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PostPosted: Fri Feb 06, 2015 6:13 am 
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Yesterday I got a hold of some new information. It's called setting up a Joint Venture Deal. JV partnership.

Basically I find a person who has already built up a relationship with their email list, and then they email their list suggesting they buy my book. I wanted to ask for this on the WF. The problem is they want you to buy and upgraded membership for 100 bucks before allowing you to post any JV propositions.

Fuck that. I thought about a way to fish for a JV deal without actually proposing one. It dawned on me. My book is blazing a trail in the world. It's the first and only one that is designed to take a person to a stable online career. Not IM, or get rich quick stuff.

I phrased my post this way:

Subject: "Has anyone built a list here?" I could have came up with a better one than that... Anyway,

Content in the thread:
I'm currently building a subscriber list in the Legitimate Online Job category.

I ran some searches and found very few posts on this niche. I'm trying to get ideas on how to manage the list properly because these people aren't looking for get rich quick stuff or IM stuff. Their minds are only open to stable paying online based jobs.

Has anyone already built a list in this niche successfully? If so what types of emails did you send to them?
The first response was the most helpful:
This isn't the most ideal forum, though it's not half bad. Give you a top: forums on the topic of moms working at home are a great source of targeted list for you. Have a look around these forums and you'll get a feel for the sector you're talking about; companies, offers, so forth. Also, think outside the box. What other locations online might you find pools of people interested in job-based online income? Give you one: gamers. You'll find plenty of CPA offers aimed at game testing from home. Most of the offers stink, but a couple of good ones exist.

It occurred to me that I'm walking a path alone here. On the forum with the most internet marketers in the world, none of them have subscriber lists for this niche. I was aiming for answering a problem that has not already been answered, but I forgot that due to it not being answered there aren't people out there actively marketing for it.

His post was helpful though because I've joined up with several telecommute job niche websites. I'm not going to make posts, but I will look over how the people who handle the email lists send messages to me. I'll contact the owners of the lists and offer the joint venture deal to them using these cold call skills I've recently acquired. None of them have any products to push so I will be the first to tap those virgin lists.

I am a hunter of human excellence. I seek out those individuals who break the norms
and demonstrate to all of us what’s really possible. I learn what those few
extraordinary individuals do that’s different from everybody else, and then emulate

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How to get where I am, the book in the untapped space and selling it.

I made a post on WF that has gotten much praise from the vets over there. It's what I did to create my product.
One Word...


There is a ton of work that goes into a product. You first have to pick a niche. Speaking from the vendor side of things you want to get something that you have experience with, and write it yourself. It's key to pull from actual life experiences in order to ensure quality

You could hire a ghost writer, but if this is your first product you don't want to risk you're name with someone else's work. At least I didn't.

Granted, you don't have to pull from your own experiences with what I am about to share, but it is best practices for first time product owners. You'll understand better in a moment.

First, find out what are the top selling niches in the world. Relationships/dating, health/fitness, making money are what I think has the broadest appeal.

Next, brainstorm for 30 minutes on subcategories in one of these niches.

After that pick out 1 of those and research to find sub categories within that category, or brainstorm again.

Do a keyword test to see how many people run searches for this new list of niches you just created. If there are a ton of searches you are in business.

Pick the one with the highest searches and spend 3 hours a day searching the internet for competitors in that niche.

There should not be too many options if any. If you find very high quality well established competitors who sell products pick one of your other niches that is 3 levels down. If all of them have high quality well established competitors who sell products pick one of the other second level niches and repeat the process to create a 3rd level niche. There should be high demand but no real quality answers. That is key. We are aiming for the "New and Innovative Solution"

You have found your niche when you have:
1. High amount of searches
2. Virtually no competition selling products

Now, Go go amazon and find the people who have written books on your niche already. There should at least be a few. Buy the books with the most reviews. They should all be fairly cheap since people tend to sell ebooks for like 3 bucks in these targeted down niches.

Read over the reviews and find out any points people are complaining about.

Read the books and take notes of what problems the books actually address, and how they address them, if you find commonalities make sure to include those in your notes.

Go and read through and copy and paste every article you can find on the niche into a word document until you have over 120,000 words.

While doing the google search use the terms "why do people want to (fill in niche)", "how to (fill in niche)"

At this point you will have an idea about how you can create a better product than everyone else, and what is missing from the niche and the world at the moment.

Create a basic timeline of how the book will flow it will be specific to your niche but will look like this:
intro- section 1 - section 2 - section 3 - conclusion

Next, buy the purple cow, and put your books through the checklist in that book. You will end up with something even greater than what you first created.

