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 Post subject: Stealing his girl
PostPosted: Sat Sep 29, 2018 3:34 pm 
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Hey boys, hope you’re all doing good. I come to you here today with an absolute sh** storm of a situation. Let’s start from the beginning. Before I start, let me give you some background context. The girl I am going to be talk about had a falling out with her friend a year ago because she started dating her current bf who was her friends ex. So obviously there’s a lot of pressure on them in the social circle. Anyway, I started talking to this girl about a month ago, at the time she was in a relationship with her boyfriend for a little over a year. But boys you know the motto, if you ain’t my bro your girl single to me. So of course I started gaming and all that. Fast forward a couple weeks in we were making out, talking dirty, oral sex, etc. Anyway so 2 days ago her boyfriend read her texts and found out she was cheating on him. She texted me telling me we need to stop and everything. I was rather nonchalant. She told me she needed space and I said “Take as much as you need”. Anyway the day after (yesterday) her boyfriend told her best friend about the situation. Side note: her bestfriend absolutely despises me for some weird reason. So after that based on what people around our social circle have told me is that she was having a hard time choosing between me and him and her best friend got angry and started pressuring her (towards him). When I heard about this (she didn’t tell me) I texted her “Goodbye (first name) (last name).” She replied “Goodbye (my name). I’m sorry.” That really hurt. At first he told her he needed space but ended up taking her back. I know this isn’t the end of it because I have class with her 3 times a week so that tension is still there. I know her attraction to me is still there. I just don’t know how to manoeuvre in this situation. We have a really special connection, she’s literally cried while talking to me saying she’s never clicked with someone so quickly. I now turn to you guys for any advice. How should I approach this situation? Get over it? I honestly don’t know. I already have another girl lined up that’ll date me the second I ask. She gave me head the other day after this happened. But I don’t know. Any advice would be appreciated

 Post subject: Re: Stealing his girl
PostPosted: Thu Jan 03, 2019 11:41 pm 
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Hey man, for sure you have an interesting story but you fucked up when you told her "goodbye (first name last name)".
I didn't understand why you typed that.
you should have be chill about all the situation and to give her to choose, she would probably choose you but when you told her goodbye you kinda forced her to choose his side but all of that doesn't matter.
I suggest you to take the class and just be cool with everything. Come up to her everytime you see her and say a proper hello like man, she will appreciate that shit more then you think and maybe that will take the road for you. Keep your mind between you and her and by that I mean don't ask how is going on with her boyfriend or her friend, just talk about what a good time you had together and make some jokes about something emberesing you had together. She will definitely think that you changed a lil bit for good. Now go get that pussy.

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