The Irony of Love - An Observation of the Girl Who Got Away

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 7:38 pm 
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If you truly love a girl, should you get into a relationship with her?

Sounds silly, right? But considering my PUA experiences over the past few years, that question is becoming ever more serious. I have come across married couple in their 50's who no longer have any feelings for each other in the slightest, one of my exs who was incredibly in love with me now treats me like a guy she hardly knows, exs who I was crazy for and who were crazy for me act like we're strangers... It seems love may have an expiry date, (except for those one in a billion married couples you read about in the news).

This question hit me after 7 years dealing with a particular girl...

In short - when I was 18 and an AFC I met the first girl I ever fell for - Let's call her Louise. I was crazy for her. She was gorgeous, adventurous, etc, etc she was perfect - she ticked every single box. We hung out in our friends circle loads of times, got to know each other and eventually we went out. Thing was, she was bi and openly seeing another hot girl. Hot girl, who's also in the friends circle gets massively jealous and eventually gets Louise into a relationship before me and her even slept together - If I hadn't been an AFC back then I could've changed that, but that's how that went. I eventually move on, but remain friends with Louise and we become really, really close over the years.

Couple years later, they break up. Me and Louise meet up a couple times, but she gets into another relationship with a girl she seems to be crazy for.

Then I discover the pickup community - I start meeting loads of girls and eventually I find one who I like a lot and soon fall in love with - Let's call her Suzanne.

Louise sees me with Suzanne and gets jealous - and one drunken night she let me know.

Years later I break up with Suzanne, and Louise breaks up with her girlfriend and we finally, after 7 years, hook up and have sex - as friends with benefits.

Now, me and her are friends who sleep together and my old feelings have come back for her. I do love her, I know that, and I sense she is beginning to really like me 'that way', but I've now come to the question of this thread:

If you truly love someone, someone who you've become best friends with, find sexually attractive and see them to be just a perfect human being personality wise, should you get into an exclusive relationship with them? Because, Suzanne and I were deeply in love and best friends for years, and now, after the breakup, which happened because things 'simmered out' slowly, we are strangers who hardly ever talk. And when we do talk, she's cold, at least that's what it seems to the girl she used to be for me - I don't want that to happen with Louise - And yet, she's the perfect girl for me.

"The strong did what they could and the weak suffered what they must." - Thucydides

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