Then write the book. Spend at least 45 minutes a day on it, but you should be putting in massive hours to get it done as quickly as possible since everything is already laid out at this point. Do not copy anything word for word from your research. And this is why I say it's good to draw from life experience because you will be able to add a personal flare to everything, and you may have ideas to improve the product that weren't even mentioned during the research.

The book should be at least 100 pages. And you now have something new and Unique that solves the problem in an extraordinary way.

After you finish writing the book put it aside for 7 days then proof read it.

Then have someone who has college level English proof read the book for you.

After they are finished if it hasn't been 7 days wait until 7 days have passed since you last proof read the book. Then proof read it again.

Create a bonus that is related in some way to the information in the first book you wrote. Can be a video course or another book. but a much lighter book.

Get the book copyrighted, though you automatically have and IP copyright on your materials. It's always great to make things official.

If you went through the purple cow you should have an idea on how to price your book. The trick is to push the limits. You will understand after you read the purple cow. Also read No B.S. Marketing To the Affluent if you still have any questions about how to price this book. Remember, you have the highest quality on earth in a virtually untapped niche.

Now the fun part right?

Buy a domain that has a connection with your book. It would be great if you could get a keyword in the domain that is targeted to your niche. This will help with seo later if you take that route.

Anyway, buy the domain. Create an op-in page that offers a free 1 page bribe on some topic in the niche. (this is different from your bonus). Create a sales page that links over to some sort of eCommerce store where people can buy your book. I use Sopify.com.

Proof read the book again (Very Important) each time you put fresh eyes on it you figure out a way to re-word something a bit better or you notice some mistake that slipped past.

Start sending traffic to the domain. How I did it was I found the top ranking articles about my niche and I put the webpage into google keyword planner. I added all of those to the list and took the keyword with the most searches that was highly targeted and ran another search. Added all of those, and repeated the action until I had over 3k keywords. If you notice a ton of the keywords aren't very targeted get 4k.

Download the excel document and spend 3-6 hours scrolling through looking over every individual keyword deleting any untargeted or too generic ones.

To speed up the process I add a filter to excel and go down the list putting an x in the cell next to the keyword I want to delete. Then I organize the column with the x's in it alphabetically and highlight them all and delete them.

Now, this next part is what I've learned from here on the WF at first I used a different method to get a sale which worked, but this one sounds much better. I used to redirect people right over to the sales page based off advice I read in a book.

Now, I am testing a method which sounds much stronger. I won't know if it will work for a few days since I just learned it earlier. They get sent a bribe that they have to confirm their email address to get.

That is day 1.

Day 3. I send them some other helpful information about the niche.

Day 5. I send them some more helpful information and a link to my sales page.

Credit - Alexa.

My sales rate with redirecting them to the sales page right after they opt-in (without this new follow up sequence) was 1 in 10.

I sale my book for 154.99. I only get 10 conversions every 500 or so clicks but it costs only 0.12 a click. witht he google display network.

I want to add in. I just bought Squeeze Page Trainer from Mark Loftis which should skyrocket my optin rates. So these figures should be increasing over the next few days. I am very green and you probably know more about landing page copy-writing than I do so you should have no problem following this simple guide to creating and selling your own product. I recommend you get Mark Loftis book to develop your squeeze pages also.

Now, if you just try and be an affiliate and use my display network keyword traffic technique it probably won't work. It didn't work for me. I sent 600 people to the sales page of one of the most popular CB products and did not get a single sale. It's best to create your own product and aim for this "New Innovative/best available solution" type of model so you will stand alone.

I hope this thread will change someones life. It will take a bit of upfront work, but the product creation part became fun. For me anyway. I enjoy researching and finding ways to help people.

I chose: (make money - work from home opportunities - Legitimate telecommuting jobs)

The trick to pulling this off is:

DETERMINATION - Stay Cool Warriors

I am a hunter of human excellence. I seek out those individuals who break the norms
and demonstrate to all of us what’s really possible. I learn what those few
extraordinary individuals do that’s different from everybody else, and then emulate

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Side thing I'm considering doing, but will focus on later after my book goals are complete:

There are affiliate programs for selling Jets. Like 10-300 million of dollar jets at 25% commission.

I looked up how much traffic the websites get and it's pitiful. I could send 1000 rich people looking for jets to their websites a day with my internet marketing skills. I wonder how long it would take to get a sale?...

Maybe I should drop pushing the book and focus on that. All I would need to do is get 1 sale, and I'm rich. Gah, so much opportunity! I have to stay focused on one thing at a time. Focus is key.

