, 2008 7:14 am ]
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ugg. digg I hope someone didn't actually give advice to use opinion opener style questions on myspace.

Author:  M.V.P. [ Wed Mar 19, 2008 11:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: THE MYSPACE METHODS

Credit (OV_Status
The Status Guide to Myspace Pimpin’
This has all been field tested with amazing results.
Status’ Myspace Pimpin’ is broken into five parts.
1. Open with Neg
2. Opinion Opener
3. Close for screenname
4. Comfort through IM
5. Close for number and Day 1.
What happens if you're using this method, but don't have a screenname?

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