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does anyone follow anywhere that regularly posts fresh articles on topics about pick up and seduction

those who say it can't be done should get the fuck out the way of those doing it

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Not sure if this will help but the following are my extensive notes I took for....

"The Natural" by Richard La Ruina

- Much of getting over shyness and approaching women relies on desensitization, teaching an English class in Spain helped Richard a lot.

- He read two self help books a week, he studied NLP.

- He also studied main stream psychology, Hypnosis, and Buddhism. It made him calmer and more composed, generally happier. Hypnosis, and Buddhism made his focus internal.

-Fashion; he spent a period of about two years figuring out what worked best for him, in terms of his style. He went from baggy jeans, nike tops, to well fitting, stylish designer clothes, at first he made mistakes. He learned about labels, design, fit, fabrics, and where to shop for the best deals.

-Goal: Due by October 8th 2018

a.) Have a girlfriend: A relationship that lasts longer then 13 weeks. sex at least five times, practice oral sex on her three times.

b.) Be a master seducer: No dry spells longer then 11 months.

c.) Have at least one wingman who you can hang out outside of the game who is nearby San Mateo.

Be a good listener.

-Women like men to lead, Richard talked to a women for about an hour, nothing happened, he was going nowhere, he went in for the kiss, and it paid off.

-Work furiously on your game. Much of what you will try won’t work.

**The truth about attraction: Status Matters: Women want a man who is confident, powerful, socially savvy and high in status, the reason for this is rooted in evolution. Women want men who can protect and provide for their offspring. They want men of high status.

-To trigger a social response in women, we have to let them know we are this special type of high status male.

The Alpha Male:

1.) A strong sense of self belief: an attractive men is one who has a very strong sense of self. A man who likes himself, trusts himself, and is confident in his own ability to act effectively in the world. Our beliefs shape our behavior.

Affirming your worth. Affirmations are positive statements you make about yourself.

Exercise: Write a list of all the things you like about yourself on one side of a piece of a paper, then on the other side write all the things that you don’t like. Notice how your mood is affected differently when you read each side. You, the media, and society can have an effect on your self-esteem. Keep a list of all your positive affirmations in a notebook on your bed. One thing I (Richard La Ruina), did and benefited from was I recorded my positive affirmations on a MP3 player, and played them on a low volume loop for hours. This allows the beliefs to sink deep into the subconscious mind. Maybe you can do this and mix in music you love. Make this the theory of your case, get focus, get control, nurture mind, focus, and positive thoughts and you will get the women you want.

Rules on Affirmations
1.) Positive statements written in the present tense, “I am friendly.”

2.) They should avoid negative words. “I’m not an idiot, should be, I’m clever.”

3.) They should be based on how you picture your ideal self.

4.) They should make you feel something, when you say them.

Putting yourself in the zone:
How you act is not just determined by your beliefs.

Get in the zone: get your Positive Affirmations, pick out some songs that are extremely positive, songs that really get you going. Start playing those songs loudly, and really get into them, once you have a positive feeling running through your blood begin saying your affirmations. At the same time snap your fingers and get your body moving to generate some energy. After you have done this five to seven times the music and affirmations will begin to associate with one another, then all you have to do is snap your finger or listen to music.

State Control Toolkit

1.) MP3 player with positive affirmations and songs

2.) List of positive affirmations

3.) Body Movement: example: Finger snapping.

Affirmations can come true within a couple of years.

Examples of Affirmations: I am a leader, I know my purpose, people meet me and want to know me, I meet fun positive people.

Any man gives off clear non-verbal indicators of their rank and level of attractiveness.

1.) A strong physical presence: Most guys carry themselves: they fidget, at a bar men hold the beer close to their chest, they don’t take up much space, they are not expressive, these are all indicators of low status.
High Status: Stand with your feet slightly wider apart then normal. Men move arms too much, or their fingers grab of fiddle with something. This is a sign of insecurity and women will pick up on it. Put your thumb against your index and middle fingers and let you hands fall to your side. Eyes: Don’t look down it conveys weakness. Soft natural eye contact. Head: Move your head slowly. Take up lots of space, own the room. Body language is very important.

