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PostPosted: Tue Jun 07, 2011 2:28 pm 
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This was originally my introduction but it fits perfect here :)

I was fucking a HB9 i met through it for 4 months solid.....this is how:

I noticed this random HB had changed her relationship status to single, so i sent her a friend request thinking to myself "in real life it will never happen" but sent it anyway & thought nothing more of it. She accepts me & we start poking & chatting (not directly,just commenting on each others statuses etc) we do this for a few months, & without us even conciously realising it (well,i didnt anyway) we build this connection between us based on our similar sense of humour & equally fun personalitys, i definitely fancied her, but didnt have the intention to do anything about it, no specific reason, i just didnt believe in the whole internet/facebook dating thing....probably cos i hadnt yet experienced it. By the way, during this time i notice that her relationship status keeps changing on & off with her BF.

Anyways, out of the blue one day she posts on my FB wall asking if i was boozing that day (a sunday,& a day when she split up with her BF yet again)

It went like this:

HB: R u on the drink?

ME: No, but i didnt go out all wknd so i think that cud soon change lol


(obviously insisting i get to her house ASAP, im kind of shocked at her forwardness, but i get a buzz from it)

ME: lol where u live?

HB: Mail me ur number

(i have a huge grin on my face when i reply)

ME: lol no probz

So we exchange numbers, she tells me where she lives which luckily for me was just outside town (it would have sucked if she lived far away) i make my way there that evening, its all good, & SHE is the one that suggested the meet....let me rephrase that, ORDERS ME to get to her house!

I think i should say here that even though this may sound like sluttish behaviour for a girl talking to someone she hasnt met yet, she wouldent let me fuck her for 2 weeks, which i always respect cos its always worth the wait, she didnt have a 2 week rule or anything, its just how it went down, & when we did have sex it was awesome, really intense. For the first month she was still seeing her loser BF occasionally, so this made me her bit on the side, & i was totally digging it, then she ditched him, cos im a much better lay

She told me the reason she was attracted to me & wanted us to meet was cos i was so funny with the crazy random shit i do & say on FB, & not like everyone else with thier boring statuses about a new top of the range toaster they bought or how exited they are about a thrilling episode of corrie that night (DHV,mental note to keep this funny stuff up,lol)

We then have a really intimate & sexual relationship going on & i fuck the fucking absolute fuck out of her for the next 4 months!

Bear in mind that at this point i have no idea what a pick up artist is!!

But ironically, it is this chick that leads to me discovering that a seduction community existed. After 4 months of hot sexy intercourse she "cools things" between us after we get too serious & breaks my fucking heart (i know,wuss,lol) what can i say, i fell for her!

I then find myself desperately searching online for ways & means to try & get my GF back when i stumbled upon PUA. Im not immediately interested, cos all i wanna do is get my girl back. But after a month or so i realise she aint coming back, then i check out this PUA stuff & decide that it is for me.

Ive been reading a lot about it & lurking on forums for 2 months now but i havent yet made any great progress, in fact only one approach to get it out of the way & that was a month ago, i used "is it ok to break up by text" on a 6/10 chick at the bus station, it lasts about a minute cos i dont know where to lead it & i say goodbye leaving her kind of wondering what the fuck just happened cos im sure she knew the main reason i was talking to her was that i was hitting on her, but i then bail on her like a dick!

Now, i have had sex with almost 50 different girls BEFORE i discovered the community! So i shouldent have any problems whatsoever cos i can have 90% of people laughing thier heads off literally within minutes of meeting me, but not in a dancing monkey way, at least not any more, if i ever did. I just thought that if i absorb all i can through reading up on everything it will all be internalised & it will all be fine, but it is fucking information overload!

I now know that i have to go & talk to every hot chick as its all about experience, i have no problems with this as it simply has to be done.

The HB9 that dumped me may have hurt me, but her finishing with me led me to the discovery of something better, & in my opinion the coolest thing in the world! Its also becoming a PUA that will ultimately enable me to seduce her again no problem if i want, & i will, just cos i can lolol

I havent yet become accustomed to any specific methods cos stupidly i havent fucking tested any yet, i have just been trying to memorise my favourites, but i will try some openers, tomorrow!

I'd like to consider myself a GPUA even though i havnt yet got laid through "pick-up", this is cos i know im gunna be fantastic at this game as soon as my wheels start moving

So that is how i discovered PUA, & this is where im at.

I'm determined to become a master PUA, maybe i'll even become Irelands #1 PUA......hey, im ambitious

Seize the day. Be significant.

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2011 11:11 pm 
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You are not alone with the way you found your way here... Many of us found our way to the community after we decided to escape the world of failure we lived before. Many of us are/were virgins, shy guys, nerds, or recently dumped who decided to make a change. You are the luckier kind.

Yeah, you'll definitely have a steadier success ladder if you were already successful with women (Imagine how hard it is to start from absolute zero...)

In your case, learning PUA stuff will be more like reading and systemizing what you already know, turning what you learned from your experiences into solid knowledge. (Like someone who played football for years in an amateur team, then studying under a professional coach for solid strategy)

Good luck for more success stories.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 13, 2011 11:44 pm 
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...i know im gunna be fantastic at this game as soon as my wheels start moving
I'm determined to become a master PUA, maybe i'll even become Irelands #1 PUA......hey, im ambitious
Setting quite the standards for yourself.
Be careful.

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