I am a hunter of human excellence. I seek out those individuals who break the norms
and demonstrate to all of us what’s really possible. I learn what those few
extraordinary individuals do that’s different from everybody else, and then emulate

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I'm getting a bit stir crazy sitting in this apartment all of the time and not going out. I very much want to go and get my dick wet. I'm trying to focus this thread on the value aspect of game. I know how to seduce women to the bedroom on queue. I want to start getting rich women, there for I have to obtain a certain level of status as well.

This is a status thread.

That being said, I couldn't help myself and I sent off messages to about 30 companies who sell jets online that don't offer affiliate programs. I want one of them to set up something exclusive with me. Then I'll just simply sell help them sell more jets and cash in large lump sums. Status complete.

I am a hunter of human excellence. I seek out those individuals who break the norms
and demonstrate to all of us what’s really possible. I learn what those few
extraordinary individuals do that’s different from everybody else, and then emulate

PostPosted: Mon Feb 09, 2015 4:17 am 
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So I consulted with he warriors on the WF and they advised against it offering many convincing reasons not to.

Done with that.

I've used the mastermind group over there to give me a better sales copy, a better opt in process, and a better way of handling people who join my subscriber list.

The advice comes from a bunch of all stars on the forum. The guy who was acting like my enemy now offers advice in every thread I put up. There are a few people who don't like me, like in this forum, but that's to be expected when you have a backbone.

I am not a christian. We'll keep my religious pedagogy out of this thread.

I went to church today. First day this year, and before that I can't remember the last time. I told my mother I was interested in hearing the message today because of synchronicity. The entire message was about money. Being a cheerful giver. I just laughed to myself the entire time. Christian church btw.

T harv ecker taught me a money management system in his millionaire mind intensive program. In it you separate your money into accounts. 6-7 accounts actually. One of the accounts is the gift account, can be 5-10% of the income you bring in has to be put into that account.

Mine was 5% and I gave it out to people who didn't deserve it honestly. So now I'm going to increase it to 10% and give it to the church. It's good karma, and has a ton of other implications to it.

I was also told not to give in the mind frame of expecting to receive. That's fine. One thing he mentioned which is something I've been struggling with is how I pretty much get everything I ask for from the Almighty. I've started beginning to think that I am somehow taking advantage. This desk I type at for instance. I asked for one and I got this one for free shortly after my request.

I got it for free when my next door neighbor (whom I've never spoken to) came and knocked on my door and told me he was moving and I could have anything in hi apartment. Coincidence? You can believe that. It happens to regularly to me for me to chalk it up to such a weak justification.

The pastor explained that I don't deserve the blessings, but I am given them anyway out of love. He said this to everyone not just me, but it answered my question. Ok. That's fine with me. Thanks for the desk by the way, I don't know if I've ever said that.

I'll refrain from posting again until I have renovated my marketing system with these 15 pages worth of advice from the Warrior Forum Masterminds. I'll happily give 10% away since I already have a gift account.

I am a hunter of human excellence. I seek out those individuals who break the norms
and demonstrate to all of us what’s really possible. I learn what those few
extraordinary individuals do that’s different from everybody else, and then emulate

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TO keep this transparent.

I have been struggling with a demon as of late. The one known as procrastination.

I've had the advice written for 6 days and haven't acted on it. I hadn't even realisd so much time has went by...

What happens is I will get to this final step then slack off. I'm fully aware of this nasty fucking habit. It rears it's head from childhood mistakes.

Here's the thing. I know the habit exists. I know how to prevent the habit, and I know when the habit is taking over my actions. I still roll with it.

Why? The options that are presented to me in the form of distractions are very...alluring. Watch this show, play that game, just watch one more show you can get to work afterwards, just play that game you can get to work afterwards. Go check the email. See if anyone has responded on the forum. Just one movie and then to work...I'm sleepy I'm going to pick it up in the morning.

Next thing I know it's been 6 days.

The problem is I've stopped doing my morning ritual move for move. For the last 6 days I've rolled out of bed, skipped the ritual and jumped right to playing around like a child.

There is something called inner child sabotage. That's what's been happening to me now I can tell.

A teacher basically described it as if you work work work the inner child the lies within the subconsciousness will sabotage your plans out of spite if you don't let it play. I can't believe being fully aware I still fell into this fucking distraction loop...

Anyway, Today I put all of the advice from the different internet marketing gurus through the melting pot that is my mind and wrote out the plan that I'm going to work tomorrow after I start my day off right with my morning ritual.