Practice the alpha stance at home with a mirror.

2.) The ability and willingness to lead and make decisions.

Human Psychology: Whoever is most certain wins.

You must hold your power with men as well as with women. The more beautiful the women the more she is use to getting all the status.

Where would you like to eat? BAD

Lets go to Hamlet Hamburgers GOOD

Don’t seek approval

Watch Mad Men and observe Don Draper

3.) A calm and cool demeanor in high pressure situations.

Comfort in the environment: Bartenders and DJs do very well with women, because they are/look comfortable.

Pick a club and a day of the week to go there, learn the layout, have casuals conversations. Be very observant. Make the place your home.

Comfort in interacting with beautiful women: You have to get desensitized to beautiful women. Go to places with a high concentration of beautiful women, exclusive department stores, go to cities, New York, etc. In these situations have an achievable goal. Have your opener and escape line ready. Get comfortable holding eye contact with beautiful women.

Comfort in your own skin: Shit tests, she may test you to see if you are internally confident.

People become shy because they are worried about exposing their weakness.

How to get comfortable: Sit down and write down each of your weak points. Next to each write an action that may help it. Having a plan will impact your confidence tremendously.

4.) Social Intelligence, the ability to connect and communicate with others.

A socially intelligent man knows how others feel at all times.

Fashion: Fashion communicates status. Be brutally honest with yourself. If women are not commenting you its not working.

Suede Sport Coat

Don’t dress generically, if your shoes are ugly jeans and anything else doesn’t matter. Get good shoes, one black, one brown. Well fitting. After nice shoes the jacket is the most important thing. Match clothes correctly, Blue-jeans and brown shoes are better. Don’t wear more then three colors in combination. Forget sport shoes, brand new designer sneakers are okay. Get the best hair cut you can afford. Go to an expensive salon for free a consultation. Be well groomed. Keep cologne and after shave to a bare minimum.

Peacocking gone wrong:

Peacocking or loud clothing makes a man look weird. If you must peacock wear things you like to wear because they work for your personality.

Putting it all together: Keep your focus on constantly improving one day at a time. Don’t focus on perfection, focus on progress.

Ch 3. The Seduction Read this chapter over again and again and then take action.

Mixing all the colors is wrong, it makes the art look ugly. The same logic applies to Pick UP. There is no single correct character to play in a seduction. However the way you behave at the start of a seduction is different from the way you behave 20 minutes in.

Here is the Model

3 characters: no acting just different behaving.

Each character serves a different purpose.

1.) Mr Sociable: the guy who makes a great first impression, high energy level. Relaxed attitude, natural says what comes to mind. Women may become tired of this character after a while. Use this character only for the first 15 minutes.
Non-Verbal technique:
A.) hold and use eye contact, if its a group spread the eye contact around.
B.) use gestures
C.) be expressive, no poker face
D.) vary the tone of your voice.
E.) be positive, if someone gets negative switch to positive
F.) smile
G.) do most of the talking, ask few questions

Do something like public speaking, acting class, or stand up comedy class.

Acting exercise: One story: you say a word she says a word, keep the story going. When you come to a full stop say words: next or afterward.

Mr Sociable examples: Wedding Crashers

2.) Mr Comfort: Build rapport, He is interested and interesting, does not spend too much time talking about himself. 90% of the time guys who end up in the friend zone it is because they got stuck in Mr. Comfort. You have to give off a sexual vibe. Listen, look them in the eye. Humanize yourself, paint a picture of who you are, don’t brag. Poke fun at yourself. Remove “ums”, and phrases like “cool”

3.) Mr Seducer: The man who is unapologetic in his sexual intention. He emerges gradually. Don’t be afraid to reveal your desire. Introduce touching and physical. Slow down the rate at which you speak while holding eye contact.

