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The Mystery Method ("The Venusian Arts Handbook")- Mystery. Chapter 3
This thread is aimed to address the subjected book in further detail. Please read the above chapter and input your thoughts and discussion on any points you feel relevant to improving your (or anybody's) knowledge of pickup.

See following thread for further detail: pua-book-club-vt25200.html
  • Don't logic with chicks - appeal to their emotions and they are move vulnerable. This is why MM involves indirectness? They may not react sexually to what they say they like. Also on this - a bad emotion is better than no emotion. How far can this be taken? Too far and you put a huge barrier between you and open the door for the next guy. Wing game?!

    Social status is much more important than physical in terms of desirability - women highly calibrated to detect this using intuition. If this is the case, it means you can't just SAY you're something, you must demonstrate. Hence building your social proof. Given the importance of this - discretion is important as a woman needs to keep their status (high value guys!). This cannot be avoided with words, but plausable deniability is key to this. Is this dependant on looks at all? If you look like a fruitcake (Mystery), do you need to have more discretion? These days it seems whidely accepted that women are sexual, more and moreso overtly. Does hot mean you can be more direct about things?

    Peacocking shows that you can handle social pressure - it needs to be unique however (sexy example). Lock in props = good.

    The importance of getting a woman invester - invest in them. This can be emotionally or physically, via time, effort or money. Is this investment based purely on attraction? Does attraction invest in itself?

    Avoid discomfort and confrontation as you want good thoughts linked to you. Don't show frustration. How far can this be taken without looking like a mat? If you have another girl in line to replace her, then it doesn't matter. oDo you need to have this or is the hint that it may be the case suffice? Many questions here are based around one person, so this could be important. At what stage should you force that discomfort (can investment arise from this) and be like wtf? Or would you not bother to explain and simply freeze out in full?

    In respect of above - remaining fun and stimulating is where you want things to be. Playful, challenging, spontaneous, passionate and social. Can you confront in a playful way? Does the person need to know how (stated traits) you are when not with you and how important is this to keeping attraction? What are the best ways to demonstrate these things?

    Men seek replication value - women seek survival value. This kind of makes me wonder how far "behind the times" our subconsious is. Why are we more evolved than brute force but stuck at leadership style power/survival value? What is the difference between replication and survival? The race survives by replication?

    Cat theory is mentioned. Women should be given the freedom to chase but never allowed to make the catch. Do women not prefer to be chased? Isn't that why they spend so much time readying themself for men?

    Boyfriends - mostly used as a deterrent if too much interest is shown too early. Should be ignored as a whole as will rarely stop a woman if you pass the tests. How far does this go? If a woman with a BF spends 5 hours getting ready, does that show she is unhappy or seeking something more? What percentage of women remain open to finding higher survival value?


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