LR: day 1 meet, day 2 greet, day 3 bj, day 4 blow me off

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 1:31 am 
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While this is indeed a Lay Report (I think BJs count as lays here), this story is a sad one nonetheless.

So I was on a dating website and started chatting with a girl from there. We were talking a bit, and then decided to meet for a coffee. I didn't think much of it but it was fun, so I set up a day 2.

During day 2 we went for coffee again and a walk around the downtown core. We were talking and laughing a lot, touching each other's shoulder and arm, and even walking arm in arm at some point. Then when she was pretending to punch me on the arm, I caught one of her hands and leaned in for a kiss and she started a full blow makeout session... almost publicly inappropriate. My one regret is that I couldn't take her back to my place because it was a catastrophic mess.... so I better learn to always be ready to pull.
We decide to go on and try and find a dinner place, but wandered into an area where all dinner places had a 30 min wait time... on a weekday. Literally everyone in the city heard I was going on a date and decided to rush the restaurants it seems... I figured if we continue aimlessly trying to find dinner it's gonna turn into a boring crappy evening so I said "hey, let's do dinner on the weekend! I know some great sushi places!" and we said our goodbyes then (walked her back to her bus station)

I texted her couple of days later and said "How about instead, I make dinner, you're invited to my place", and she replied with "How about we go for sushi near your place and then figure it from there? Coming to your place sounds great"
We kept flirting for the next few days and then the weekend rolls around. We went to a cool sushi place near my building and I said "I'll cover" because it didn't cost much, she said she'll get the next one, cool.
I invite her back to my place to "watch a movie" and she says "sure, where's your car?" I tell her I don't have one, so she drives us over to my place on her car (3 block drive).
Once we get into my apartment I start kissing her and after 5 minutes of hard core making out I pick her up and carry her to my bedroom. I place her on my bed and she says "oh, can we just make out? I want to get to know you better"
I figured there is no point fighting this, it'll make her defenses go even hire, so I said "sure" and continue kissing her. After some more making out and kissing her ear and neck she starts taking my clothes off and we start going through the bases, stopping only at 3rd base because she wanted to "Wait until we know each other better" to go all the way... which is fine, I guess explicit sex has that notion with women.
We finish the night cuddling and watching comedy... then she drives off even though I tell her she's free to stay over...

Next few days she's a bit cold, and I ask eventually "hey is everything okay" and she says she's not interested anymore. When I push further, she says she already found someone she wants to settle down with...
any idea what happened here? did I make her feel like a slut? should I have done something there?

Anyways, some lessons learned:
1) keep your place in presentable shape so you can capitalize on your chances
2) KNOW good places for food in your city in most places you're at
3) Find a solution to deal with latent-anti slut defenses

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