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Overcome doubt by recognizing strengths
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Author:  Robbie327 [ Thu Oct 17, 2013 8:26 am ]
Post subject:  Overcome doubt by recognizing strengths

Are you to shy to date? Scared to approach? Is this because you think your not good enough compare to other guys that you perceive to be better than you? Well, I've got a solution.

Step 1: Write down your strengths and weaknesses.
Step 2: Realize you don't need to be strong in every area.
Step 3: if you are very quite and shy then this would be considered a weakness. But wait! It's actually a strength if you look for the positive. Maybe your quite. But that means your a great listener. Maybe you lack a sense of humor? No problem. Turn this into a strength. Realize maybe your just more mature and this is a great strength. Maybe your not that energetic? Turn this into a strength. Your just more laid back and relaxed. You get the idea. And if your weak in one area find an area your strong in and use that to give you confidence. You can't be everything:

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