I'll describe the ritual in full detail in the next post... It will be a long post to type but only takes a few minutes to actually do. When using memory pegs the images I see are created in instants.

I am a hunter of human excellence. I seek out those individuals who break the norms
and demonstrate to all of us what’s really possible. I learn what those few
extraordinary individuals do that’s different from everybody else, and then emulate

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The Morning Ritual

In this I use something called memory pegs. I create a nonsensical story. The story has images related to terms that I want to remember. The pictures are outlandish and have as much impact as possible in order for me to remember them easier.

With memory peg stories like this you have to review them or you will eventually lose them forever.

The review times might vary from person to person. The program that taught me the technique didn't bother to mention review. It was marketed as if you could simply write the story and remember it forever.

I may do a post on how to do it later. For me when first creating new stories I have to review them every day for a week. After that I can cut them down to 1 time a week. After about a month I can review it one time a month and keep the story strong.

I found I needed a way to organize the stories after I started writing many different books down. So I created a memory vault.

It's similiar to what you see in this Phil Collins song:


There are doors with an image of the book cover on it. I'm thinking of changing it to a forest like the one you see in Tim Burton's the nightmare before christmas since that's my favorite childhood movie. Well, that and toy story.

I watched Toy story 3 one time and will never watch that movie again!

Anyway, Sherlock Holmes called it his mind palace.

So I wake up. Keeping my eyes closed and still laying in my bed. I see myself with roller blades on. Descending to the earth from space. Fiery SPAM all around me. Moving extremely fast I crash into the ocean.

This represents law #28 from the 48 laws of power. Enter action with boldness. The roller blades have 8 wheels and I'm wearing two of them. I used to crash into the earth creating a crater, but that is a bit destructive, and I needed to change it around to lead into my next memory peg.

I land in the ocean. A wave is created that a viking ship that Ragnar Lothbrok is laid back chilling on rides over. He is cool demeanor and has powerful body language.

This memory peg has many meanings. First impact of me hitting the ocean. It creates a controlled wave that spreads out in all directions and the water connects back around my impact point. This represents the three most vital elements of pick up.

1. Impact - make an impact on a woman.
2. Control - Control the interaction
3. Connection - Connect with a woman on an emotional level.

The wave represents the forces of nature that I wield. The body language Ragnar displays reminds me to keep my chest pulled up, my shoulders back, my shoulders hanging naturally, my pelvis forward, my neck pulled back my head straight in the air. Leaned back. The vibe he exudes I try and project that as much as possible.

If I'm not already positioned like he is (sometimes I forget) I re-position myself to fit the bill.

Here's an image.


While in the ocean A giant version of Dory from finding Nemo starts swimming around my head. Repeating "Just keep Swimming, just keep swimming." Her smile, enthusiasm, and encouragement make me feel great.

The cold ocean feels cleansing and washes away the darkness of my mind. A dimensional rift in the form of a circle appears behind my head. This is the gateway to the subconsciousness. It allows me to observe the thoughts that come through it so they won't control me.

I reach the bottom of the ocean and start taking small consistent steps in an image like this:

As I'm walking up the path an orange appears in front of me. I grab the orange and literally feel the feeling of holding it. I start to peel the orange and can smell the citrus of the peal. Then I eat the orange and literally taste it. Can you imagine taste, smell, and touch? If you can't yet just practice it's like any other skill.

The symbols represent these two phrases: "Small consistent steps lead to amazing results", and "The hardest part is getting started, but once you peel back those initial layers things become easy."

My eyes turn into mirrors and I get a cloak around me similar to what the Akatsuki from Naruto were. Only instead of red clouds on the cloak. There are red hearts. I make a heart sign with my hands and hover it over where my own heart is then shoot a heart shaped beam up from the bottom of the ocean that pieces the surface and goes into the sky. The scene switches to me standing on a beach with the ocean behind me and the beam shooting in the air.

The eyes turning into mirrors represent my mirror neurons, and my ability to absorb information and other peoples' personalities into me through my eyes. The Akatsuki cloak with the heart on it represents Pain. The leader of the Akatsuki. The hearts on the cloak switch the concept from Pain to Love. The heart beam displays the character representation is that I wield Love with the powers that Pain posses...

To keep this simple Pain has an ability called the 6 paths of pain. He has these different abilities associated to each "path of pain" that he uses.

After learning the 8 psychologies of women I have an 8 path framework of game that I use. I start off by using something similar to Pain's Deva Path which looks like this:


The description:

I begin by talking on my phone to no one in particular or actually talking to someone, but only a person who makes me laugh no serious shit, or negative people. I'm walking down the street while doing this. I catch her in my peripheral vision without directly looking at her or pausing or anything so she doesn't know I saw her at all.

