Fasxination Field Report. Faking a phone call lead to kiss.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 5:37 pm 
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For the past few days I have been conversing with this HB8 I reconnected with trough Facebook. I got her to meet in person.

I told her I'd be going to the movies to watch the Possession of Hannah Grace and that she could join me if she wanted to. She agreed to join me.

I said "the movie starst at 10:45PM which means by the time the movies ends you should be safely at your house by 1:00AM" (time constraint)

In the beginning of the night she was a little guarded. I did a few routines with some opinion openers and DHVs before the movie but she was still a little guarded. During the movie we were able to do some KINO which seems to help her open up more. The good thing about taking girl to the movies specially a horror movie is that it is an easy way to do KINO.

After the the movie I had mapped out the near by bars.

We bounced to the first bar, chit chatted and ran a few more DHVs but she was still guarded.

We bounced to the second bar and she was till guarded. Thats when I had enough and decided to pull one of my favorite tricks. There's an application for iPhones named "Fake Phone Call"

Basically you can set a timer and the phone will start ringing as if someone was calling you. Point is I have my HB10 "friend" Stacie call me anytime I need her help. Stacie doesn't exists. But HBs don't know that lol.

I set the timer and place the phone facing up in a position she could see it. 5 minutes later the phone started ringing around 12:30AM and "Stacie's" picture popped up with her name on it.

As soon as that happened my HB8 says:

HB8: OH so you've been texting stacie tonight

Me: Some people just don't know how to take no for an answer

Then I continued with the conversation we had. After I ignored the phone call her attitude change 180 degrees. She started facing me and her eyes glared at me. She started contributing to the conversation more and started asking more questions. She started laughing and even started giving me KINO escalations.

After that bar I took her to a nearby park where we walked for about 5 minutes.

She told me:

HB8: Your sign is a cancer, which means the moon controls you when is full

Me: Is there a full moon right now?

H8B: No, not right now.

Then I hugged her softly and our lips met. #KissClosed

I think I could've fuck closed but honestly I wasn't in the mood for it. At the end we're PUAs and we have sex at our times not theirs. Ill be hanging out with her this weekend and will keep you guys updated.


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