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PostPosted: Sun Apr 23, 2017 6:30 pm 
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There is a guy on here that calls himself a "life coach". I want you guys to take this seriously if you decide to use his services. There is something telling about a person that calls himself a coach but always has an excuse when they are not able to produce the things that they say they will and somehow always come back to blame you for being at fault. If you're going to spend your hard earned money on coaching, you may want to see the character of the person that wants to coach you.

This all started because I told Arch that he doesn't provide advice the way he lives his life. These aren't false statements, they are quoted contradictions coming from his own writing. His response was to get a picture of a girl holding a sign and covering her face saying "feel better Jack Zero". Then he had her hold a second sign to go after R.C, but decided to mention me in it although I wasn't part of that disagreement. Once it got silly, I decided that I was going to reach out to him and squash it, but decided against it and deleted that message, but he saw the deleted message and decided to try to ridicule me for it. Once he found out that I was going to try to squash things, this happened:
alright, I'm down for squashing this.
That's fine. Just understand if I disagree with something you say, I'm going to say it and I'm going to say why. If you say something that contradicts something else you've said, I'm going to point it out. If I do any of those things, it's fair that you treat me the same way. The moment that you start suggesting that people disagree with your views is because they can't get certain types of women, that's a straw man argument in attempts to discredit them instead of being able to backup your words with proof. If you go down that route, I'm going to use your own words and your inability to show proof of your game. this PM this morning
I think you're right about Arch being fake. If he had a girlfriend he would have posted a picture with his girlfriend and him today just to make you hold a sign. Guess well find out on friday
I'm a fair guy. I made the statement, so if you follow through...I'll live up to my end of the bargain.
Do you have a photo of yourself with a woman in your home and not public?
I'd be happy to share photos of myself and my gf in my home, in this pm. But I have to be able to trust that you won't share it.
This is telling for two reasons. The first reason is that Arch has now said that he's happy to share pictures in this PM but doesn't trust me not to share them publicly.
He was aware of a way to share a photo of his fake girlfriend by having her cover her face. Now he's pretending to not know how to keep their anonymity by both covering their faces. This is an excuse because he can't produce a picture. I'll get to the second reason later in the post.
I've got a lot of pictures of me in girl's homes, my home, hotels, and in public. The point was that I'm in the picture with the girl. In order to protect privacy, I've blurred out faces. I've sent some unblurred shots to neo and n2 that will verify that these aren't just girls posing with me and they are all into me. They can also see their face and body. That's why I said you can verify with them. You said "prove your game" and I did.

Let's be honest. It would be easy enough for you to have your girlfriend to do the same thing she did in the first shot you posted. Hold a sign in front of her face on that same bed and you could do the same thing while being in the picture with her. Your privacy will still be intact. I know that you're smart enough to realize that.

The bottom line is that no one is going to care about me because I never forced anyone to show proof of their game. This was a challenged issued by you and there was a flaw in your challenge that I almost missed but once it became obvious you've started avoiding that specific issue. Arch, I kept saying that since your girlfriend reads the forum and thinks this is fun, she should pose with you. Anyone with an ounce of common sense would be able to figure out that this girl isn't even in your proximity if you even know her. I won't make you admit that and I don't care to but if you keep coming for me, I'll just keep raising the question...but I can't raise the question if you give everyone else solid evidence.
So are you backing out? Showing neo photos is not showing me photos.

I have photos of myself in a threesome from ten or so days ago.

Like I said, this isn't a game you can win, my friend.

I've provided a photo of my gf in my home, teasing you with a sign. When you can do the same, I'll provide threes ome photos.
This is him trying to compete with me by saying he has pictures participating in threesomes. This is useless information if he can't even produce a photo with him and the girl he posted and claimed her as his girlfriend.
Backing out of what? Given our history, I don't trust you with my privacy. Neo and n2 have proven to be stand up guys. Plus, I have nothing to prove to you. You were trying to ruin my credibility and that went nowhere for you. It actually backfired.

If you're fine with going round and round again, no one is going to question my authenticity. I'll go as far to sending pics to mods because the integrity of the forum is important to them.

Right now you look bad. "You'll lose in spectacular fashion" and you didn't do shit. Let's keep going. All this time and you just talk garbage without backing it up.
Sorry man, but "ask Neo" is weak.

I've posted my stuff straight up for you to see.

Looks like you're chickening out. which is good, because what I have is pretty spectacular.
Here is where he starts arguing in circles and ignoring logic. A picture without him in it is like buying a picture frame and using the stock photo claiming that it's your family.
You've posted a picture of a girl holding a sign. You don't know that girl. Get in the picture and then talk to me. You can get a girl to hold a sign of fiverr.

You should know that you were ridiculed by the mods for claiming I used Fiver, lol.
Now he's trying to bring in the mods to scare me off. This is Arch's pattern.
Insult and discredit when he can't provide proof. Go through his posts and you'll start seeing it.
Did you pay someone on fivver? You're not in a single frame, Arch.
Da was the first person to mention fiverr, so it's kind of funny that he said the mods were ridiculing me.
Just know what people are saying about you, man.

