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PostPosted: Tue Jan 08, 2019 11:01 pm 
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Went on my first strategic sarging last Saturday after reading The Game. Got pretty far in terms of talking to girls who otherwise quickly rejected me and some touching. However couldn’t close on the numbers or kisses. Please find below a list of my sarges and how they ended up. Would appreciate any feedback! Thanks!

1. Sat next to a birthday girl with her birthday banner on and said hi. Got kicked out by guy by force within 10 seconds.

2. Complemented 2 girls noses and called them sisters. The one girl walked away and left me with just one. She blocked my face out and went to complain to a big guy. The big guy went crazy and I had to get out of there. I was ready for a staring contest but he grabbed my neck.

3. Danced with one girl despite her saying she has a bf. I asked for his name and she said Justin. I said John and she nodded so I told her she lied and I danced with her anyway. 2 mistakes: grabbed her hips in dancing she didn’t want it. Kissed her in a photo. Told her to dance with me on the side and she ran to her friend. I grabbed her hand. Too needy. Friend kicked me out with some lousy verbal comments while guys watched

4. Did the 1-10 esp test on a girl while grabbing her hips. Got disrupted by her guy friend. Before we got disrupted, she seemed pretty into the test and I was grabbing her hips and ass while whispering in her ear. but she asked what happens if I get the number wrong and I couldn’t think of anything.

5. Talked to guys around hot girls but the girls moved as I was talking

6 Had boring conversation with a girl at a bar. Told her about the 1-10 esp test but she said how about my bf comes and punch you instead. She did keep talking to me after about where he works and she works. But got boring after I said I’m from China (I’m not but I’ve been there a lot). She said she would go back to her friends and I said we should continue the conversation later hinting for her to give me her number . She said I’ll find you and then left.

7. Me and my friend’s cousin approached some girls downstairs that weren’t interested at all and looked like they were ready to leave.

8. We approached 2 girls upstairs and entertained them because we said we didn’t even know each other’s name (me and friend’s cousin). Failed at the esp 1-10 test. Ended when I said I approach guys before I approach girls. They walked away

I really don’t like how I was attacked twice physically. How can I plan better?


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