Ch. 4 The Approach

Cold approach is when you start a conversation and unsure of the response

Standing out in a positive way, have fun with people, she may notice it that will put her guard down.

Force her interest: when you’ve made eye contact with a girl provoke a response from her by doing something like pointing at her, or raising your glass, something along those lines. Make your own signature move.

Be bold be direct, and assume she is attracted to you

Using body language to maximize cold approach:

1.) Cold walkup, directly approach the girl and engage her.

2.) Casual, spontaneous open. The girl is a step or two away from you casually turn around and open. Be bold and assume she is attracted to you.

There are steps you can take to make a favorable first impression:

Weak body language: Don’t get right in her face right away, this puts pressure on the interaction.

Strong body language when you're opening your feet should be pointed away from the girl your face should be pointed towards her.

Direct body language is all about presenting a sexual vibe. Touching quickly and escalating sexually.

Two schools of seduction use both of them.

1.) Direct Game: Direct game involves a medium approaching and rapidly escalating. Touching, kissing. Approach a girl, tell her she is beautiful and escalate. This Direct Game requires a high degree of personal confidence.

2.) Indirect Game: Come in under the radar. Get the girl comfortable with you and slowly introduces sexual vibe. It's easier with the group.

Use direct game when you're getting a clear sign interest.

Working the Room: talk to all the groups you are interested in, as well as some others in the room. At the end of a short interaction, the key is to act like you're about to leave that group and then get the name of the girl you're interested in. Act as if it was an after thought the name of any girl who caught your interest. Getting a first name and remembering it is the key factor. Richard found out by chance that reopening with the name is very effective.

Assignment: Go to a bar buy a drink, and interact with everyone.

Transition anxiety and approach anxiety are two common problems. When doing something outside your comfort zone you'll find it rather scary. Anytime you get the feeling of being scared to make change it is a sign that you need to make change. You need to get out of the comfort zone. “Embrace transition anxiety and you'll thank me later.”

Approaching Anxiety: Neo Linguistics Programming or NLP does not provide a quick fix to approach anxiety. There is no easy way to get over it. However there is a painless way to get over approach anxiety, 30 approaches should do the trick.

*****1st: If you have a lot of approach anxiety work on just approaching 30 sets first before fine-tuning your game. In your first approaches don't open too close. Then use indirect openers. **

Don’t practice your PUA or social skills with just women. Focus on Practicing not on closing. Get out of your own head.

A common mistake guys make is hitting the self destruct button, the smallest negative thing is an excuse to run away. Practice is the best way to overcome this problem.

Assignments can help cure Approach Anxiety.

Frame of Mind: Changing frame of mind can help.


Believe it or not all openers should start with “Hey”

Elements of a successful opener

Indirect Openers:
1.) Indirect Openers: Modify these to fit you better, a couple are enough.
Note: women are attracted to the unexpected.
“You are so…..in my way” the key is the pause quickly introduce yourself.
“Are you rich?, (pause) I’m looking for a rich girl.”
“My girlfriend thinks your hot”
“which one of you gets hit on the most”
‘Hey sorry I’m late”

Opinion Openers:
Make it seem spontaneous, or rooted
Rooted openers means you tell them why you are asking

“Do you believe in astrology?”

Crazy Opener: “How soon is now?”

Direct opener: You have to have complete authority and complete confidence. Paraphrased: “You have the most amazing smile/eyes/legs.

Assignment number three: Write down 3 openers you like
Open 10 women, stay in as long as possible, get women’s name, eject.

Transitioning from a good opener: The transition is more important the opener.

Ch. 6 The hook Game

You know how to approach and open, now what? / Rapport

How to avoid terrible silences in conversations.

Women are sick with boring conversations with men. Same old Boring Questions
In conversation avoid these common mistakes.
1.) Interviewing her: When you ask a question and get an answer avoid saying “oh cool” or “oh really.”