I figure out one portion of her psychology in regards to how she views sex with men based off her outward appearance. I look for exposed flesh, any visible tattoos, or piercings.

This will narrow the paths that will work best with her from 8 to 4.

I enjoy myself and have a crazy self amusing rant to no one on the phone while the distance between us gets shorter and shorter. When she gets within around 6 feet I make some sort of hand movement or something that hooks her eye and in that split of a second I "happen" to glance her way like any person would when someone pops up close to them. The "glance" has the impact of my avatar, but I throw a "curious face" around the eyes.

I categorize their different reactions and I calibrate direct vs indirect here. The reactions I've seen. Licking lips and strong eye contact back. I go direct on these girls because they are ready to go.

Looking at the feet she's nervous so I go indirect like asking for directions to a coffee shop or juice bar. (the place I intend on insta-dating them to)

She looks away to the side. This is an "I'm not available" sign. And I let her pass.

She refuses to look at me. These girls are consciously using every effort to keep their eyes away from me so even with my sudden movement she won't look my direction because she is controlling her actions or she is too distracted with some thought that she isn't paying attention to the outside world. These girls have to be cold approached the old fashioned way and I calibrate off of something called a punchy question.

This is still a broken opener as I haven't memorized the justin wayne game for the girls who don't look my way. What I refer to as the maybe women. Which will open up my 8 path system even further.

This further builds the map of her psychology. and narrows the gap down from 4 to 2 options.

WE get into the conversation and I'm using the proper pacing/style of conversation and her acceptable level of sexual tension/kino escalation. I transition through the banter phase and find out her job for the qualification she gives me.

This breaks down the option from 2 to one and I know exactly what I am dealing with and what to expect from this woman. A Disney princess or a CEO feminist. along with her sex line and if she is a direct or indirect woman (which speaks about her initial loyalty levels as well) The rest is easy.

On the beach I see a forest in front of me with trees of the caryatid variety.

For a visual:


I walk up to one of the trees and touch it which then turns into a full woman. we step in an elevator that magically appears out of nowhere and has a door which is shaped like a window. We ascend to a cloud. Get off and red warning alarms go off and the woman starts acting disrespectfully. I jump back in the elevator and descend back to the forest. Leaving her up there on the cloud to fend for herself.

I get back down to the forest and turn another tree into a real woman.

This represents the abundance mentality. The forest of woman like trees represents women in general and shows that they are as abundant as a forest. The act of walking up to the trees represents the approach. The act of touching the tree represents initiating kino. Things that should be just that easy.

I take the girl into the elevator representing capitalizing on every window of opportunity a woman gives me. When we get to the cloud this represents the euphoria I feel when with a beautiful woman. Cloud 9 so to speak. The alarms and her snapping out represents a woman who has entered the damaged zone. Instead of doing damage control I leave her right as she is. I take that window of opportunity to leave and get back down to the forest of women where I grab another easy.

For a musical explanation here is Mr. K Camp:

Me and this new woman walk across the beach and past Cain Velasquez. He turns into a giant and reaches out and snatches me up and crushes me in his giant hand. All of my organs come out the sides of his hand. Then he sets me down in front of a club and I'm fully restored wearing my tailored Armani Suite.

I there isn't a reason for Cain being there other than to squeeze my anatomy out and put me in front of the club.

The represents "the anatomy of PIck Up"

If any of you have read MM this should sound familiar. I took it upon myself to read part of the book. Up until the part where he talks about Negs, which is where I stopped reading as it seemed pointless.

I'm in front of the club to run Stealth seduction.

This is already getting long to I will cut that short by just saying I watched the 3+ hour video and wrote it all down in this part of the story. Also added his group approach stuff.

At the end of that I see this stereotypical PUA painting a portrait of me. I have this smile grinning from ear to ear. My chest is poked up exuding a white radiant aura. Then I start laughing maniacally. Above the portrait a door appears. Then a giant hand knocks on it. then the scene shifts up to just the door and the hand. and I'm seen smashing the door down. and putting my hands to the ground. a 10 story sky scrapper gets summoned out of the ground in front of me. Then you see me playing tag with some girls on top of the sky scrapper. A crowd of people gathers in front of the sky scraper and I stand on the stage and start to deliver a speech. My head swells like a giant egg head. One person in the crowd starts swearing and a giant first place gold medal comes crashing down flattening the guy. To the left of him there is a guy slurring his words and one using slang.

