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So...this conversation I had (warning: pretty long)
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Author:  Grindhouse [ Fri Sep 10, 2010 4:39 am ]
Post subject:  So...this conversation I had (warning: pretty long)

Since no one is around in my town and I don't go back to school for a few more days, I decided to start my PUA practice with girls I'm friends with. So I'm on ichat with a girl who has shown IOIs in the past, but we're just friends and I only wanna be friends with her. So I decided to practice some C&F and negs online....with emoticons of course.

This is what I got:

*general talk about her house then she mentions there's a random parking meter in the attack and I say I'm going to have to take it (no seriously...I fuckin want it)*

her: i will guard it wif ma life

me: then i might just take yo life

her: nope not happening

me: we'll see, guess you never learned to share 

her: i share everything minus parking meters

me: well then it isn't just parking meters
you also don't share your time
tsk tsk

her: OUCHhhhhhh

her: tis a 2 way street here 

me: full of traffic though

her: yes i believe so

me: well perhaps it can be cleared away by the time we get to school i WOULD like to see your house

her: i will remember this ! and it will happen.

me: excellent

her: yayayayay

me: i really can't wait for this year

her: me freakin either holy shittt

me: cursing isn't too ladylike :p

her: i am not fucking ladylike then

me: touche...but i dunno if i wanna be friends with such a manly woman 
her: ehh you'll get over it 

me: well it'll at least deter me from ever hitting on you 

her: perfect, that's what i was going for

her: "i better start being manly ... i don't want *grindhouse* to hit on me"

me: well now you've deterred everyone, i believe.

her: youre just too funny.

me: i like to think of it as just the right amount of funny

her: ha ha ha .

me: well obviously you just have no sense of humor :p

her: none at all
like 0%

her: i have an internal debate going on with myself

her: do i eat food

her: or do i go to bed hm

me: well i say eat since i'm sure you want to continue talking to me

her: tryna read my mind ? damn i got no privacy with you !

me: it's like i have espn or something

me: but hey i got a game for you i bet you'll lose 

her: i genuinely respect you so much more for quoting mean girls


me: i'm gonna go ahead and ask you 5 questions...and you have to answer them all wrong

her: fuuuggg ok

me: what state are you in?

her: alabama!!!!!!!1

me: alright that was an easy one

me:what's your name?

her: *grindhouse*

me: that's one classy-ass name

me: but alright...you got the first two, but it only gets harder from here...you sure you wanna keep going?

her: hahaha

her: yes

me: you lose. :)

her:omg fuck you hahaha

me: hahaha don't be mad at me....you lost  but had some pretty good answers

her: i try

me: well you just need to try a lil harder :p

her:also...i realized, since i have a new phone i don't have you in it...
how demanding of you!

her: *her number* (i realize since I've known her for a while this isn't significant but seemed like a good place to stop)

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