How To RUN SHIT when you're out pulling women.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2012 8:47 pm 
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Alot of PEOPLE don't know how to feel good.

And even if someone mentions to one of these people,
"Dude, you're acting really shitty come on" they will get
MORE pissed off as a way to feel even worse.

They're so USED to feeling shitty, it becomes their
baseline state and it's very hard to change.

TylerDurden from RSD had an interesting point one time:

He said:
"Some guys use pickup as a way to feel good. So they'll go throw out an opener,
hope that it goes well, and if it does (if the girl laughs), they'll start to feel good
as a result."
Here's an illustration:

no caps= feeling neutral or shitty,

Ex 1:
Guy says a line "hey you girls look like little pokemon
twins!", GIRL LAUGHS, and now GUY FEELS GOOD
TOO, for a moment.

So the GUY got his jollies from the GIRL's little state

I call these guys attached to an outcome. They
need a girl to feel a certain way so they can get their

These are usually the guys who never close. They SAY
they're good with girls because they know they can make
girls laugh, but they RARELY, if ever close and get laid.

There's a different way to go about pickup. A much easier
way if you know how to control your state.

It's called "Let the GIRLS derive their state from YOU."

Here's what it looks like:

Ex 2:
FEELS GOOD too, due to mirror neurons and natural female

This means you need to START OUT attracted to yourself

You START OUT in a great mood, and when people meet you, they become
attracted to your energy and want to be with you/around you.

Sure, this still requires skill. You have to know how to feel good, and you also
have to have the balls to approach, move girls around, dominate the conversation,
have fun with frames, etc.

This is what I do. If a girl tries giving me shit to drop my state, I ignore it and
project MY good energy.

This is SO FUCKING CLUTCH it makes you hard to stop. You're in control of
the energy, not some chick.

It gives you a sense of control you cannot imagine, because you can walk
into places and just TAKE OVER.

I was recently in a bar when a Pittsburgh Steeler walked in. (Not gonna tell you who)

Boom, all the girls were hovering around him within 30 seconds. It was pretty
rad to see what celebrity can get you.

But this guy was pretty sloshed up... and I was sober. So within about 10 minutes,
after the girls found out professional sports player wasn't as much fun as me and
my buddy, things began to shift.

Girls were sitting with US, they were telling US about meeting that Steeler guy,
giving US their numbers, touching us, and taking pictures.

Good energy trumps EVERYTHING, and this is a great thing.


1. Our energy is under our control (if you know what you're doing!) and
2. Women are designed to chase good emotions.

Humans like feeling good. What a concept!

So next time you're about to write down material to try in the field, just throw
it away and have fun. It'll take you much much further.

Your boy Matty

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2012 3:24 am 
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As a pittsburgh native, tellin me a drunkass steeler showed up means you saw Jeff Reed, Big Ben, or Hines Ward. Kemoeatu gets sloshed on occasion, too :P

These hos ain't loyal

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 2:35 am 
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