The guys are characters from anime who are associated with slang and slur. Naruto appears because he is related to one of the characters and tells them they sound like idiots. He then turns around and approaches a woman villain with a hilarious attack he uses.

The stereotypical looking PUA painting a portrait of me represents the term "The character traits of the typical pick up artist"

The smile on my face represents smiling. The chest up and aura represent confidence. The maniacal laughter represents humor. The typical PUA smiles is confident and has humor.

The door being knocked on that I smash represents the line: "humor does not mean telling knock knock jokes"

the sky scrapper and tag on top of the building represents "humor is telling interesting stories and being playful"

The speech and giant head represent "appear intelligent"

The guy cursing and being smashed by the gold medal represents "don't swear too much at first"

The slurring and slang using guy being called idiots represents "don't use slang or slur"

The hilarious attack naruto uses on the female villain represents "don't approach in a serious manner"

Naruto completes his attack then runs into a house. He goes into his room and starts packing tools into a bag. This represents "the tools of a PUA"

In his room out the window you can see a well. A giant bottle or ranch dressing that has arms legs and a face climbs out of the well and crashes through narutos window. Then kicks him into the closet.

Naruto jumps out and ties the ranchman into a knot. Then a second ranchman comes through the window and naruto uppercuts him through the roof.

This represents "be well dressed but not too dressed up"

A butler comes in with some shiny shoes and begins to polish them. And tosses Naruto a pack of breath mints to put in the bag.

Represents "clean polished shoes, and keep breath freshener on you"

I break down Narutos door and shoot pez at the butler. Then Naruto shows me a picture that is dear to him.

Represents "have pez on you and pictures" - I don't use this, but I had wrote this down just to keep the story flowing since it was the next relevant stuff in MM

The door where the butler came from opens and me and naruto step on a tread. It takes us past a bunch of tape recorders and I slam into a door that is actually a Giant condom. TO my left appears my bedroom dresser and I open the drawer that has all of my condoms in it. I grab three and toss naruto three.

This represents "take a tape recorder with you to record your sessions, and have at least 3 condoms with you."

The condom door opens and the tread moves us along. Machine hands reach out from the sides and picks us both up then sits us in chairs and starts cutting our hair, clipping out fingernails and shaving my face.

This represents having proper grooming.

Then all cloths are stripped from us we are thrown out of the seats and the machine hands start washing us then puts clean boxers on us. The tread comes to an end and we end up in a room of nice outfits.

This represents washing up before going out. Particularly washing and rinsing 3 times. AND having clean underwear on.

We get dressed then wads of money start to fall from a vent in the ceiling. As I stuff the wads into my pockets the scene zooms into my eye and then into my mind where I go through a side story listing all of my marketing knowledge and salesman knowledge.

This represents Mysteries advice for "have wads of cash on you" at first it was just the money raining from the vent, but I expanded it into actual stuff that can deliver that outcome.

At the end it zooms back out and we're in the room with bulging pockets of money.

We step outside and there is a field in front of me full of notepads being scribbled on. Then a calling card comes raining down from the sky. next to a rock.

This represents keep a pad and pen on you to take down numbers, and have a calling card incase you get stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I keep both because my phone has died on me before.

The rock turns into a camera phone. In order for me to take pictures while I'm out. This can also be a camera.

A guy with a cart full of jewels rolls up. I pull out a wad of my cash and peel off $2,000 then I buy Naruto a diamond pinky ring that looks like the one my brother stole out of my house. Naruto puts it on and the shine blinds me. I turn away from him and walk over to a road that is on the left.

This represents wear some jewelry to attract attention. I personally don't like chains. I want to go for that noticeable flash, but not that "IN YOUR FACE" flash that screams desperation and "LOOK AT ME!"

By the road naruto pulls up in a car and pops the trunk. and throws a suitcase in front of me. I pack it with an extra set of cloths, extra condoms, and an overnight kit with tooth brush soap rag and towel.

This represents...you get the point.

I close the suitcase and then Naruto Goes into his sage kyuubi mode in front of me. My eyes turn into mirrors and (if I haven't done so before) I go into the alpha state.

This represents self awareness. (Still MM points that are guiding this journey)

I look down at my left hand and on each of my fingers there is a different thing. My Pinky is green with plus signs popping out of it all around.

This represents health. This reminds me how I miraculously healed the nerve damage and restored the feeling back to my hand.

The finger to the left of my pinky has a picture of the abundance magic card on it. It reminds me of the abundant powers of the universe that I have at the tips of my fingers. How I simply ask for things and receive them often within a 48 hour period. Anything, abundance in all through the Almighty.