Make an assumption or guess what she does?

Don’t ask boring questions.

Stating the obvious: If a girl has pretty eyes don’t say she does, especially if she is attractive.

No Boring Questions

Ask leading questions

Are you Swedish?

Ask funny questions

When she says “I’m here studying English, I’m from Brazil.” You have two links
1.) Studying English
2.) Brazil
Your goal with each link should be to connect in positive way. Enhancing the likelihood of rapport.

Take things Deeper.

You: What do you do?
Her: I’m Artist.

You: Interesting, so you must see the world in different way.

You: Where are you from?

Her: New Zealand

You: I heard it’s a beautiful country.

Relating to a women’s reality, this is a very powerful technique.

Dancefloor Game Tips

1.) Differentiate yourself form others guys on the dance floor.
2.) Do not stand around and check out the girls.
3.) Do not grind on a girls ass.
4.) Do have fun dancing.
5.) Do initiate a dance off.
6.) You need only about 4 Salsa Dance lessons to get the basics down.
7.) Open non verbally, hip bump, eye contact.
8.) Maintain eye contact 90% of the time.
9.) Make a brief conversation with her (20 seconds max to make the dance officially )
10.) Kino Escalate, dance slowly, regardless of dance tempo.

Have interesting answers to typical questions.

“What do you?” Have an interesting answer. Talk with passion (or charisma), use visual and emotional language.

Assignment Number 4 Practice your new conversational skills on your social circle.

Push Pull: Mixing up an interaction. Push Pull establishes you as High Status, it gives the girl a feeling of a roller coaster ride. Push Pull works on sassy girls, the more confident and testy the girl the better.

Lines for Push Pull
1.) You’re like my bratty little sister.
2.) You ask loads of questions do want my resume?

You can tell you’ve reach the hook point, when she asks your name, she asks extended questions. She laughs at your jokes even they aren’t funny.
The Rapport Phase: Strengthening the Connection

Tips on Rapport

1.) Be observant
2.) Notice things about her appearance (women usually put a lot of time and effort into the way they look.)
3.) Talk about things that evoke passion and feeling. What is passionate about.
4.) The best questions build comfort and elicit emotion. Example’s “do you remember your first day at school” You need to root a question like this first, leading into it smoothly. “I remember when I was a kid because (detail,) do you remember your first day at school?” When she answers, build on it, (did you have a my little pony lunchbox?) and then tell your own story.

If you can connect like this, then you have built an emotional connection in a short amount of time.

“If you could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, then where would it be?” Then relate your own dream vacation.

“What is the one thing you can’t say no to?”

Be comfortable, open, and relaxed with her.

Breaking Rapport Powerful tool: Involves disagreeing with a women on particular point. Me too mode is bad. Don’t agree with everything. Don’t do this on emotional things, example Don’t tell her, her passion for painting is lame.

When you break rapport, change the subject to avoid a long debate. Mix in genuine compliments. This is about honesty, without hurting feelings.

Issue Challenges:

1.) If everyone looked the same, how would you stand out?
2.) Can you cook?
3.) Beauty is common, what do you have besides good looks.

This is a way to show that you are picky, and you are not attracted to just any girl.

Don’t change because of your girlfriend.

Your Mission (should you choose to accept it)

Write down your Dream Girl

Does she smoke?

Is she kind and generous?

Does she have a good sense of humor?

Is she sharp?

Does she read?

This technique will help you avoid bad relationships.

Isolate for Deeper Rapport

Have a deep conversation after isolation.

The easiest way to isolate a girl is to turn her away from her friends. (Turn her around by the shoulder) Generally speaking you need a wingman.

If you involve yourself too much in a group, they all want to talk to you.

Learning to Isolate:

You generally want to be leading the girl at all times.

Lets dance

Lets go over there.