That you can't let go, that you aren't able to produce a photo of a woman in your home as I have.
I've made no bones about me not dropping things. I'm not sure why he would think I'd care about that.
I'm not here for what other people think of me.
LMAO. That's the story now? I thought the mods were ridiculing me. We know that's not true. Now it's people are saying that about me? Yeah...I'm sure that they've all been to your house and verified that you live there.
So now you need to verify my house? LOL. The goal posts keep changing.
This is that second point that I said I'd get to. Arch stated the following earlier in this post - "I'd be happy to share photos of myself and my gf in my home, in this pm."
You keep saying that she's your girlfriend and in your house. I'm saying 2 things:

1. You don't know that girl
2. That's not your house

What would prove me wrong? Picture in the same place and you in the pic with her. You can both put signs in front of your face. I don't expect you to do it because I know you can't. I know you won't admit it...but as long as you don't do it the more people won't trust you. I'm going to keep throwing that at you on the forum because everyone knows I can't let go of things.
I have no problem doing that, but you still haven't posted a photo of you and a woman in your home. You can blur out the faces.
Quit bullshitting. You're the one that keeps changing the goalpost. Your original statement was that I don't have any women. Then you changed it to her having to hold a sign. Then it changed to her having to be fit. Then it changed to has to be in my home. I shown you I have women. I'm in the pictures. You haven't shown anything. What's your excuse going to be?

But's one from this morning on my bed.

And BOOM!!!
Arch disappeared. I had to call him out because he was actively posting but avoiding a response here.
This is another part of his pattern when he cannot produce results.
What's your excuse now? Rhetorical question. I told you that I already knew the answer:

1. That's not your girlfriend
2. That's not your house

You should have chosen cordial.
I think you might be a bit loopy, Jack.

It is my house, and it is my gf.

and yes, my parameters were a "fit" woman in your home, because that is what a dominant male attrats. You seem like you're hiding her figure, whereas I have shown a lot of skin with my photos.
This is a continuation of the point. On two occasions in this post, he wanted a picture of a woman in my home. The moment I produced one, he had to find a way to disqualify it by saying he needs to see her body in my home. He accuses me of changing the "goal post". This is a man that can't produce and he'll keep blaming someone else for his lack of performance.
I was hoping you'd answer that way. Now you've given me reason to do what I'm about to do next.
What else could you do besides make false accusations about my gf and my house, lol?

That's not a false allegation. That girlfriend and the house is an obvious lie. I got something better for you though.
So you think that two photos, both in the same house, with a sign with your name on it is a lie?
Circling back to the same thing.
So you think that two photos, both in the same house, with a sign with your name on it is a lie?

It is indeed a false allegation on your part, Jack. Be careful with how weird you get. I'll be happy to send even more photos, but you still haven't sent one showing fitness.
He needed to give an excuse to why he wasn't going to post a photo that stops this entire conversation.
You are dense. Where are you in the photo? The girl in that house is not in your house. If I haven't proved fitness, you haven't proven that you know the girl. A sign doesn't mean shit. Her in a room doesn't mean shit. You knowing her can be proven by you being with her in a picture. Why hold back the photos that show you in the house with her? For fucks sake, why not just show you in the photo with her? The reason is because you are a liar that is trying desperately to cover his tracks. You'll do circular excuses to avoid producing the picture. At this point it doesn't matter, even if I show you a naked picture of her, you'll still find an excuse not to show your picture. I'm not jumping through anymore hoops. I will handle things differently since you want to keep dodging.

Da pointed it out perfectly. You purchased those photos.
if I can trust you not to share the photo, I'll send it to you. But you seem intent on playing gotcha games, so I'm holding back.

Da was also using sarcasm. He knows it's an absurd theory. I have better things to do.
I'm not going to pretend to be able read Da's mind but if he'd like he can speak for himself.

Notice here, the issue is no longer fitness and it's back to the first reason, he can't trust that I won't share the picture. He knows how to hide faces with a sign. He can blur out the photo. He still won't produce.
The guy that has a girlfriend that thinks this is fun will not be in a fun picture with her.
It's odd behavior.
You can blur it out like I did. No need to worry about me in some kind of gotcha scheme. Now that that's settled, you can send it.
If this guy coaches you, you not getting results will always be YOUR fault because he can't accept that he can be wrong about things and he's dishonest at his core. If it's true that this is his girlfriend, then he has proven that he won't follow through on his promises no matter how trivial they are.

Find a coach that has integrity that you can trust.


PostPosted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 12:37 am 
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So... As a admin here on the forum I just have a few things that come to mind here:

1) I have no idea who Arch is.

2) You should (and probably him too) get a life.

3) Petty drama made very public like this is a great way to get banned.

Never get broken up with again: the-addiction-formula-never-get-broken- ... 88794.html

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