My middle finger has a puppet string that shoots from it to my chest that represents controlling myself.

My index finger has a square window that represents my imagination and visualization abilities. My thumb has a heart that represents my pure unbridled emotions.

I love and cherish my emotions now that I've gotten them back. There was a period after I got out of the Marine Corps that I was a brainwashed completely emotionless killing machine. I was thrown into the hood here in atlanta to fend for myself and these streets are cold. It just made things worse. Luckily I didn't end up having to use those deadly skills on anyone out here, but there were many close calls.

I educated myself Got a great job, discovered PU and moved out of the hood. Then I focused on extreme self evaluation and reprogramming and I was able to get back in touch with my humanity.

In the center of my hand is a ying yang symbol. The yang holds the dark mirror of my soul where all the bad habits lie. I go in there and clean house as much as possible. At one point there were hundreds of things that I was aware of in there. The yin holds the light which I chase and try to fill up as much as possible.

On the surface level of the symbol represents good and bad karma.

I clench my fist and feel an overwhelming sense of power.

Then the scene zooms in again into my mirror eyes and into my head where I play the story of the 11 attractive principles of an attractive identity from Vin Dicarlo's Attraction Formula.

The scene zooms out and I see my face again. Emotional symbols come flooding out of my left thumb.
Naruto disappears in a puff of smoke and along the road. Road signs start plopping down from the sky. Pointing towards a platform where Squidward stands and begins wasting away from starvation. the word Alone gets repeated a bunch of times around him like that scene from sponge bob. then change falls all over the platform and makes the words disappear. The quarters start falling in the direction of me and land at my feet.

This represents: "Emotions are evolved systems from generations that taught us to survive. They are signposts to the things you need. When you're body needs food you feel hungry, if you didn't have that feeling you would waste away. The feeling of being lonely is the same thing. If you are feeling lonely then that is a sign you need to change."

On the quarter that landed at my feet a mini version of me appears. There are hearts on either side of me. I begin I'm trapped on the quarter by a barrier that surrounds it's edges. I begin drinking and meditating and smoking weed. Then an imagine bubble pops above my head and I see myself showing hatred towards women, then I turn to the right and a gay guy walks up and smiles at me. I say "OH HELL NO!" I suddenly find myself in my apartment. Just jump with a flying kick and destroy my door. I find myself hovering in the parking lot. Then there is a mass orgy or porn stars going on at my feet. I see one I like I swoop down and grab her hand and pull her out of the debauchery. Then an oblivion stone comes down and destroys them all.


This represents being blocked by emotions aka approach anxiety. I start using crutches. I try to drink the emotions away, then I try to meditate the emotions away, finally I try to smoke the emotions away. The thought bubble is me thinking what the future holds for me if I can't approach women. I develop a hatred towards them out of my own frustrations and then if I want sex I would be forced to sleep with the gay guys who are always hitting on me. This shocks me to the core and the benefits of dealing with AA extremely outweigh the downside of not dealing with it.

I see myself in my apartment and I break out. The mass orgy of porn starts represents a porn addiction I had. Me seeing one I like represents a beautiful looking woman who I should approach. So I snatch her up and then the oblivion stone OBLITERATES the porn addiction. Now that it's gone I just use that as a guideline to not become addicted to porn again.

I set the woman down on a hill. Behind her I see some random guy walk up and talk to a girl at the front door. They go into a building and a projector starts a presentation. In the movie I see the weak pre PU version of myself crawling on his knees towards the new improved version of myself. The new me rubber stamps the old me with a denied symbol. The new me flips a switch on the wall and steaks come falling from the sky. In this room a vampire walks in. The new me presses a button and the vampire falls through a trap door. I look further down the hall and out the front door which closes behind me and I see the 4 point spectrum of relationship balance out of the Tao of badass.

This represents: stages of the PU..

Approach, Presentation - don't be needy - learn from your mistakes - don't waste your time on emotional vampires, close (number, kiss, date, fuck) relationship (I like the Tao's Relationship Model)

I flash up to a cloud in the sky where a guy is smiling ear to ear a girls eyes are wandering around and he captures her in a net.

This represents smile on the approach and capture the girls attention.

Then Two minute maid bottlemen walk up behind the girl. She presses a button and then a sheild lowers around her.

This represents "The opening is not the first opening words you say, but opening her bitch sheild, and can last for up to the first 2 minutes"

Then I sit up straight and go over the super learning trick I'm trying to master. Using the techniques in Program Your Mind for Success in Record Time! to implant the skills into myself.