Deeper Rapport: 2 stage process: Take the next stage with Caution

1.) Elicit Emotional Content: Ask about passions, interests, memories of childhood, goals/dreams. Don’t dismiss her passion. Empathize with her passion if you don’t like it.
2.) Give feedback and connect:

Mastering Eye Contact: Don’t push your head forward. Don’t try too hard to hold eye contact. Have a positive vibe in eye contact.

Build a connection and attraction with eye contact.

Developing Self awareness: Avoid personal ticks, touching your face, playing with your cell phone, fidgeting.

Video yourself and become aware of nervous tick.

Actual Conversation:

Its easier to ask a question then to answer it. Take some of the pressure off by rewarding her when she gives you information. Make a point of connecting with her on as many points as possible. Find a link and use it

Note on Storytelling: (a story does not usually lead to a connection) When someone feels connected to you, she wants to find out more about you.

Step Five: (NOTE NOT ALL STEPS NOTED) Leading the conversation to solidify the close: Lead the conversation:

DO NOT Talk about yourself too much

DO NOT Talk about dark subjects like war and violence

DO NOT talk too much about shallow subjects, the weather, TV Shows.


To stand out from other guys cover the following areas: Character Traits, Motivations, Emotions.

Anytime she says something, think about how it might relate to these three areas.

Example When she says she moved to California from Europe, filter it with these three questions:

1.) What type of person would do this? Character Traits Extroverted Adventurous
2.) Why might she do this? Motivations Money, Following a Dream
3.) How Might She Feel about this? Emotions Excited, Nervous

KINO Escalation: Going from touching to sex:

1.) Intent: Your intent should be pure, until she is attracted to you. Keep the touching natural until she is attracted to you.
2.) Speed: The faster the KINO the more you can get away with.
3.) Eye Contact: Do not look at the part you are touching, but don’t go for full eye contact either.

KINO is best learned when viewed: www.puatraining.com/kinovideo

Most people like to be touched.

***View video https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_cont ... mZa-dtruFI

Excuses to Touch:

1.) Don’t shake her hand when first introduced, hold it the hand for about 3 seconds.
2.) Use High Five when you find something cool about her.
3.) If she goes to the gym, feel her muscles. Flex your arm and point at her to do the same.
4.) Check out her jewelry, hold her hand to see her bracelets.
5.) Take her pulse.
6.) Tease her try friendly poking.

Sexual Tension Techniques

1.) When you are holding hands play with the women’s hands and see if she reciprocates.
2.) Squeeze your hand and see if she squeezes back.
3.) Triangular Gazing: This is a method of making her think in a sexual way. Look at her left eye, then the right, then the lips. One second on each, Repeat

Playful escalation vs Sexual escalation: You can escalate Kino in two ways. Playfully test out her playfulness.

Routine: I want to kiss you but those people might be watching.
Take her pulse and say, “I knew it you are attracted to me.”
“On a scale of one to ten how dirty is your mind.?”
“If you were in kissing school what grade would you get?”

The Kino escalation process:
1.) Touch shoulder
2.) Take hand
3.) Squeeze hand
4.) Touch Hair

Ch. 7: The Close:

1.) The Number Close: Ask questions such as, how does she spend her time?
What food does she like? What places does she like to go to in the evening? Is she a party girl. Does she like the arts. These are questions that could lead to a connection. Think up your own, some in advance and some on the fly.

You: what places do you like go to in the evening?

Her: I like Club X

You: Oh yeah its good there, have you ever been to club Y.

Her: No not yet.

You: Well some friends and I are going there on Friday. You should come.

Her: Yeah okay.

You: Excellent, what is your number?

To reduce flackage with a number: Ask her if you can enter your number in her phone to. Have a connection or something you can do together, and most important arrange a date there and then.

Universal Technique
You: It’s been great speaking with you, we should continue this sometime.

Her: Sure

You: (give her your phone) Put your number in there and we will arrange something in a few days.

Simple Line for a Number Close

1.) Its been great speaking with you, we should continue this sometime.

If you ask the girl to go to a party with you and she can bring her friends: The pressure is not so high for her. Meeting a guy for about 10 minutes and then asking her to meet you for coffee will most likely not be approved by her friends.

Objection Handling
She is slightly drunk, you meet her in a bar, you have a great time.
“I know we are drunk, but I can tell we are going to get along great, it will be excellent to meet up somewhere more quiet, I didn’t expect to meet a great girl at a nightclub. I’d love to get to know you better.”

By preempting her objections you help her remain focus on meeting you again. This is especially important if you escalate KINO pretty hard.

Kiss Closing

Work up to the kiss smoothly. Use tests to see if the girl is ready. If you are not in the seductive mode leading up to the kiss she might not be in the mood. Touch her increasingly more sensual ways. Touch her arm for emphasis, touch her hand. Squeeze her hand and see if she squeezes back.

Establish a sexual vibe as you escalate the physical contact. Do this by
A.) Using more intense eye contact.
B.) Look at her in a more sexual way.

I always try to sleep with a girl as quickly as possible.

How to lead a girl to same night sex

Girls who enjoy one-night stands like men who show outward displays of confidence.

If she says “I shouldn’t go back with you” but is still walking with, this is a token objection. Do not engage in a logical debate with her. Women sometimes like to playfully object and wrestle with you if they want to be controlled.

Once you get to your house, sit down on the couch, get the wine out and get comfortable. After five minutes go in for the kiss. Escalate slowly and smoothly from that first kiss, if you sense discomfort, back off, show her smoothing, that re-enter. Offer an excuse to take clothes off; “its hot in here” all while physically escalating. It has to be like it happened by accident.

A good line to lead her to your place “lets go somewhere else.” Lead Don’t Ask

“Lets go dance” not “would you like to dance?” You need to be confident and comfortable so she can feel that vibe too. Treat her like your girlfriend.

Tip: dirty dancing is good for getting in the mood.

Sex on a first date: You might opt for a number close or a kiss close, but that does not mean you are out of luck.

1.) Arrange to meet at night: meet somewhere near you live.

KEY NOTE: Emotional Connection followed by a Physical Connection is the main map. When you meet her on that first date, the most important thing to do is treat her as if she is your girlfriend: take her hand or put your arm around her. If she actually shows up for a date she is attracted to you.

Let her sit first, then sit next to her, if you sit opposite her you will lose a sexual vibe. As for conversation mix playfulness, comfort building, and teasing. Try taking her to a spot that closes at 11 pm so its natural to leave and lead to my house. Try something original to get her to go home with you. Example: “want to see my cat do back flips?” Draw her attention you’re your destination by talking about something else. Don’t engage in logical debate. When you get home sit her down give her some space, show her you have self control. Have something in your bedroom that you can look at together: example photo album. Go back and into seductive character, and build some tension before you kiss her, kiss for a bit, then lay her down.

Solid Closes & Buyer’s Remorse

Buyer’s Remorse is when you escalate too soon and she doesn’t want to see you again: One time I was making out with a girl in a bar, we then walked over to sit down but I got distracted and she went back with her friends. She probably realized how quick things were escalating between us. If you are kissing a girl you just met and you cant go back with her (maybe she has to give her friends a ride home) don’t just kiss, kiss, talk to her, then kiss some more, mix it up.

Sexual Confidence

It took me only a few weeks of practice to get into some great situations with beautiful girls.
Some women want aggressive sex with a confident man, a controlling sexual force. When you are having sex get out of your head. Women should see you as sexual, not as a gay best friend. I decided a while ago I had to make conscious effort to talk about sex with female and male friends alike. I deliberately spent some times with the most sexual; girls around, I became more open, and started regularly going to strip clubs, within a few weeks I had a girlfriend who was a dancer, she told me what to do in bed.

The most important thing I realized was that potentially embarrassing issues could be overcome if I confronted them directly.

Ch. 8 Day Game

There a benefits and drawbacks to Day Game and Night Game.