I spread love to everything I love. I try to consciously send it out. I state the things I'm grateful for, and I go over what needs to be done for the day. I then spend 30 seconds focusing exactly on what I want to do this day while breathing deeply.

After doing that for 5 minutes. I get out of bed. Crouch on the floor and jump into the air, land and stretch all the different areas of my body over a 3 minute period. then do my 6 minute full body workout that includes push ups, plank work, chin ups, 123 heismans, and squats. I've moved the dial back to only 65 of each and 13 chin ups. 65 second plank work. I was doing 90 and 18 chin ups but I started feeling light injuries happening so I felt I was going to hard.

I got in the bathroom, do bathroom things, take a shower, brush my teeth. Drink some water. Go into my kitchen to eat breakfast.

That first visualization may seem long because I've typed it out, but it only takes about 15 minutes. The images flash through my mind in an instant and the story flows extremely quickly. I'm reviewing this story everyday forever. The older books behind other doors I take a look at on schedule.

I'm about to go to sleep wake up and get back on track. Later.

I am a hunter of human excellence. I seek out those individuals who break the norms
and demonstrate to all of us what’s really possible. I learn what those few
extraordinary individuals do that’s different from everybody else, and then emulate

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The jet question, leads me to think about how people typically behave. People use personal references for anything important. People searching for something online, do so only because they don't know anyone personally who can help them with this thing.

If I want a work at home job, and my friend Phil runs a work at home business, I'm not going to google it. I'm going to hit up Phil.

If I want to buy a jet, I'm not going to turn to google for purchase. Maybe for research, but there is zero chance I'll be buying a jet online that I found from some page. I'm using my jet connection. Just about anyone with enough money to buy a jet, already knows someone who will sell them a jet or set up a meeting to do so.

I would think a landing page isn't that effective. Maybe establishing some sort of presence outside of that?

Build an emotional connection through your hard throbbing cock.
Build trust and comfort by holding their hands and covertly rubbing your elbows on their nipples.

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Hey V, thanks for the response.

Yeah, they basically said the same thing more or less. Some suggested it would be possible but only after building a relationship, which is generally the advice with all internet marketing these days. I went through hundreds of posts about leveraging traffic. The way to do it best is to get the email send a couple helpful valuable content filled messages to build trust. Finally, try to sell them.

I've been dragging my feet with this. I have a plan written out for handling people on my email list with an auto responder. I've started taking steps today. Then hey what a coincidence something else good happened!

I made a post in the WSO which is basically a place where you can freelance skills. I paid 20 bucks and made a post saying I would charge affiliates $300 to set up the traffic generation methods I've been talking about here. $400 for product owners.

I'm charging the affiliates less so that they can feel special, and after they see my abilities they can pay me later to set up a campaign for them to affiliate for me.

Anyway, a guy sent me a message. His model is send them to an opt in form which then switches over to a sales video. Similar to what I used to sale my book. He'll get people opting into his list, but I warned him the sales ratio would be smaller unless he tried to build up a relationship first. I also told him the only way he would get a refund is if google disapproved his website from some policy issue. Well, $300 in the bank it won't take me more than an hour or two to set up his campaign. Fortunately I've set up a similar affiliate campaign in the past so all of the keywords are already selected.

I'll quit dragging my feet and get this done.

From a month of testing refining, and getting advice from the 5% of people who are actually making money out there I can tell you all this with certainty.

The only way to make any real money on the internet is to...

1. Be able to generate traffic. I'll make a post later on ways to generate massive traffic quickly.
2. Capture email addresses. I'll make a post later on the best ways I've found to capture email addresses.
3. Build a trust relationship with this email list before you sell them. The top flight IMs (Internet Marketers) say that you can sell them every 3 emails and rarely every 2 emails. So it basically goes: None offer email, None offer email, Email with some offer. The way I'm doing it is using the two none offer emails to build up a want for the 3rd email under the radar. They think they are reading helpful content and being entertained while all the while I'm forming a connection with them and prepping them for a sale by removing their potential objections under the radar. - I'll make a post on how to do this later as well.

Matter of fact, I'll combine them all into one post.

I've spent a month and a half of 100% focused time and money to learn this lesson. You're welcome.

I am a hunter of human excellence. I seek out those individuals who break the norms
and demonstrate to all of us what’s really possible. I learn what those few
extraordinary individuals do that’s different from everybody else, and then emulate

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New User here, happy to find this post. I am a natural but these articles are very helpful, its like Ronaldo discovering training for me :D . More useful links will be appreciated, I am more into money making stuffs rights now. Power is Money, women, men loves money...

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