Day Game settings includes: Gyms, Shops, and Streets. In these settings women don’t have Bitch Shields. Any contact number you get in the day time is usually pretty solid.

Day Time Approaches are usually are romantic.

Girls in Day Game are more difficult to hook.

Use something spontaneous. Opinion openers and routines come across as weird.

It is difficult to KINO escalate. A kiss close in the day time is an advance level skill. It is not sociable environment.

A girl standing still is easier with opinion openers.

Stopping a women already in motion is the hardest Day Game skill to pull off. You need to communicate your intent when she is 10 feet away.
a.) Make eye contact with her.
b.) Make a curious face (as if you would ask her something)

If you wait when she is 3 feet away its too wait, you need to give her time to stop. You absolutely need a pre-opener. Don’t say “excuse me” because she will think you want something. Don’t go quickly into your opener. Get her to stop walking and ask her “hey I need to ask you a quick question.” And then pause so she can stop.

Your goal during day game is to fill the first minute with statement based elaboration on the opener. Then make the interaction increasingly more personal, staying on the opening subject too long after this will make the interaction go stale.

Make it a personal by introducing yourself ( don’t ask question after question ).

You Do you like dancing

Her Yes

You Have you tried salsa?

Her No, I want to.

You I take these amazing salsa classes on Wednesdays you should come.

Her Yeah sounds nice.

You Okay give me your number and I will text you the details.


You What do you like doing when you aren’t working?

If she brings up shopping or comedy clubs or whatever she is into work that subject into the close.

Some guys convert only 10% of their number closes into dates.

Here is a checklist to make sure you will convert the phone close into a date.

a.) You arrange a date/ meeting there and then. A specific activity, date, time, and location is agreed upon. (Get her to contribute to the conversation before the number close)
b.) There are some IOIs

Asking a girl to dinner can put pressure on her, asking her to coffee less so. If you go to a party with her it may reduce pressure on her as oppose to meeting with you one on one.

There is no benefit to rushing the close.

If a girl ask penetrating questions it means she wants to know more.

Ch. 9: The Follow Up Game

How to keep women interested after a number close

Text Game is simple

-Send only one question mark per message.

-Your messages should generally be shorter then hers.

-Send the message, put the phone down, and go do something else.

-If she texts you back don’t reply right away, take at least as long as she did.

-When you write a message leave as a draft for ten minutes, then read it again and make sure it is not embarrassing.

-If she asks a question like “how’s it going” and you can only give a boring response, don’t answer it.

-If she asks multiple questions don’t answer them all.

-The best time to end a text message is when you are busy. Answer nonchalantly.

-Don’t use XOXOs or smiley faces EVER. Even if she does.

-Never send two texts in a row within 48 hours without a response. If she doesn’t reply wait at least five days before trying again.

-Don’t try to arrange the date on the first text.

Phone Game

Its hard to talk to someone when you are not face to face. If you call you should be able to setup a date within a few minutes. If you call and she is a bit cold, try to be as interesting as possible, tell a story, then end the call before she does, build her interest over time, leave it a few days and call again: Once she seems genuinely interested on the phone ask her out.

Structure of Phone Game

1.) Once you have greeted her on the phone and you sense that she is interested try a few of the following.
2.) Reestablish initial connection, use laid-back humor show her you remember things she told you. “how was the trip to the zoo with your nephew?”
3.) Get turn into a positive state. This will take some effort on your part.
4.) Get a sense for plans for next week.
5.) Suggest something you can do together.
6.) Arrange the logistics and settled the date.
7.) Talk for a little longer and end the call first.
8.) If you call and get voicemail it’s usually better to hang up and send a text.
9.) Just text something short and sweet like “okay I’ll call you soon” leave her wondering when and if.
10.) The best time to call is when you’re on a high like when you performed really well with your game. This way you’re busy your high energy you have choices and you’re not needy.

Facebook Game

Lots of guys try to game online but I don’t recommended. This keeps you in your comfort zone and it takes a surprising amount of time. If you number close the girl and become friends with her on Facebook you’ll need a good profile picture on Facebook.

Ch. 10: Commonly Asked Questions

1.) What’s the right way to use a wing man? With a good wing man together you should achieve more, sometimes you will have to talk to a girl you’re not attracted to, to help your wing man. It’s important to have fun with your wing man. Do competitive fun activities together. If your relationship is only trying to pick up women the relationship won’t be very good.
2.) What if she says she has a boyfriend? You are going to get plenty of objections from girls. Many objections are just tests.

Sample Responses

Her: “I have a boyfriend.”

You: “Cool he can make us breakfast in bed.” Or “Good it will give me something to do when I’m busy.” “excellent he can hang out with my girlfriend when we’re together.”

Types of Girls with boyfriends

a.) The first type of girl who says she has a boyfriend acts like she’s single: if she’s flirting with you she’s not in a relationship that she cares about.
b.) The second type of girl shows interest that seems conflicted: this type of girl won’t cheat unless you are willing to build comfort slowly overtime with her.
c.) The third type is the rarest of them all. She has fun with you and laughs a lot, but there is no sexual tension. She is in a solid relationship.

3.) How do I get into an exclusive club? How do you getting to bigger scenes like this celebrity after parties? There are some normal dudes in these places the guests aren’t only models and millionaires. If you know none of these people .
a.) The girl with the clipboard is at the door you approach her and give her the name Ben Harris plus one. She checks her list and while she’s doing that you look at the list. She says you’re not on the list. You step aside and make a quick phone call you step back to her and say it’s actually John Doe, I name you just saw on the list. This one works in limited cases.
b.) Many nightclubs use marker pens to mark people who go out to smoke. You can buy an ultraviolet pen on eBay hang around the entrance using the cell phone trick add find out what type of marker they’re putting on hand. This works best at peak times when c employees are swamped.

4.) How do you walk up to a girl in a club and kiss her instantly?

This took a long time for this to happen successfully, this skill belongs in the advanced skill section. Identify the girl you’re attracted to look into her eyes as if you want her approach her slowly and smoothly. When you approach her take her hand, run your fingers through her hair and slowly and confidently go in for the kiss. The reason this works is because you’re creating sexual tension from a distance, using seductive eye contact.

5.) Do you use online dating?

No but here’s an online dating profile that I’ve developed.

Here’s the profile of your desired woman “she knows what she wants and is afraid to go for it. She wants her man to be a man but is afraid to show his emotions. Balance is important her job does not take over her life. She enjoys the nice things in life but doesn’t get caught up in materialism. She wants a man her life that doesn’t need one. She likes to travel to far off places and likes to relax on a sandy beach. She wants a man who understands her and Just knows what she wants.” Notice how this profile wasn’t talking about you it was talking about her that’s how you stand out on an online profile.

Furthermore your qualifying her and challenging her all the way through.

My other dating profile was shorter but got lots of responses “be careful I’m trouble.”


My journey has been turbulent full of ups and downs. Each month saw new challenges and situations that scared me. I wasn’t always sure I was on the right path.

Here are two things that ensure the success of my journey.

1.) Observing naturals to learn their skills: one night I saw a guy in a club he stood out to me because he’s he was surrounded by hot women. I decided to talk to him and we became good friends. Show me your friends I will show you your future.
2.) Seizing opportunities as they present themselves. Take action, the opportunities that come your way will be scary and terrifying. Things like speaking to 700 people. Moving to a new city where I didn’t know anyone. A funny thing happened as soon as I started taking action: it would take me weeks or months to muster up the courage now I seek out scary opportunities and take them on right away. Now I actually enjoy the feeling in my stomach the feeling of fear. Take action whenever it presents itself.

Action steps is what makes change.

Less planning, more doing.

“Pessimism never won any Battle.” - Dwight D. Eisenhower

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